Checking In…

Nothing says ‘winter’ like service-y pictures of naked girls near-embracing!

I’m really just checking in to let you know that, yes, I still continue to exist. Isn’t such a post so egotistical? And yet I keep typing it anyway!

I am currently mired in exams, and am very behind on basically everything I am watching this season, as not only have exams taken over my life, but so has Battlestar Galactica. Its just… really, really fucking awesome. I just can’t stop watching it – I finished one season, and it was a cliffhanger, so I ran across campus immediately to get the next one, ran back, and started watching the next season, all in under twenty minutes.

Nevertheless, not to worry, the Worst Characters in Every Anime I’ve Ever Seen Project will see completion, although it may take a while. In other, legit news, I do have some posts of greater substance on the backburner right now; one of them I actually finished, but WordPress om nom’d it, so its just been chilling out while I despair over its demise.

In other news, I saw a guy in the dining hall reading manga. I think I’m in love. My campus is waaaay too full of frat boys in pastel plaid shorts and girls in sundresses for that to usually ever happen.

And, in something that actually relates to anime directly, I would like to warn everyone that Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzuu endorses beastiality/doesn’t reject it out of hand in its third episode. It also has a cat with MASSIVE balls. I think this was supposed to be a kids’ show? Of course, who the fuck knows these days… the general lack of fanservice, though, sort of leads me to believe that the intent is for children to watch it. If I weren’t lazy as fuck/weeping profusely over the six pages I have left to write about Islam and communism, I would probably do the research to determine this one way or the other. Too bad you’re reading the blog of someone like me, huh?

And, finally, for those of you who’re like me…

Man, they really know how to pander to me!

And, finally, from the department of I Think I’m Gonna Cry Because of How Lame I Am: Nanael Revoltech statue? Fuck you. You’re cute as all hell, and I’m going to try to sneak you into my Christmas stocking and justify your presence there to myself by reminding myself of your low price. And then I will try to prevent my mom from putting stuff in my stocking this year so she won’t know what a weird ass bastard her daughter is.

I’m sorry, mom… ;_;

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8 Responses to Checking In…

  1. Baka-Raptor says:

    So you’re watching Battlestar Galactica, getting a Queen’s Blade figure, looking at pictures of naked little girls hugging each other, and you fell in love with a guy just for reading manga. You are such a loser.

    In Japan, massive animal balls are kid-tested, mother-approved. Watch Pom Poko to learn more.

    • adaywithoutme says:

      “…looking at pictures of naked little girls hugging each other…”

      Oh goodness, don’t make me sound like Shin, please!

  2. glothelegend says:

    In related news, I have to somehow finish a bunch of shit by tomorrow morning. I have already brewed an entire pot of coffee to keep myself up all night long.

    And it was just this morning when I thought, “I’m never pulling an all nighter again.”

    Life’s a bitch.

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Well, my computer just ate my research paper that is due in… 43 minutes. I am now fiddling around with my laptop, being useless, and trying to resist the urge the open the window and fling it onto the soccer field below.

  3. d says:

    “so I ran across campus immediately to get the next one”

    from where?

    “In other news, I saw a guy in the dining hall reading manga”

    go for it, despite what girls think, no guy ever said no to a hot girl.

    “Islam and communism”

    did you choose that topic, or was it assigned?

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Got it from the library… any library that has Battlestar Galactica, btw, is full of win.

      As for Islam and communism – yes, I definitely chose the topic myself. I’m done with it, and it was pretty interesting, if a bit tedious.

  4. Shiro, Long Tail's says:

    So wait, girls on your campus wear sundresses? We’re lucky if we see them wearing anything besides a northface jacket, sweatpants, and ugg boots.

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