Saiyuki: It’s Over!!!


So sayeth manga-ka Kazuya Minekura.

Yeah, but that was before she followed it up with a: “LOL JK!1!”

Anyway, Minekura announced that her sequel series Saiyuki Reload will be closing out in Monthly Comic Zero-Sum with a concluding chapter. However, in the same issue will appear a chapter in what she has claimed is going to be the final installment of the Saiyuki series. So, um, the Saiyuki franchise isn’t ending?

I have to be quite honest: I never understood the attraction of Saiyuki. Yeah, its kind of fun to see Journey of the West get a reimagining, but when the story just kind of drags aimlessly, its hard to keep watching. It didn’t help that the characters were pretty dull and cookie-cutter-ish themselves, complete with ‘tragic’ pasts ripped straight from a million other shows. Not to mention it went on FOREVER – the manga spans twenty-three collected volumes, while the various anime series boast (?) a total of 107 episodes and a movie… and if I’m not mistaken there was no conclusion, as the final series ended much like the Inu-Yasha TV series did. There are a few rumors that a third OVA series is in the works somewhere.

Saiyuki seems to be one of those franchises that has managed to be popular enough to warrant all that, but at the same time flies fairly well under the radar for most overseas fans, as it simply hasn’t done well in non-domestic markets. I tend to suspect it has a bit to do with the fact that the original Journey to the West tale is fairly popular in Japan – that Saiyuki did decently in the Chinese market furthers this suspicion, since it basically is the epic of China.

I guess I really just mentioned this because I felt like bitching about Saiyuki, and the fact that it has distracted Minekura from working on Wild Adapter, which I consider to be fairly superior to Saiyuki – and, no, not just because of the BL! I just happen to enjoy stories that actually have some form of direction to them, and which appear to be capable to reaching a finite conclusion. Bizarre, I know.

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  1. Shin says:

    To its credit, despite being Chink, I never gave much thought about the whole Journey to the West tale prior to watching Saiyuki.

    Okay, I still don’t care, but at least I now accept badass Sanzo to be canon rather than the ladyboy version of the original (´∀`)

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