Anime Boston Loot Stash

Ch-check it out.

EDIT: For some reason all my horizontal pictures have been cut off partially; I’m not going to fix this right now, as I’ve spent about an hour already screwing around with them because WordPress is being cranky, and I just want to go read some dirty BL manga and watch Kite.

So I’ve progressed through the posts which others could potentially have interest in and arrived at the sort of post which may be the most self-centered type that exists in the aniblogosphere: the ‘oo, look at all the stuff I got at the con!’ post.

We’ll start off with the anime portion.

I picked up the Kite boxset at the Media Blasters booth, the Blue Seed collection at the ADV booth, and Utena movie and second collection at some random booth (Central Park Media finally went belly-up ;_; so they didn’t have a booth, obviously). The first volume of X came to me in exchange for the first volume of Shattered Angels (ha! sucker!) at the swap meet Friday. I was personally most excited about the second Utena collection, since it is out of print and pretty expensive usually… but not if you buy it at a con, apparently – I paid $35, whereas the cheapest I’ve found it used online has been about $80.

As for the Kite boxset…

Um, excuse me? Not only is Sawa’s underwear showing, the other girl isn’t wearing any freaking panties.

no underwear

She also apparently has the anatomy of a Barbie doll.

The covers of the two DVD’s; Kite’s been remastered for this release. I really like the Kite cover; on the back is a similar shot of the male protagonist, who is also crying (I haven’t watched them yet, so I don’t know his name). Getting the two bundled is $25 versus $20 for each separately.

Next up is all the manga I bought.

I had to split this into multiple groups since I got a lot. This one is the non-BL/yaoi set… although After School Nightmare is a little confusing on that point since the protagonist has a male upper body and female lower body, and he gets kissed by a girl and a boy. But I figured I’d leave it in with the non-BL/yaoi pile since I felt like being arbitrary.

I was holding both Voiceful and Yuri Monogatari 5 and trying to decide which to go with… and I picked Voiceful because it was cheaper. Which was a mistake. Whoops.

Duck Prince was a freebie via the swap meet, wherein I got rid of the first volume of Aishiteruze Baby (yeah, yeah, I know its cute…) for it because a one-shot I haven’t read is better than a first volume I’ll never finish the series of regardless of the actual quality of the oneshot. Not pictured is the first volume of Emma, which I bought for my mum ^___^

Next is the not-exactly-BL set. They sort of walk the line, at least from what I’ve read of them. Wild Adapter has some guyxguy stuff, but through three volumes its all one-sided crushes with exactly one kiss so far (which the one being kissed didn’t respond to). The Flat Earth/Exchange supposedly has some BL in it, although I have yet to hit it.

Now we have the English-language BL/yaoi. I actually got three (Barefoot Waltz, Feverish, and Tricky Prince) of them outside the swap meet for $6 total. Sweet. Glass Sky came from the Saturday swap meet in exchange for the disappointing Alone in My King’s Harem, which I’ve been trying to get rid of for a while. Cut, Seaview, and FreshMen came from some booth, although I forget which. Guess how many I’ve already read! Hint: Seaview is to yaoi what Voiceful is to yuri – could easily be interpreted as not male-male lusting and romancing. And Cut is apparently demonstrative of the fact that June (Digital Manga Press’ BL imprint) has decided to dispense with the dust-jacket approach =(

Then we have the Japanese tankouban I ended up with, along with an art book, and, yes, a pack of Sailor Moon playing cards. Some guy left a box of yaoi with the swap room attendants for them to announce, and said anyone could have it for nothing. We swarmed! And I was the smart one who lifted up all the manga and found an art book at the bottom, which was easily the priciest thing in the box… and therefore the best to snag for the low, low price of $0. I also grabbed the two manga volumes, the bottom of which I am pretty sure got an American release… and which was incredibly explicit. I think the title translates to ‘Target in the Finder’-ish. The other one isn’t as explicit from what I saw when flipping through.

As for the artbook, it comes from Gakuen Heaven, a silly franchise originally started with a PC dating game, Gakuen Heaven: Boys Love Scramble! (which makes me think of Strawberry Panic: Girls’ School in Fullbloom). This stuff isn’t high art. But I will admit the artbook is quite nice itself, as the artwork is actually pretty good. It helps, I suppose, that there are summaries of every route in the game… complete with some nice, nasty pictures >=D

This one is the only merchandise I bought, and it now belongs to my little cousin (I went to his party instead of the third day of the con, incidentally). There was a whole slew of merchandise that I almost bought… but didn’t. I talked myself out of a Yumi and Sachiko mug on the premise that it was too damn expensive to rationalize ($18 for a mug!). I told myself I’d buy the Jigoku Shoujo artbook the next day… but it was gone by then (oops). I thought of buying an Ayu statue, but talked myself into waiting, only to have someone else snatch it. And I put Fuuko back on the shelf after looking at her. In every case I told myself it was better to buy actual anime and manga instead of things I could only look at and dust occasionally. I am pretty bummed about the Jigoku Shoujo book, though.

And that’s a wrap for Anime Boston… I’ll probably spend the next few days hibernating and powering through all that manga and anime, so I may disappear for a few days. Already counting down for Anime Weekend Atlanta (already assuming I’ll attend!).

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