Worst Characters from Every Show I’ve Seen: Part Two

No, Shuffle never appears on this list.

I’ve just decided to use images from shows I’ve never actually seen as my intro images.

Antique Bakery

(on hold at 6 of 12)


Aoi Hana

(on hold at 3 of 11)

I’m actually a bit embarrassed to admit that I haven’t finished Aoi Hana yet since I was one of its biggest promoters prior to its airing. In my defense, I’m going through it slowly because I’m trying to compile a comprehensive guide for the differences between the anime and the manga.

Yasuko sucks. She makes all the cool girls unhappy because of her own selfishness. She seemingly decides to date Fumi on a whim, then dumps her on another whim, and then expects her to start dating her again on a whim (Fumi turns her down). She then ends up moving in with some random girl because Fumi isn’t interested in taking her back and the guy she loved has married her sister. All of this is kind of ironic since Yasuko comes off as a cool, mature type initially. Don’t let her fool you – she’s probably the least mature person in the whole show.

Aquarian Age: Sign for Evolution

(dropped at 1 of 13)

Kyouta is another one of those lame male protagonists who just happen to stumble on something extraordinary; in this case, holy fuck, people are battling behind the scenes for the fate of the world! And most of them are girls! ZOMG!!1

Kyouta’s just… boring. He’s a very bland protagonist, and his dreams of forming a band don’t really change his blandness at all, especially as this came out around the same time a bunch of other anime about boys in bands did. Maybe if he hadn’t sucked so much I would’ve kept watching… although, chances are, with the whole band junk? Naaaah.

Asatte no Houkou


Hmm, this was another one of those shows where its more like I’m picking the weakest character as opposed to one I actively hate. However, I really, really did not like Shouko for the first half of the show; she was mean to a little girl because she was jealous of the fact that her ex never came back to her because he was taking care of his little sister. Um, what? Grow up, good lord.

Baby Love


What a crappy OVA. Seara, the girl pictured above, is the star – supposedly she’s a mature 6th grader, but she really could’ve fooled me with the sheer amount of whining she does. When she was little she got a crush on an older guy, and decided to grow up to marry him, so of course she spent the next four years drinking milk and acting like a snob to everyone because she was “becoming more mature”. No, actually, dumbass, being mature doesn’t mean ignoring your peers because you think they’re childish. It also doesn’t mean you’re mature if you like an older guy, it means you’re a human being. Now stop whining, you obnoxious girl.


(dropped at 3 of 10)

There’s no picture here because I honestly don’t remember anything of Baccano! other than that it was violent, took place in the 1930’s, and had immortal people in it. Question: if a person is immortal, then are they actually a human any more?

Battle Athletes Victory


I almost feel bad for picking a dead woman. So let me clarify – the resurrected teenager Tomoe is the worst character in the show.

Let me explain briefly: bad aliens want to have a tournament against humans in order to decide who gets supremacy of Earth. So the ladies of BAV are put together as a team to compete against them… but, oh noes! THE ALIENS JUST CLONED TOMOE MIDOH, THE BESTEST ATHLETE EVER TO COMPETE! Oh, and Tomoe is the mom of the heroine, Akari. Did I mention that her clone is really fucking annoying? After the world is saved and all that jazz, she then moves in with Akari and her dad and… I dunno, picks up where the dead Tomoe left off? Its really weird.

Let me point out that this was probably one of the worst endings for an anime I’ve ever seen, and that the manga and OVA don’t feature such an ending.

Big O


Alan Gabriel is fucking creepy. He also tried to kill Dorothy! What a total bitch! He also demonstrates the fact that Big O had some seriously weird character designs, although Scwarzwald had him beaten out on that front. Still, I hated him, he furthered the argument that robots shouldn’t be permitted to have full rights because he was a fucking psychopath. LEAVE DOROTHY ALONE YOU BITCH!!!

Alright, that’s a wrap for today, I need to go to class. Lame.

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13 Responses to Worst Characters from Every Show I’ve Seen: Part Two

  1. Baka-Raptor says:

    This time you picked three shows I’ve seen. For one, you didn’t pick a character, for another, you (once again) picked a character you don’t really hate, and for the last, yes, I agree with you, Yasuko sucks.

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Hey, I said ‘worst’ – that will necessarily be impacted by the quality of the entire show. For instance, I’m really going to have trouble when picking the worst character in something like Clannad.

  2. Misu says:

    Baccano was more like batshit insane and made not-too-much sense. I liked Isaac and Miria though.

  3. How the fuck could you drop Baccano?! It has Norio Fucking Wakamoto in it!!! YOU ARE A FAILURE!

    • adaywithoutme says:

      The only voice actor I care at all about is Mamiko Noto. If Stephin Merritt did voice acting for anime, I’d probably care about him too… but he doesn’t.

  4. glothelegend says:

    Dear God I still have seen very few of these shows…

    I saw Aoi Hana, and I’ll agree with you in your decision here, Yasuko sucks, and I really can’t think of any worse characters.

  5. Saturnity says:

    “No, Shuffle never appears on this list.”

    Well, good. They’re all terrible. Every last one.

    • adaywithoutme says:

      I must admit to liking Asa’s hair, though. And I like the school uniforms, too, you don’t see too many effective uses of brown in school uniforms. The hats are wicked dumb, though.

  6. i-k says:

    regarding Yasuko, Fumi does blow her off in ep 10, wooo! Haven’t seen any other shows on this list.

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Yeah, I’ve read all the manga, so I know she would eventually if I finished up the show, but just haven’t done so because of the fact that picking out all the differences is probably going to be a tedious process.

  7. FaS says:

    I got so fucking tired of Big-O it wasn’t/isn’t even funny. I really hate that show

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