Kimi ni Todoke Half-Season Review


Kimi ni your face.

Yeah, yeah – I know, that didn’t make any sense. You have a problem with that? Bite me.

Hmm, kind of a weird note to start off on Kimi ni Todoke with.

I originally wasn’t going to bother watching Kimi ni Todoke – from everything I’d heard about it, it was a sweet, confectionary treat of a show waiting to happen. Nothing wrong with that, obviously, but I wasn’t really interested in watching a high school romance story.

Well, I forget how I ended up watching it, but its actually been pretty good. Yeah, the angst was a bit heavy-handed for about half of its run already, and Sawako needs to really grow more of a backbone (her sticking up for Yano and Yoshida might be a good sign, although she also needs to get some social awareness, and fast), but… watching someone go from friendless to having some genuine friends is always really heartwarming. Watching Sawako come out of her shell, and watching her classmates warm to her, has been really wonderful.

That being said, the whole romance part? Well… Kazehaya is kind of boring. And I honestly would rather watch Sawako strengthen her friendship with both Yano and Yoshida than watch her and Kazehaya get all mushy-mushy. Its just a more engaging storyline; it also helps that Yano and Yoshida aren’t dull. And I’d love to see some more of Ryuu, as well. I also question a bit how much they can really develop of a romance in the second half considering how slow the pacing has been thus far – but, hey, maybe they’re planning to have a sequel if the first season does well.

One thing that I can laud without any question, though, is the artwork. Production I.G. has generally had pretty high production values, but the art here really shines. Its quite honestly beautiful to just look at this. And their rendition of the super-deformed versions of the characters is really, honestly adorable.

Despite the fact that I’m sure there is more angst to be had in this, I’m looking forward to watching the rest of this… and, no, not just because Mamiko Noto does the voice of Sawako.

EDIT: So I went and looked at the Wiki entry for Kimi ni Todoke, and Kazehaya’s given name is Shota.

*snort* *giggle*

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One Response to Kimi ni Todoke Half-Season Review

  1. Shinmaru says:

    I also like watching Sawako strengthen her friendship with Yano and Yoshida. As someone who was a bit of a social ‘tard at that age (though not to the extent Sawako is, haha), Sawako’s feelings really resonate with me, especially that of being accepting of loneliness and not really realizing there is so much more one can do to connect with other people.

    But I do like the romance aspect of the series so far, if only because Kazehaya is sort of a goof about it, and that combined with Sawako being srs biz about everything makes it a bit charming.

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