MariMite Live Action for Autumn

Or, Day lies on the floor and hyperventilates for three hours.

There are a lot of things I could or should be doing right now – I could go take a gander at the cherryblossom trees, which are all in full bloom on my campus… I should go finish putting together my field gear so I don’t end up with one pair of underwear for a five day duration… I could make myself lunch and stop just chewing away at stale rice crackers…

But, naw, I’m too busy hyperventilating and trying to type simultaneously.

Actually, I wasn’t going to bother posting on this since I’d figured the news had already been spread through blogs given that it was first reported yesterday. But I found out I was wrong! Has MariMite been off the air long enough that its fallen out of the public consciousness? Ah well.

Anyway, a live action adaptation of Maria-sama ga Miteru is going to hit movie theaters in Japan this fall – all the more reason for me to actually plan a trip there! (Although my extremely low-level Japanese comprehension would probably make my viewing of it raw wholly fruitless – unless its somehow Chi’s Sweet Home meets MariMite…) The news was announced in the 44th flyer for Cobalt, which lists a litany of other announcements as well that I simply don’t care at all about.

While I am excessively excited about this news, I am a little bit concerned about how well it’ll translate into a 90-minute film, given how much that the anime producers had to trim out from the events of the light novels in order to fit it into 39 twenty-minute TV episodes and five 40-minute OVA’s. Ah well! As long as I don’t have to suffer through Rainy Blue angst all over again!

Now I’m just gonna try holding out for an English-language release of the light novels… ha. I’ll keep dreaming on that one.

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  1. 2DT says:

    Oh dear. Thanks for the news.

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