OoFuri is the Perfect Show (for a creep like me)



So, I just started watching Ookiku Furikabutte today, since I have been meaning to for a while, and it is available on Hulu now (unfortunately, dub only, but I guess I can cope). My initial reaction?

Why the fuck did I not watch this when it first came out? How the hell could I have missed a show that is so completely perfect for someone like me? Basically, OoFuri takes everything I love – baseball, homoeroticism, blushing boys, crying boys, moé moé~ boys, and anime – and puts it all together, resulting in something AWESOME. I have fallen in love… and Funi will have stolen my wallet soon enough, since the first half-season set is slated to hit the shelves on the 18th, so it looks like I’ll be opting for a diet of eggs and rice for a couple of weeks.

As for why I didn’t watch it when it aired… well, that’s pretty easy to answer: I’m terrifically leery of sports-oriented anime. In my defense, a lot of the shows are basically the same exact show, but with a different sport. I find anything tournament-style in a show to be tiresome for the most part (I despised the gym battle episodes of Pokemon, which I know is basically blasphemy), and since sports, by their very nature, demand tournaments, I tend to get bored pretty fast. The only sports anime I’ve ever really enjoyed was Battle Athletes Victory, and I figure that I liked it the first time because I was still a pretty new anime fan in general, so it didn’t seem stale. I’ve been re-watching it, and I still like it (although I now notice its glaring flaws), but this time probably due to nostalgia. And maybe the yuri.

OoFuri is yet another example of why not giving shows a fair chance based on its genre is wicked stupid. I was clearly dumb to have flagrantly ignored this. What sets OoFuri apart from so many other similar shows (other than all that moé fun time) is the fact that it doesn’t fall prisoner to all the conventions of the genre; the baseball games are fresh, the characters manage to be more than stock athlete-types, and the proceedings are generally free from ridiculous, shounen-style miracle moments.

But, hey, who am I kidding? I’m here for the moé and the homoeroticism. While I do love baseball, if I really wanted to watch baseball, I’d be watching an MLB game, not an anime about baseball (I suppose this is similar to how I loathe watching soccer but love playing it) (by the way, ROTC soccer FTW – rules are for losers!). This is why shows like Major bore me to death (and also why I should get around to watching Cross Game); there’s got to be some extra zing to keep me engaged in an animated game.

Clearly, OoFuri has the extra “zing”. I love the characters – they’ve got a moé guy! And a tsundere guy! And they have intense friendships with one another! And cry over baseball! And announce to the world when they’ve forgotten to jerk off!


I’ve already read way, way, waaaay too many doujins starring that guy and the tsundere guy.


I’m pretty sure you can work out which guy in the above picture is the resident moé boy. He’s downright adorable! Truthfully, he should be irritating… but much like some people can feel moé for that horrible spawn of satan in that show about the crying sea kittens, Mihashi, our lead, makes me feel all moé toward him – and not in that pedophilic way that some most? a bunch of people seem to feel it. Actually, I’m sorry, comparing Mihashi to Maria isn’t really fitting, as Mihashi doesn’t have an obnoxious noise he makes and shouldn’t be bludgeoned to death, but she was all I could think of since I endured her uu’ing in the fifth episode of Umineko earlier.


Yeah, just try to resist feeling moé after that.

Le sigh, I feel so behind the curve, since it took me until two years after this aired to realize how awesome it is.

But, anyway, I’ve got some REAL baseball to watch now – y’know, the kind that isn’t homoerotic (unless you’re talking about this) – come on folks, its not like its football.

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4 Responses to OoFuri is the Perfect Show (for a creep like me)

  1. Baka-Raptor says:

    So, if I were you, this would be my Mnemosyne?


    • adaywithoutme says:

      I suppose so, except no one gets mutilated in this multiple times.

      I think your new trademark phrase keeps getting more and more a’s added into it every time you use it.

  2. i-k says:

    Whenever someone denies the existence of male moe, I point them to this show.

    Don’t feel bad about watching it late, 2007 had a lot of popular shows, and this was sadly overlooked.

  3. dividedjunction says:


    That’s beautiful…

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