Pokemon~After Story~: Misty After

misty after intro

Bring on the dangos.

The GRE kicked my ass. But before it kicked my ass, I took a study break and drew this up for shits and giggles… the only funny part of my GRE experience happened when I was waiting for the test to start. I was sitting in the waiting room, jamming in some last minute studying, and using my notebook to do some practice problems from my study book. Well, what I didn’t realize initially was that I had flipped my notebook open and everyone could see the first page of the above comic… and they started staring. I noticed someone staring, noticed my mistake, and had this fun little klutz-out moment in my vain attempt to shield it from view. THEN I got my ass kicked by the GRE.

Anyway, this one will only be funny to folks who’ve seen Clannad~After Story~ or at least have knowledge of its plotline. I suppose a passing knowledge of the Pokemon TV series (in its Kanto incarnation, i.e. the first few seasons) is also necessary, although I think that its more likely that folks possess knowledge of that than necessarily of Clannad.

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  1. Warning, images don’t get big, can’t read text

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Uwaa~, thanks for mentioning it – watching baseball and trying to post at the same time doesn’t work so well.

  2. Netto says:


    This sure brings back the memories of watching Pokemon… damn.

  3. notalist says:

    wait for next version.

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