Anime Boston Cosplay: Gallery and Commentary



Pfft, they totally mixed seasons together… look, clearly Sailor Venus is in her SuperS outfit, while Sailor Saturn in in her S outfit… Sailor Moon could be from either, but, geez guys! Seriously!


Anyway, like I said before, there was good cosplay, there was bad cosplay, there was epic cosplay, there was weird cosplay, etc., etc. However, there was a lot less bad cosplay than I expected (this excluding folks who clearly went out of their way to have bad cosplay as opposed to legit bad cosplay)… although I could’ve done without the Mikuru whose skirt wasn’t long enough.

I didn’t get nearly as many pictures as I would’ve liked (I couldn’t get my camera engaged fast enough to get a shot of this HUGE line of Bleach cosplayers who were all on their way somewhere), but I did get quite a few good ones.


There were a few Shoujo Kakumei Utena cosplayers at the con, although the first one I saw was actually a Shiori, not an Anthy or Utena, surprisingly enough. I asked her to smile or make a Shiori-like face, and lol’d at her friend who informed me that Shiori ONLY smiles for Juri… it was pretty clear they were ShiorixJuri shippers, since the show itself makes it pretty clear that Shiori would make a point of not smiling for Juri. But, hey, points for going as a minor character from a show no one apparently watches any more!


I saw a few Sakuras running around, but not too many – about half of them were wearing this outfit. One of the other ones I saw was a little girl with her parents; I doubt she was older than four or five. I got her picture too, but because I figured her parents wouldn’t be too happy if her picture were on the internet, and since some of you are pedo-pervs, I decided not to post it =)


For shits and giggles, I briefly entertained the notion of crossplaying as Ciel from Kuroshitsuji from the episode were he crossdresses (I was never serious about the idea, since the dress was crazy). I didn’t expect that anyone actually would, so I was surprised to see not one, but three different girls crossplaying as him in the dress – I didn’t think the show was popular enough to get that many to go in an outfit that only appeared once. I actually saw this girl getting onto the escalator (her friend had to help her keep the skirt clear from the steps), and ended up going downstairs also to chase her down for the photo. She did a good job, but her right eye should really be covered by the hat since Ciel was covering up his eyepatch when he crossdressed =)


Gin from Bleach. This was the second shot, since his friend told him his eyes were “slitty” enough in the first one.


All the Utenas I saw were movie-version ones – everyone wants to be a pink-haired lesbian who turns into a car! I was happy since she sort of did the pose from one of the pieces of promotional art for the movie. (I saw an Anthy, but she wasn’t very good, so I didn’t take her picture.)


Digimon cosplayers! I thought I’d never see any! But here we have a Sora and a Hikari (Kari in the dub) from Digimon 02. I was stupidly happy when I saw them, and instantly asked the girls behind me in the Lolita Fashion panel line if they’d save my spot while I tracked these two down.


I really loved these Amu (Shugo Chara) cosplayers, as they were able to get her in all her transformations (or at least her initial three, as I think she might have some more much later on? I don’t follow Shugo Chara, so I can’t say for sure). Isn’t it good to have friends? (Wait, anime fans have friends? What the fuck?!)


Ok, so lolitas aren’t technically cosplayers… but its not as if that means we don’t like seeing their cute outfits anyway. I didn’t get many lolita pictures, sadly, but I loved this girl’s dress. I would actually say that it was during the lolita panel that I saw the most of bad outfits, which may account for the fact that I only got two pictures of lolitas in total.


Here’s the other Sakura I got a picture of – I liked hers because it took an outfit of Sakura’s that only appeared on the cover of one of the manga tankouban (volume six, if I’m not mistaken).


Here we have a Princess Serenity (manga-style – check out the silver hair) cosplayer. I just realized now that this means that only iteration of Sailor Moon I didn’t see was Usagi in her school uniform, since I saw Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Moon (earlier in this post), and Eternal Sailor Moon.


I saw a few Harukos around, but this one was the best of the lot… and actually brought the robot (although no Vespa, oddly enough).


Remember how I said having friends was great? Further proof – if you have friends, you can single-handedly be cooler than any other Ichigo cosplayer at the entire con! White Ichigo (this character may have a name, but I haven’t read Bleach in a long while) asked me what I wanted for a pose, and I said whatever they wanted was fine, so she said, “Oh, you know, I’ve never done this one and I’d like to…” and got into that position. The weird spot on regular Ichigo’s sword is a piece of dust on my camera’s lens.


One of only two Clannad cosplayers I saw at the con, and she was there as Ryou! My flash went off although I didn’t want it to, so her shirt is a tiny bit washed-out looking, but she had a great costume. She was also one of only TWO FREAKING CLANNAD COSPLAYERS so she kind of had an A+ in my book anyway. That and the fact that she was a minor character. I’m not sure who the other Clannad cosplayer was supposed to be, although I think it may’ve been Yukine… which would end up being kind of odd since this means no one picked a main character.

That wraps up the good cosplay pictures I have – a few pictures came out weird, which I didn’t realize until I got home and tossed them onto my computer. If you go look at my con posts from days one and two you can see a few more cosplay pictures, such as of Kiki (Kiki’s Delivery Service, duh) and a Team Rocket guy (from the Pokemon video games).

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7 Responses to Anime Boston Cosplay: Gallery and Commentary

  1. Noirsword says:

    Good god, bad cosplayers — EVERYWHERE! But yeah… The best of this bunch is the Ichigo and Hollow Ichigo by a longshot, mostly because effort and RESOLVE went into it.

  2. Kairu Ishimaru says:

    No obligatory Haruhi cosplay? BAAAAAAAAAAAAAW

  3. adaywithoutme says:

    @ Noirsword – It was certainly more original than any other Bleach cosplay there.

    @ Baka-Raptor – I saw one, but it wasn’t very good.

    @ Kairu Ishimaru – Actually, there were a few Haruhis running around, but since I don’t actually like The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi I didn’t take their picture(s).

  4. Anna says:

    The crossdressing Ciel dress must be popular (or sold on a website somewhere) ’cause I think I saw 3 of them at Fanime too!

    Thanks for sharing your pics. You’re kinda awesome in ID’ing when/where certain outfits came from.

  5. Riko says:

    Hey there, I’m one of the sailor moon girls pictured above! First of all, I’d like to say that the convention was really fun this past year, and although there was some good cosplay, I found there to be a lot less cosplay (or good cosplay) in general than previous year! I hope there will be more next year.

    And Secondly, the mixture of series pictured above was a coincidence. We do know each other, but our costumes were made based on favorite series, costuming abilities, and what we actually had time for (we’re in college you know, and yes these were made from scratch). So seriously, I’d appreciate it if you focused more on how we did, not the fact that we happened to pose together for a simple picture. Thanks.

  6. bubble dress are very nice girl dresses and i always ask my girlfriend to wear one ;;.

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