Nyankoi! at a Glance


More cat ears than an episode of Loveless.

I can easily say now that Nyankoi! is my favorite show thus far this season – granted, all I’ve watched otherwise is Inu Yasha and The Sacred Blacksmith (which I didn’t even manage to get through an episode of), but I found Nyankoi! to be a pleasant watch. It seems to have a similar tone to Sora no Manimani, except that the romance factor seems a little more likely to find some actual resolution… and the fact that we don’t have any crazy lolis in this.

Although it does sound like a 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd re-tread, I nevertheless found myself enjoying the episode. Junpei makes for a much better male lead than one tends to get in these sorts of shows, which is always refreshing, and everyone both looks and acts their age – something that I know will be baffling to some of you, but its a pretty cool thing. Mizuno’s love of yakuza novels was hilarious, by the way – I only wish that the book she’d just bought existed in real life.

Also, the cats – they’re pretty important, so they warrant mentioning. Nyamasu was a lot of fun (she reminded me of Yoruichi in cat form), although the others thus far are kind of forgettable, which is okay for the three striped ones, but not so much for Tama, who I am sure is a permanent character (for the record, calico cats, which Tama is, cannot be male! its a biological impossibility).

I was actually kind of surprised at the level of fanservice in the OP – a quick pause button reveals that we see half of Mizuno’s naked rear end, and much of the OP’s animation focuses on the physical aspects of the females of the cast. Which leads into my only concern – that this is a harem waiting to happen. There are quite a few females, only one main male (and even his dad isn’t around!), and the fanservice-y OP makes me a little leery of that possibility. But, hey, we’ll see.

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7 Responses to Nyankoi! at a Glance

  1. glothelegend says:

    I actually plan on watching this after it finishes.

  2. Seinime says:

    Cats cats cats. Maybe.

  3. Panther says:

    Nyamsas, as a real cat, is better than Yoruichi as a cat. Yoruichi is more awesome, Nyamsas cannot change into a human, but as a cat, Nyamsas wins.

  4. micchan says:

    Actually, there are calico males – usually sterile(they have 2X and 1Y chromosome, since to have calico coloring the cat must have 2X), and very rare, but they exist. That’s right, I googled “calico cats”. I thought it was a breed, though, I didn’t know it meant all cats with three colors. Hurray for Google.

    I like Junpei, he’s sorta cool in his not-cool way. At least his not Urashima Keitaro.

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