Fan Rant (Fant?)


Or… ‘Otaku Rant (Otant?).

I’m so witty I slay myself. Sadly, ‘otant’ makes me think of ‘tantric’… which makes me think of various South Asian religion courses I’ve taken, but generally only makes other people think of sex. FUCK YOU, ORIENTALISTS – ONE MORE THING YOU SCREWED UP.

Anyway, you might be wondering why I would bother using a Kuroshitsuji picture when I just went on about how much I hate it. So, you know what? I admit it – part of why it enrages me so is that it has done its very best to turn me into even more of a nasty-ass pervert than I already am. But I partially blame the Kuroshitsuji fandom for that, since they insist on being merry shotacons. Jerks. So now I’m on 4ch /cm looking for CielxSebastian pictures. In my defense, Ciel NEVER acts like a twelve year old, ok? If he actually acted his age like that brat in Loveless, than I’d find the notion of slashing him repulsive – I dropped Loveless because shotacon is not my cup of tea, thanks, I don’t care how “deep” and whatever else its fandom claims it is it is (no, that wasn’t a typo on my part – just an awkward sentence).

Anyway, on another note, I realized that the only thing I’m still watching from this season is Pandora Hearts. Hatsukoi Limited is a fake shoujo fanservice piece of dreck. Valkyria Chronicles is obnoxious (the generals and officers of the enemy are bad, but the foot soldiers are just regular people~! look at them suffer and feel pathos for them~!!). Shangri-la is less than the sum of its parts. Tayutama should never have been allowed to exist. Hanasakeru Seishounen stars a bunch of deranged people. Requiem for Phantom is boring. And for whatever reason, I haven’t watched Eden of the East in a while, although even I’m not sure as to why. But, hey, all of this boils down to the fact that the only thing I’m still watching is the show I was most skeptical of (I knew a bunch of those shows were going to suck from the get-go, so I wasn’t skeptical of their sucking) to begin with – I thought Pandora Hearts looked kind of blah based on the summary, and its ended up being surprisingly good.

Instead of new shows, I’ve been watching a bunch of old stuff (which is probably why Eden of the East has landed on the back burner). I plowed through the first twenty episodes of Blue Seed in two days. This is a show which I saw the first four episodes of on a dubbed VHS quite a while back, and for whatever reason never finished.

I’ve also been watching Rose of Versailles, something I’ve always really meant to watch, but have always been hyper-nervous about the animation over – this is a show that originally aired in 1979, after all. But the animation has turned out to not be as bad as I expected, and I’m enjoying the occidentalism inherent in a Japanese production about 18th century France. I’m also having fun picking apart what is historically-based, and what is not, and the changes made in adapting certain historical facts/events to the show.

The third show in this bizarre trifecta is much newer than the previous two (Blue Seed dates from 1994). Red Garden is something I originally started a while back, but I didn’t get past the first DVD volume due to simple economics (a.k.a. I’m a student and enjoy not having to eat grass and chipmunks to avoid starvation). However, I’ve wanted to watch it for a while since, and was able to snag the first half-season set from Funi for $6 (!) last weekend. I would make the argument that this is the last legitimately good anime Gonzo made (Romeo x Juliet was ok, but had some pretty deep flaws; the same applies to Bokurano; Afro Samurai was AWESOME but mainly because it was kind of epically stupid), and would perhaps describe it as Gantz with a female cast and a stronger core plot. A lot of folks got turned off by the animation style, but I find it to be fairly refreshing, as it really doesn’t look like any other anime I’ve seen. Its also dark! And I kind of like my anime that way, in case no one has noticed.

But, actually, I haven’t been watching a lot of anime lately – Blue Seed is honestly a wee bit stalled, which I think has to do with the fact that I don’t want to finish it since then I’m closing the book on a long-term ‘project’ (this is also why I have yet to have read the final volume of CardCaptor Sakura despite having collected all the volumes as it was published in America). Instead I’ve turned into even more of a loser than I was previously, since all I’ve done over the past few days has been watch Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (so shoot me, Mariska Hargitay is kind of hot) (I was gonna include a link in that, but then I remembered that 80% of you are 2D-loving lolicons) and read seriously shitty apocalyptic fiction (don’t read those books, they’re awful – I’m reading them for a paper I’m writing). I’ve also re-discovered my love for Depeche Mode.

At the same time, though, I’ve also been spending a lot of time studying for the GRE, as I do have that next week and have an intense hatred for math which has led to me not going anywhere near it since high school. And I also run a good distance every day since I can’t become a total lazy mess over the summer since the Army’ll ream my sorry ass. I’m just trying to justify the fact that I just made myself sound like a complete lazy-ass, when in actuality I am doing things that are somewhat productive (even if I am unemployed…).

You’ll notice that a bit of this has nothing to do with anime, a.k.a. the last two paragraphs. I have come to the conclusion that anime bloggers occasionally have to let forth a burst of details regarding their own selves that have nothing to do with anime… otherwise, they explode in an unfortunate fiery mess. So that’s what is happening in the above paragraphs. Anime bloggers who’ve never shown signs of such? Yeah, just ’cause they’re hiding those crappy posts they do to produce some catharsis – that, or they’re concealing their real-life blog in which they actually talk about their own life (although I feel as if these blogs have largely passed out of existence as they have been replaced by things such as MySpace, Xanga, and Facebook).

In other news, I wish someone would hurry up and finish subbing Mouryou no Hako – I thought any show with the slightest hint of lesbarus got subbers hopping all over it, but Mouryou no Hako, despite having actual lesbarus (as opposed to shit like Venus Versus Virus or Murder Princess), hasn’t gotten all of its episodes subbed. This is proof that everyone on this green earth sucks. I wish all the bitches subbing K-ON! would stop being losers, realize that eight hundred groups are subbing it, and then decide to actually sub something that doesn’t already get three-thousand releases per week. But, hey, we know what plays in Peoria, am I right?

Alright, I’m done, all you pedophiles (except for Baka-Raptor) (happy now?) can go home now. I‘ll just close out by asking you to watch this: Or not, since WordPress is deciding to suck right now.

EDIT: By the way, for the record, I am NOT a shotacon – my men need to be at LEAST seventeen years old (and turning eighteen sometime during this calendar year), thank you. And, no, I don’t care if they’re 2D – they still need to meet those age requirements.

And I would like to clarify that I used the term ‘otaku’ jokingly in describing this rant… I’m not an otaku. Never have been, never will be. Why? Simple! I have a life! =D!

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3 Responses to Fan Rant (Fant?)

  1. Baka-Raptor says:

    I thought any show with the slightest hint of lesbarus got subbers hopping all over it

    It took forever to sub Simoun. Any by forever, I mean exactly 365 days.

    And yes, I am happy, thank you very much.

  2. omisyth says:

    “Anime bloggers who’ve never shown signs of such? Yeah, just ’cause they’re hiding those crappy posts they do to produce some catharsis.”

    Twitter. It is an outpouring of useless daily facts, rants, thoughts, loathing, love, devotion and everything you never needed to know about anime and the people who watch it. It’s good stuff.

  3. adaywithoutme says:

    @ Baka-Raptor – I actually didn’t get around to watching Simoun until a while after it wrapped up, so I didn’t notice the gaps between episodes.

    And its a good thing you’re happy, ’cause I would’ve told you to stop being a whiny dojikko bitch if you weren’t.

    @ omisyth – Twitter is yet another sign of the decline of Western civilization; I refuse to participate in it.

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