CCY-senpai wa 17sai v. 0.1.1 Review


Aaaand let’s start things off by stealing other people’s screencaps!

Driven by both curiosity (fueled by Eternal) and a desperate lust for a visual novel (fueled by Wachovia not wanting me to buy eroge) (Wachovia sucks), I downloaded the current preview version of lolikitsune’s aniblogosphere-centric visual novel, CCY-senpai wa 17sai.Reviewing something that is still in a premature state might seem a bit odd, but consider it the closest I could get to being able to do an Enzai review – DAMN YOU, WACHOVIA, WHY MUST YOU SUCK?!?!?!

Anyway, I digress. I started off by downloading the Microsoft version of the game, but found myself unable to load the game for whatever reason – I suspect its because my computer has recently decided to suck, probably because I suck and have been fruitlessly trying to download working copies of Kanon since I’m a loser like that. So I switched over to a Mac and tried again; it worked. Sadly, though, I don’t know how to use Macs, so you’re stuck with shitty screenshots from now on, as I ended up using my camera to take pictures of the screen. The moral of the story? I hate Macs.

you may notice that all these screens are cockeyed... and you'd be right! since apparently the mac I was using is cockeyed!

I started out by selecting the CCY-is-gay option, otherwise known as the ‘gayer than Baka-Raptor’ option. This is because I am a creep like that, although I did end up playing the hetero option, too. In all, I played six times, three gay and three hetero.

My first time through was the best, as I was able to reach a good end by committing murder – after which basically everyone wanted my sweet, sweet ass penis. Including Dr. Lolikit, who CCY had the hots for. Go me! My following five attempts were not nearly as successful though, as I ended with a total of three bad ends (all when I picked the hetero option, curiously enough – was it inherently more dangerous than the gay option? the world may never know… but I got vaporized, beat up by Owen, and something else on all three attempts), and two non-ends. The non-ends come from the fact that the game itself isn’t fully complete, and sadly thwarted my quest to get Jason Miao in one case and Dr. Lolikit in the other.

This actually brings me to my first criticism, which also happens to be my weakest, since it is based completely in my subjective views – come on, you can’t try to get Baka-Raptor?

I shouldve capped the part where he points out that he isnt gaaay, so no dice if CCY is after the fellas

I should've capped the part where he points out that he isn't gaaay, so no dice if CCY is after the fellas

Seriously, no pursuing Baka-Raptor? So lame – I’m gay for Baka-Raptor, so I want CCY to be too! So that was fairly hideously disappointing, although, again, from a purely subjective standpoint. Baka-Raptor has a propensity for causing people to be vaporized, by the way, which seemed fairly in line with the dinosaur himself (I was a bit confused initially – shouldn’t we be seeing a raptor, not a person? oh well).

From what I saw of the Jason Miao (here ‘Director Miao’) route, it seems fairly promising.

I wouldve gone back and re-taken this one if I felt motivated enough to... but I dont

his next line was even gayer

Of course, I do suspect some of this springs from the fact that Director Miao seems to play further into the Revolutionary Girl Utena-ish vibe I get from the setting – you’re at a high school from which you can never graduate and you never get old, unless you meet some vague-ish set of requirements that aren’t immediately apparent (of course, in RGU its basically maturing that gets you out, while here you have to get laid). And guess what? The director of the school enjoys licentious activities with the students!

I can’t really say much for the routes for Omo, CJ, or Marmot, though – with both Omo and CJ I got bad ends, and I got vaporized for pissing off Baka-Raptor before I could continue to continue my pursuit of Marmot.

As for the technical merits, I was really impressed by the artwork for the characters – they were very well-drawn, to the point where I would say they surpass many of the visual novels you can get commercially. My sole criticism here is that the flower on the neck-kerchiefs looked a bit silly. I thought that the background music was decent overall, as the tracks used most often never got to the point of grating on my nerves, which is something to be said when it comes to visual novels. The Detroit Metal City music used in the Baka-Raptor scene did get irritating by the third time through, although I will have to say it was quite fitting. However, these are apparently going to be replaced by compositions by lelangir, so we’ll have to see how that goes.

The writing is very good, and varies enough between gay and hetero options that one shouldn’t simply blitz through dialogue they’ve read in the other option after switching over. It should be noted that the text is where you get the ecchi element in this current version; as of now, this isn’t truly an eroge, as anything sexual is either implied or simply stated (CCY ejaculates at one point when Dr. Lolikit owns his ass verbally, for instance, but it just says that he came – no description beyond that). Future versions, I believe, will alter this fact.

The Lulz/Comprehension/Horniness meter that is constantly in the upper left-hand corner of the screen is something I admittedly didn’t pay very much attention to. In the long-run, I’m sure that the Lulz and Comprehension portions will play a role, but thus far only the Horniness one seemed to matter, since CCY took off his pants without my wishing him too at one point and ended up getting killed for a bad end, all because I didn’t have him masturbate at one point – he was too horny to handle himself any more.

I enjoyed playing the game and was disappointed when I ran up against walls due to the fact that this is an incomplete version. I will admit, though, that I did feel a bit leery initially – it seemed kind of voyeuristic to play a visual novel in which the characters are all real people who exist outside of the game (OR DO THEY?!), kind of like the time I made Sims of all my friends, put it on free will, and two of them screwed each other (another one died because he never took a shower, which was curiously similar to real life), but that weird sensation did wear off fairly quickly. I’m looking forward to the full release.

the worst screenshot ever because BOKU NO SEXUAL HARSSMENT REFERENCES FTW

the worst screenshot ever because BOKU NO SEXUAL HARSSMENT REFERENCES FTW

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  1. Seinime says:

    Still need to complete and review the series. I’ve burned out on VNs atm. Maybe this will help in the future?

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Thanks for the help, although hopefully in the future my laptop won’t be totally fucked, so I can just use the tried and true Microsoft method.

  2. chikorita157 says:

    I use LittleSnapper to take screnshots and it works perfectly (even taking screenshots in Kanon via Crossover Mac). I recommend using Crossover Mac with visual novels since they work perfectly without using any form of virtualization, although VMWare and Parallels will work the same.

    Also, Macs usually come with that does the same. Ctrl+Alt+Shift+4 does the same too (taking a screenshot of a certain area)… I know how to since I have been using Macs for 3 years now (after using Windows most of the time from Macs)

    • adaywithoutme says:

      I’m gonna go check out if LittleSnapper works with Microsoft (I suspect it does… or maybe assume too much and it doesn’t), since I normally don’t use a Mac but a PC.

  3. Baka-Raptor says:


    If you want me so bad, set up a route for me when you make a video game.

    Ironically, despite being one of the only bloggers in the game with a true mascot, I look more like my real-life counterpart than anyone else. It’s lolikit’s interpretation. I like it, though I’d surely like a dinosaur too.

  4. Choux says:

    Thanks for the compliment. I was thinking of just leaving the ties blank, then it looked a bit weird so I just slapped the flowery thingamajig on.

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