Final Disc Syndrome

Not like your father’s syndromes.

Just a quick word of warning: I’ve realized that my post output is probably going to drop off by quite a bit over the next few months, as I am taking a stupefying 24 hours of classes this semester out of a desire to graduate and to also take the best class offered at my school… that, or I am… crazy. Its one of those.

Anyway, despite that, I have been blitzing through Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo over the past few days. In the space of two days, I covered sixteen episodes… but then, something funny happened. By the close of the third day, I’d only seen seventeen. And I’m still at seventeen here on the fourth day. What happened?

Well, Final Disc Syndrome happened, that’s what.

I have a tendency to charge my way through shows and then… stop. I’ll usually be in the fifteen to twenty range of episodes seen, and then I just slow down, and then my viewing just stops. Its part of why my ‘On Hold’ queue on MAL is ridiculous.  I’ve done it with El Cazador de la Bruja (stalled at 22 of 26), Blue Seed (20 of 26), Nabari no Ou (21 of 26), Lovely Complex (19 of 24), Peacemaker Kurogane (16 of 24)… hell, it even happens with manga; I still have yet to read the final volume of CardCaptor Sakura. What gives?

I think that I do this because, subconsciously, I don’t want things to end. Sometimes, its because I’m mad at what’s happened in the story, as ridiculous as that seems – this is what might be happening with Gankutsuou, as I’m supremely irritated that they killed my favorite character – I stalled on Simoun for a while because that happened. I’m apparently not above being quite petty. But I do think the former is the most likely culprit in most of these – I am enjoying myself, so I don’t want things to end and to have to say good-bye to the characters.

Admittedly, that sounds kind of ridiculous – after all, if I’m not watching it, then I’m not enjoying it, am I? The characters are essentially gone, since I’m not summoning them via the ‘play’ button. And, yet, in a strange way, it does make sense.

Consider the man who kills his girlfriend because he doesn’t want things to be over. Truly, doing such a thing would render the relationship over without a doubt – after all, she’s dead! How can you date a dead person? You just killed the relationship you were seeking to preserve! But killing a person to preserve one’s relationship with them makes sense when you attempt to look at it from their warped perspective – it serves to freeze it in time. Its akin to how a person who dies young will always be young. If you kill that person you love, then you will always love them, and they will always be your significant other. They can’t alter it, they no longer have that power to.

So… did I just compare killing a significant other to ceasing to watch a show?

Uh… yeah. Hmm. Hope that doesn’t reflect too poorly on me…

Here’s hoping I can manage to overcome this and finish off Gankutsuou.

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18 Responses to Final Disc Syndrome

  1. Baka-Raptor says:

    Gankutsuou has a really gay ending.

    That should do it.

    • adaywithoutme says:

      They killed off the strongest candidate for gay if you ask me…

      I feel like its probably a bad sign that thinking that assuring me stuff gets really gay is a sure way to get me to watch it…

      • adaywithoutme says:

        That wasn’t that gay. I can see what you meant, but I think I would’ve been happier had Franz thrown Albert down on a table and had his aristocratic French way with him. Or the Count could’ve done that to Albert. But, hey, I still liked the show, so I guess its fine.

      • Baka-Raptor says:

        Well, it was the gayest thing I’d seen in anime at the time. I’ve seen a lot gayer in the five years since then.

  2. I don’t want Utena to end. I’m holding off watching the final Nanami-centric episode (32). I CAN’T DO IT. NANAMIIIIIIII

    • adaywithoutme says:

      The good thing with Utena is, though, that you can re-watch it endlessly. Every time you watch it, new things become apparent. And you can check out the movie when you finish the TV series; it manages to be even more mind-bending than the TV iteration is.

  3. glothelegend says:

    Classes suck. My schedule is pretty easy (no morning classes ever, and no Friday classes), but I also have to do like, 40 hours of observing other schools and stuff, as well as work, thus I have no God damn time (I haven’t really started the observing yet, so I have had time this week, but it’s going to get hectic soon).

    As for stalling on shows, I find that that happens to me a lot. How bout this one:

    I absolutely steamrolled my way through Ranma 1/2, we’re talkin like 18 episodes a day until I reached somewhere around episode 130 (that’s right one hundred and thirty). I have on more season left, not even, but I’ve been stuck there for over 2 years.

    • adaywithoutme says:

      My class schedule is hell, and I have military training stuff on top of that. Sounds like you’re an education major?

      I did just manage to finish Gankutsuou, though. Maybe I’ll force myself to finally finish off Blue Seed? I’d just gotten to the good part of that, too…

  4. Shinmaru says:

    I only get this with series that are average OK, but I feel compelled to finish because I have nothing better to do. Speed Grapher leaps to mind immediately. Gankutsuou I finished in like two days because I got addicted to it lol. (Also, I had no job at the time. That helped a bit.)

  5. Canne says:

    Kill your lover because you love them and you want to freeze it in time…for some reason, that reminds me of CLAMP’s manga in which people do terrible things to the ones most dear to them because of love. Scary and sweet -_-‘

  6. Final disc? Fuck, I have EVERY DISK SYNDROME. See my 130 on-hold shows. It’s a DISEASE, MAN.

    • adaywithoutme says:

      The only reason my list isn’t that long (I have 59 at the moment) is because I force myself to purge it every so often; for example, Amatsuki – yeah, I’d like to finish it, but am I ever going to? No. So I switched it to the dropped list. I make myself do that so I don’t get overwhelmed by the on-hold list.

  7. Caddy C says:

    I can definitely understand final-disc syndrome! I’ve done this myself, though I tend to start manga series and then not finish them more than anime.

    With Gankutsuou, even though the end is as trippy as you’d expect, I think it’s worth it just to see it through. Same with Nabari no Ou, although I had low expectations for that series from the beginning. And the best part of Peacemaker Kurogane to me was always when Souji busted out the crazy, and he does that in the end. The best fights are in the final episodes, when the Ikedaya Incident finally goes down.

    I think my worst final-disc offender would be Trigun. I absolutely adore the anime (it was my gateway anime), the characters (though my favorite died, of course), and the crazy-ass world … but I have yet to finish the manga.

    • adaywithoutme says:

      I’d probably finish Peacemaker if it wasn’t for the fact that the second-to-last disc in the DVD set I had had a glitch – it would just freeze in the middle of an episode and wouldn’t play anything further than that – not even the next episode.

      I did finish Gankutsuou. Not sure how I felt about the end yet, I think it ended a little too positively for me to have been entirely satisfied with it since the entirety of the show was largely serious and fairly negative. I’m just one of those people, y’know?

  8. Nazarielle says:

    I find this happens to me a lot with airing series that I catch up with part way through the season. I marathon to catch up to where the series is, watch the next episode or two and then end up stalling. I think the sudden change from being able to marathon to having to wait a week really throws me off.

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