WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT SHIT?!?!?! Ok, you know what? I wasn’t originally going to do a post on this, because I thought, “Day, that’s silly, why should you devote an entire post to swearing excessively and spitting nails?” But then I remembered that this thing is MY FUCKING BLOG, so I can do WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT WITH IT.

Legit, though, that sudden second of realization was beautiful – I think sometimes bloggers get caught up thinking they need to actually be saying something and not just producing a lot of sound and fury… and while there is some merit to this, sometimes you just have to remember that its your own damn blog, so, really, its ultimately there to do whatever you please with it.

But, hey, I digress.

My issue is the latest episode of Durarara!!, number eleven/Storm and Stress (which, look, Crunchyroll? I think they were probably aiming for ‘Sturm und drung’ when they titled it that… I get that you’re translating into English and all, but the phrase ‘Storm and Stress’, while an accurate translation, doesn’t have quite the same cachet as ‘Sturm und drung’).


The revelation about the Dollars was really fucking stupid. You know what it reminded me of? The final episode of Digimon 02, when it was revealed that one million children are actually Chosen Children. Wait, what? Why? That’s so stupid! And its exactly the way I felt when it turned out that the Dollars is some hyper-egalitarian party that everyone is involved with.

I could deal with Mikado being in charge of the Dollars; yes, I could. But he’d have to have been, oh, I dunno, somehow secretly badass and have a somehow badass organization for me to really roll fullheartedly with it. But, no, let’s just go with that its a secret club everyone is in! thing. Barf.

Man, I felt leery a few episodes back when a few of the cast members revealed they were in the Dollars, and it was this SUPER COOL thing where there were no rules and you just kinda did what you wanted to… but this takes the fucking cake. I don’t know if I can stand any more of this.

A nitpick at the start of the episode, by the way – Celty’s bothered by the fact that her head has apparently been sewn onto another body despite her having spent twenty years in Japan trying to find it again. She then wonders if those years have been a waste, understandably so. And Shinra basically says, well, you know, experiences and how you’ve changed blah-blah-blah. Then says she could use those experiences to marry him!

Excuse me, but, what?

Obviously, ladies, working hard for twenty years of your life toward a goal, but somehow missing it – it can all be solved by getting married! I mean, we all just go to college for the Mrs., am I right? Celty can just get hitched and pop out some babies, and that whole missing head thing won’t matter at all!


That was my main issue with the episode before it skipped off into retardo-land, where whiny Mikado reigns supreme. If I knew him in real life, he’s the kind of guy I would’ve had a hard time not stabbing between the eyes. He’s the kind of guy that I kicked the ass of in the parking lot when I was a freaking middle schooler. Take him away, take him away, take him away!

“Hi, my name is over-privleged adolescent, and I am angsty because my life is just soooooooooooooo boring! I need something to spice it up!”

I was feeling so ambivalent about Durarara!! to this point… some of the characters are great, but Mikado, our lead, is such a stinker. And it all just feels like empty calories. I don’t know, I just feel like I’m getting nowhere with it. Which isn’t necessarily a problem, but with the overall tone of the production, e.g. look at the awesome!, just comes off as irritating.

I will give credit, though, where credit is due – the “big reveal” moment was kind of brilliant insofar as the coloring in of all the grey people went. I’d always found the lack of coloration for background characters disorienting since the production seemed to possess a bit of cash, but it makes perfect sense now, and came off as being a very neat little trick. Although, admittedly, about five minutes later it seemed extremely gimmicky.

The only thing I did like in this episode wholly?

The Jigoku Shoujo ringtone.  一遍死んで見る?

The only thing that can resurrect this show now?

Bringing back Rio and giving her a yuri storyline with Celty.

You know you wanna ship that.

P.S. – Yes, Durarara!! writer/production folks, all Irish people have green eyes and red hair. Thanks.

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4 Responses to Durara-rage

  1. Heinsia says:

    you have wrong expectation of this show
    like what Mikado said, it isnt wrong to be common
    you have the same desire with many ppl, wanting smth so special so badass so extraodinary but without normal things to compare with that kind of thing doesnt exist. and with so many awesome flying around those things have already become common
    and plz take back what you said, Mikado isnt angsty
    about that marriage issue, that’s Shinra’s solution, not Celty, also what is wrong with proposing to your loved one ? he has always want to do that, not just this time

    p/s: sry if I said smth off topic ‘coz my mind is occupied with various shits recently

  2. some girl says:

    I think you’re 100% spot on about the problems with Shinra/Celty. It’s been making me rage ever since Celty’s “I think I might be in love with him” moment in episode whatever the heck that was. Ugh.

    That said, I took the whole thing with Mikado a bit differently than you did, mostly because I’ve heard that people involved with this show have been saying that either “Mikado isn’t the protagonist, no one is” or “Mikado isn’t the protagonist, *Celty* is.” So Mikado’s over-privileged adolescent whininess isn’t necessarily something the writers are deliberately valorizing. (In fact, it sometimes seems like they’re actually drawing parallels between him and Izaya, but maybe I’m just reading too much into it because Mikado annoys the heck out of me.)

    …in other news, I now really, really want to write some Rio/Celty fic. Dammit.

  3. Shinmaru says:

    I would be surprised if Celty actually married Shinra — that guy is a creepy weirdo. Not the creepiest weirdo in the series, clearly, but creepy nonetheless. Celty needs to get her head back and kick his ass to the curb.

  4. noodles says:

    I don;t like how Shinra/Celty is portrayed in that episode either. But you are so wrong about Mikado.

    Major Spoiler? (……..the book hinted at it but the anime kind of screw it up at the big Dollars reveal)

    Mikado is scary. A scary badass. A very scary badass that no one should ever cross.

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