The Devil that Won’t Die



Ugh. If I have to see budgets being put toward harem shows, couldn’t they at least be something other than mind-numbingly dull? I can has another Kanon? Or H2O~footprints in the sand~? A trainwreck is fine, too!

EDIT: Actually, the post title is a bit misleading – at least the devil would be interesting. I wish they let me write harem shows; they’d be really, realllly fucking awesome if I did. Although they might all just star some poorly-disguised version of myself having the entire school (because these always take place in high schools!) going “KYAHHHH~~!!” over me. And I’d just sashay into every room in a totally debonair manner, and sparkles would suddenly appear.

Hmm. Maybe my goal in life should be to grow up to be a bishounen.

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7 Responses to The Devil that Won’t Die

    • adaywithoutme says:

      I think I’m gonna watch the new season just so I can say to myself, “Hmm, if I were him, what would I do in that situation?” and then feel like I’m really fucking awesome, since I’d clearly handle it better than whoever the fuck this new series’ milquetoast piece of shit will be.

  1. Kairu says:

    Not this shit again.

  2. d says:

    What’s wrong with Da Capo? I thought alot of people were getting high off of it.

  3. Shin says:

    Thou enraged?

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