Anime Boston Day Two



Saturday marked the second day of the con, along with an uptick in the presence of high school and middle school kids running around (there were some younger ones, but they were pretty much kept in line by their parents). It also marked my first foray into cosplay (sort of…). And it also was the day that the heat in Boston finally broke, as the previous few days had been pretty freaking hot.

I got to the con much later than I meant to, as I once again had transportation issues, but I managed to make it in time to see 5 cm per second. The animation was so beautiful I felt like crying… but instead I got mad that no one has re-licensed it since ADV lost the license – come on, Funi, you couldn’t have snagged this, too?

Next I trotted over to the Lolita Fashion panel. It was really fun to see all the people all dressed up in their lolita gear, although the panel itself was fairly disappointing.


The panel was run by a bunch of high schoolers, and basically consisted of going over the different lolita styles, which was pretty dull. But there was a raffle at the end, so I stuck around for that (I didn’t win…). I did manage to glean some info from it, in that there are apparently lolita communities in the U.S. that you can join and do stuff like have tea parties and garden parties and the like all while dressed up cute and frilly. And they gave out an info sheet at the end with merchants listed on it and links to online communities that looks mildly helpful.

I went to the dealers room next and… discovered ADV had a booth! Which kind of floored me, since I didn’t see them AT ALL yesterday. Oops. Their booth was a bit of a mess, as they had a mix of DVD’s spine-up and random bargain boxes (and a hentai box). Also mixed in was a small selection of manga, many of which were not ADV titles (?). There didn’t seem much rhyme or reason to the sorting of DVD’s, either, although all the boxsets/collections were grouped together. I also noticed that they changed tactics partway through the day (as I did leave the dealers room and return a few times) with some DVD bundles they were selling, as the bundles were suddenly being sold as singles later on (and for a higher price-point as singles than they had as a bundle). I suppose what I’m really trying to say is that the whole thing seemed pretty disorganized.

In addition to discovering the ADV booth, I also discovered the part of the convention center they didn’t renovate! If you’ve been the the Hynes Convention Center, you may believe it to be a fairly recent building, but it actually has been around for a while and was renovated a few years back. If the anime con really rated, we’d be over by the water at the new one instead! But, hey, don’t worry – the Harry Potter convention didn’t even warrant a spot in Hynes, as they were in one of the hotels nearby instead (one of my friends was hell-bent on starting a fight with them for whatever reason… but also said I had no right to make fun of them since we were just as big of losers as they were).

I wandered over to the Funi panel, but didn’t stick around very long since a. it was very crowded, b. they weren’t talking about much new stuff (technically they announced the Spice and Wolf license, but I thought they already had this, sort of?), and c. the place was over-run with those obnoxious folks who think they can run a licensing company. So I ditched and meandered around taking pictures of cosplayers for a while, before heading over to the second swap meet. (If you want a full recap on the Funi panel, click here.)


The ass-hole from Friday (who I started to refer to as Douche-face) who was selling stuff out of his suitcase showed up again, and was cosplaying as Light once again. I really wanted to go kick him in the crotch, but I satisfied myself with telling people to steer clear of him. Everyone else was basically pleasant, with s a few exceptions. There were a lot more people there than there had been at the Friday session, and a bunch of folks simply gave stuff away since they didn’t feel like carrying it any more. I failed to get rid of my first volume of Kanon (uguu~).

After tiring of that, I hit the presentation ‘Bad, Anime, Bad!’ which featured the classic gem ‘Dracula: A Cartoon Fantasy’ with running commentary by the host. The anime was about… Dracula! And he’s married the bride of Satan, who was a Satanist, and they have a kid, who ends up getting shot, then resurrected by God to fight Dracula. There are also some people who’re after Dracula to kill him, including this old guy in a wheelchair. Dracula’s son doesn’t end up having to kill him, because Dracula gets turned mortal, eats a hamburger, goes to Europe to get his old powers back, and then gets blown up by the old guy… who isn’t actually cripple but only pretending! It was awful in the best possible way. This was capped off by a raffle for some DVD’s of more crappy, dubbed anime, although sadly I didn’t win.

For some unfathomable reason, I decided to hit up the rave over in the Sheraton portion of the con after that instead of checking out one of the hentai panels. I lasted about ten minutes inside, as I felt like I was back in high school and it was a bit alarming as a result.

I stuck around a tiny bit longer at the con itself trying to smoosh in some last-minute cosplay photos. This was very worth it, as I was able to get a picture of a cosplayer who was dressed as the medicine seller from Mononoke/Ayakashi – Samurai Horror Tales (and the other character I can’t remember the name of):


Anyway, I apologize for the fact that I’m posting this late, but by the time I got home I was exhausted, and I had to wake up early today for my little cousin’s birthday party (which, of course, meant I didn’t get to go to the third day of the con – oh well).

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