11eyes Season Review

Deus ex machina count: over 9000!

If you have an issue with the ancient as all hell internet meme, just be happy it didn’t involve Rick Astley. And you can thank my brother for running past me shrieking ‘over 9000!’ about three minutes ago.

If Darker than BLACK: Ryuusei no Gemini’s copy world crap irritated me, you can only imagine how obnoxious it was in 11eyes. And, not only did we basically end up in a copy world where everyone was a-ok at the end, episode eleven in its entirety was essentially a parallel world type thing. I am convinced the only reason we had this was so that we’d get an h-scene in the show. Amusingly enough, it was just like a horror movie or bad scifi movie – you have sex, you die! Or, uh, Mean Girls.

My question is, though – if they’re in another world at the end and not their own original, what the fuck happened to the versions of themselves in that world? Were they dead or something? But, if so, then why do normal friend female version and normal friend male version know them? And if the normal friends know them, then how come other world’s Takahisa and Yukiko not know them? I get the feeling I’m thinking too deeply about the show…

Overall… hmm. I guess it was an okay show, although the final few episodes were ridiculous, and watching them was like grinding pulverized glass into my eyes.

You know, that really doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement, does it?

Look, I can live with a deux ex machina. I can’t deal with forty of them. And 11eyes requires about that many for it to have reached the conclusion it did, e.g. one that was ultimately positive, even if a few people were still dead. 11eyes also ended up becoming much, much more graphic than I was anticipating, furthering the bizarre feeling of a happy-ish ending. I was frankly quite surprised with how violent the show got about halfway through, because, yeah, there was fighting for one’s life in a parallel world from the get-go, but you still had people cheerfully chanting slogans like, “For friendship and for to-morrow!”, so I didn’t think it’d actually get so doom and gloom and violent on us.

So I guess until the very end it was both better and worse than I was expecting, similar to how it was through the halfway mark, but with more bad than good in the second half. Can’t say I recommend since watching the final three or four episodes were like pulling teeth with a screwdriver, though. At least the animation budget went waaaay up during the last episode’s fights?

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9 Responses to 11eyes Season Review

  1. 2DT says:

    A friend of mine described this show to me the other night. So apparently these kids get warped into a world where everything’s trying to kill them, they go back and forth and there’s no way for them to tell when it’s going to happen? That sounds so twisted and interesting… But your review gives me pause.

    • adaywithoutme says:

      It had a very interesting premise, but the wheels came peeling off around the 8th episode or so. I felt like they were just trying to make it as ridiculous as possible, and then they called up too many little tricks to give it a sort of positive ending. Honestly, the show this reminds me most of is Myself;Yourself, in that it just went crazy in the final quarter. It also didn’t help its case by having long, boring patches in many of the episodes in the second half.

      I knew that it was an eroge adaptation, but I still felt disappointed ultimately since it did start off much better than I was expecting (although maybe the creepy fanservice should’ve tipped me off).

  2. Aorii says:

    A friend of mine who likes the visnov tells me they tried to describe way too many of the setting’s elements and concepts within an extra short time span, something like cramming in 40%+ of the explanations within the last 2~3 episodes. So as a result we get some forced stuffing like this.

    Frankly the 11eyes series just feels like one of the worst disasters in VN adaptations ever, so much premise potential wasted; and personally I thought the last episode’s animation was just as bad, if not worse.

    • adaywithoutme says:

      It really is one of the poorer adaptations I’ve seen. The final few episodes were just such a massive trainwreck… and not even in a way that ultimately made it awesome like with H2O~Footprint in the Sand~ or Myself;Yourself.

  3. glothelegend says:

    I thought mean girls was funny. Tina Fey is awesome.

    I have not seen 11eyes, I don’t know what it’s even about, and I’m too lazy to care. I also still do not know what deux ex machina means, but I’m going to look it up for the 50 billionth time.

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