Kämpfer at a Glance


Just as ridiculous as you expected.

Kampfer is stupid. You have a guy who just happens to have to become a girl in order to take part in some unexplained fighting matches versus other girls. You have a school that arbitrarily divides its students based on gender. You have a love interest who is interested… in the male lead’s female counterpart! And you also have that fun old chestnut of one guy, many girls.

And yet…

It was really fun.

Kampfer really, really has no business being anything at all good, but somehow, even with all the rampant stupidity, I actually liked the first episode a lot. There was absolutely no substance, and there really wasn’t much style, but I was entertained nonetheless. Why? Who the hell knows – although the Entrail Animals were a big part of that; really, Harakiri Tiger? Seppuku Bunny? (By the way, Seppuku Bunny looks like it was snatched from Vampire Knight.) And, who knows, maybe I just get retardo vision when I hear Marina Inoue’s voice.

But I will definitely stress that there’s nothing new or fresh about Kampfer. It also possesses pseudo-yuri, one of the most obnoxious things I’ve ever known – oh, poor male lead, his love interest prefers him as a female! But that still means she’s technically in love with him… and he’s actually a guy… but, hey, poor man’s yuri is fine by the fans! That way they can imagine themselves with the cute girl!

Uh, ok.

Also – am I the only one who thinks that the character designs for the class president and for Sakura look like they were snatched from Kannazuki no Miko? And Akane looks like the crazy girl from ef~a tale of memories~. This thing really doesn’t have a creative bone in its body other than the aforementioned Entrail Animals.

So, what to do? I keep pointing out what fails hard about the show, yet I’ve claimed I enjoyed it.

Ugh, looks like I’ll keep watching. If you have a low tolerance for the moronic, you may like it, too.

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5 Responses to Kämpfer at a Glance

  1. digitalboy says:

    What makes the show fun as you say is simply that it is SO self-aware (that and good character art). The thing is, the instant that self-awareness wears off or stops being funny, this show will hit the shit-tank. til then, I’ll have a lot of fun with my posts on it lol.

    • adaywithoutme says:

      I gotta be honest, though – I think that what’s really doing it for me is Marina Inoue voicing a mostly male character.

  2. Seinime says:

    It was ok, but as I read the manga, deja vus are boring.

  3. d says:

    I urge you, as I do to everyone who only watched the anime, to please, please read the manga. The anime is made by a fucking pervert who does not even care if the story it’s even making sense at times or not. There is so much fanservice, so much…shit…it’s like filled with his perverted fantasies or something. For example, that awkward bathroom scene? Never happened, though it does tells you a lot about the person who made this, if it is, indeed, his fantasy. xD Oh, btw, if you are wondering why someone would so willingly agree to be bait…read the manga(that scene it’s totally different). The manga is avali

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Yeah, I forgot to mention that bathroom scene – the prevalence of these scenes in genderbending anime makes me feel like I should come up with a guide for how to pee if you’re a guy who gets turned into a girl.

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