Favorite Anime ED’s, Part Two


Featuring the ED that has led to stupid elevator incidents on my part.

I’m going to continue simply linking to the Youtube videos instead of embedding them, because WordPress and my laptop are conspiring to make it nearly impossible for me to embed anything.

Peacemaker Kurogane ED

‘Hey Jimmy’ is one of those Engrish songs where the pronunciation is just good enough for an English language speaker to snicker while listening to it. Of course, in this case, it also means that folks like me can wonder, “But just who the hell is Jimmy anyway?” Between that and the angry piglet running around (not to mention the silly screens they used to make the whole thing look like it came from an old film), its hard not to like this ED… although it was a bit annoying, I’ll admit, when it’d pop up after someone had just gotten their guts eviscerated. Ah well, can’t demand too much, right?

Please Save My Earth ED

This is quite honestly the most heartbreaking ED I’ve ever seen. Of course, that fact is also very bound up in one’s knowledge of the OVA itself, which tells a pretty tragic tale in and of itself – this could potentially be seen as a drawback to the ED, since enjoying it to the full extent requires that one is actually watching the show, not simply viewing the ED. But I don’t really care – this remains one of the best ED’s I’ve ever seen, as it ties perfectly into the storyline, uses engaging animation and artistry, and has great accompanying music – Seika really shines singing ‘Toki no Kioku’, and I daresay that it is Yoko Kanno’s best composition. I honestly can’t say enough about this thing; I really think it is a top-notch effort.

Pretty Cure ED

I feel a bit guilty for putting this one right after Please Save My Earth’s ED since they are so clearly from utterly opposite ends of the spectrum. I would count this as my guilty pleasure ED; the song is ridiculously catchy and the animation is cute. Apparently it was Egalitarian Day at the animation studios, since we even get cute(ish) versions of the villains. There’s really nothing exactly to point out about this one, since it only makes the list because it managed to worm its way into my head endlessly in the manner any guilty pleasure does.

Red Garden ED 2

I really love the song ‘Oh My Juliet’ (which is a bit odd since I find most of LM.C’s other songs to be somewhere between awful and boring). But what I love more is the fact that the animation for the second Red Garden ED is, subtlely, the show in a nutshell. On the one hand, you’ll notice that there’s a focus on femininity and the stylish… but then something weird goes flying by, like a pair of disembodied legs and a hand that isn’t attached to anything. Red Garden is a show of contrasts, as there’s close attention throughout to the clothing and apparel of the characters, but at the same time we’re watching monsters get bludgeoned to death with metal baseball bats and seeing people get stabbed. So the ED works very well; the creepy person at the end certainly helps, too.

Revolutionary Girl Utena ED 2

Sweet elevator action! Considering how much of Utena revolves around elevator scenes (intentionally reptitive ones at that), it is fitting that it would figure heavily in one of the ED’s (in this case, it looks like we start off in the elevator to the dueling arena and then switch over to the one for the student council). ‘Virtual Star Embryology’ is an awesome song – it also features one of my favorite phrases ever, ’empty movement’, and was, if I’m not mistaken, composed by J.A. Seazer, who really should’ve been let loose upon the anime world more than his token effort with RGU. And, like everything else in RGU, its stuffed to the gills with symbolism. But mainly I remember it as the reason I act like an idiot in empty elevators every so often.

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  1. Seinime says:

    My stupid elevator malfunctioned and is keeping me awake ATM…annoying. Although your choice of Eds are nice, kind of similar to mine I guess.

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