Love: Wasted on the Young


Detonate it and run.

What do the title and intro line have to do with this post?

Initially, it might seem they have nothing to do with said post when you skip over this and notice that it concerns a hiatus! But this would be revealing your lack of cultural awareness… or, cultural awareness as I deem it. Because they are lyrics from the same song, and that song somehow relates to the term ‘hiatus’… but I won’t tell you what the song is or who it is by because that would be ruining my fun. It’d be like if I explained how I got my username; fun over for Day.

Anyway, all that aside: by the time you read this, I will be approximately 3000 miles away from my laptop, and, by extension, my blog. And I will remain at that distance for 34ish days. During those 34ish days, I will not have access to a computer, the internet, my cellphone, or a television. It is also quite possible that I won’t have access to a landline phone or even a newspaper. But the point is that I will be utterly cut off from the outside world – even from my favorite sports teams. Horrors, I know. It also means that I won’t be able to do first impressions posts for summer shows, since by the time I get back they’ll all be nearly a month old.

I am going away – away! far away! – for military training. Its kind of a big deal because I am also being assessed as to whether I can actually hack it as an officer in the U.S. Army. If I’m not its fairly bad news for me, since I could face forcible enlistment as an enlisted soldier (horrors!) and a shit-ton of sudden debt for my college education. All of which is to say – root for me!

I suddenly realized earlier that holy shit I’m actually gonna miss a lot of you guys. It occurred to me briefly that I could give you my mailing address so that you could pepper me with your cheerfully deranged views via postcards and letters. Then I realized that I actually don’t want the vast majority of you to know who I really am! Which isn’t to say I don’t like you (I love you), but that this amusing arm’s-length reality I have with you, my dear readers, means I can be even more batshit than I am with those near and dear to me in the real world (most of them don’t realize I love anime or that I have a strong affinity for things like ghosts and lake monsters). And, as always, there is a strange delight in ultimately being anonymous to one’s set of readers (I can lie as much as I want!).

So, please, my dear duckies, do know that I shall return, and hopefully I shall bear the good news of my having passed this, my final true assessment on the road to officerdom. In the meantime, feel free to write me comments full of love and longing for the day that I will once more be upon this blogosphere.

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5 Responses to Love: Wasted on the Young

  1. Baka-Raptor says:

    I think this is the only legitimate reason for a hiatus I’ve ever read. As such, it deserves a poem:

    We’ll rooting for you Day
    You’ll only be gone for a while
    Pass the officer assessment
    Or else you’re a pedophile

  2. TheBigN says:

    Make sure you at least enjoy your month or longer time out. Working to serve your (and my and Baka-Raptor’s) country is a very admirable thing to do. :3

  3. omisyth says:

    Go. Kick ass. WIN. Then watch Aoi Hana.

  4. GHOSTSCOUT45 says:

    hey good luck and watch your back

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