State of the Blog Address

Oh-so grand.

Sometime in the last week, GAR GAR Stegosaurus turned two years old. It also cleared the 200,000 mark in terms of visitors, which I’m personally impressed with/thrilled about, especially considering that it took about three months to clear the 10,000 mark back in the day. In that time, I’ve really grown to love this little labor of love of mine (yes, I know – repetitive, but even I am permitted some substandard phrases once in a while).

I remember when starting out that I was pretty excited, but that I tried to follow in the vein of blogs I liked without regard for the kind of posts that I enjoyed writing – if you go poke around in the older posts, you’ll realize that I actually used to do episodic blogging. I now more or less consider that to be the bane of my existence, although I do think there is a place for episodic blogging in the blogosphere. I’m just not gonna be the one responsible for it.

I also had a co-writer at the beginning, although we had a bit of a falling out (too bad! we were real-life friends), so that quickly ended. Although that ended up shifting greater work onto me, I’m personally happier with the blog as a result.

I think in writing posts I’ve managed to help improve my skills as a writer, which I find somewhat amusing since I had good writing skills to begin with because of the piles of fanfiction I wrote when I was a middle schooler and high schooler. And remember – its not being conceited if its true~ (Perfect score on ACT writing portion followed four years later with a perfect score on the GRE writing portion? Yes, I think I can be obnoxious about that if I so choose.)

Anyway, enough of nostalgia – I’d like to address where I want to go from here.

I am interested at this point in expanding the purview of this blog slightly to include not merely manga and anime, but pieces of Japanese culture as a whole. I have written a review for one Japanese novel – and not a light novel – before, but I intend to include more reviews of Japanese literature and film. I have Kurosawa’s No Regrets for Our Youth (fact: when I named this blog, it was this title vs. GGS, but I’d never actually, y’know, watched No Regrets, so I figured I couldn’t go with that… also, GGS is just funny) in the queue at the moment and have just started reading Haruki Murakami’s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, so those’ll probably make an appearance here in the near future.

I will confess feeling a bit of a dilemma of relation to my desire to include Japanese literature of the non-manga and light novel variety on here – after all, what is Japanese literature? Such is the dilemma of the modern world; people are so much more subject to migration than ever before. Does Kazuo Ishiguro count as a Japanese writer? I’m inclined to count him as British, yet An Artist of the Floating World is deeply Japanese; he immigrated with his family to the UK when he was six years old. So do Japanese immigrants count? How about people of Japanese descent?

I digress, though; I’m not really interested in dissecting that particular matter at the moment. I just want to give my readers an idea of where this ship is headed, as I apparently actually have regular readers! Its so nice – gives one a sense of some kind of community, or, dare I say it, a family.

The primary focus of this blog will certainly remain anime and manga and the fandom surrounding it, though, so don’t worry – I’m not about the lose you in a haze of Yukio Mishima and Hirokazu Koreeda.

I’ve also got some interview-type stuff planned, although nothing set in stone yet, and I don’t really want to give it away at all beyond that.

Lastly, you’ll notice that the layout and background theme is a bit different than it was only yesterday. With the changing of the weather, I felt that all that black was too heavy. This is also the first time I’ve ever used a non-Revolutionary Girl Utena header! AIR is one of the anime that I think best nails summertime, so it only seemed appropriate (the other one that I think really gets it is Natsume Yuujin-chou). I don’t really like those stupid little symbols between posts, but I find that the new template I’m using feels much lighter and summery. A change is as good as a rest?

A thanks to my readers for making it thus far =) I enjoy reading your comments very much.

By the way, I’d like to direct your attention once more to the image heading up this particular post. Holy crap, isn’t that creepy? Perhaps you didn’t notice the first time you saw it (I didn’t), but see the hands at the edge? Very creepy! Which is why I used it as opposed to any other shot of an empty podium – although that actually means I didn’t use a shot of an empty podium.

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14 Responses to State of the Blog Address

  1. Congratulations! I look forward to the new material ^_^

  2. 2DT says:

    You can lose me in a haze of Yukio Mishima! The man was crazy buff.

    Congratulations on two years! And on doing so well on the GRE– I’m studying for it now, and it’s a big pain in the backside. 🙂

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Oh man, still on your get-in-shape kick? =P

      Honestly, my best advice for the GRE is to really go over the math stuff because its all high school-level junk you probably haven’t looked at in ages – tons of algebra and geometry. We don’t need to go into how poorly I fared on that section, ha.

      Thanks =)

  3. TheBigN says:

    I do think that the header accurately reflects the blog’s title much better. Will be awaiting the fun future posts. \o

    • adaywithoutme says:

      I keep trying to find a stegosaurus to be my mascot and be featured in the header… but I’ve failed thus far. I might have to settle for making my own version of the GAO GAO stegosaurus t-shirt, wear it, and then take a picture and use that for the header… too sad.

  4. Baka-Raptor says:


    • adaywithoutme says:

      Blind man who blogs in an at-best sporadic fashion…. yawwwwwwnnnn…

  5. jpmeyer says:

    Well, I like Kore-eda!

    • adaywithoutme says:

      I remember I ran across him completely by chance – I picked up After Life/Wonderful Life in Blockbuster’s foreign films section and rented it on a whim. I really enjoyed it, although I think I should probably re-visit it since that was about… oh, six or seven years ago.

  6. Shinmaru says:

    I say go ahead with writing about Japanese novelists. I’m a big fan of Haruki Murakami, so I’m interested in what you have to write about Wind-Up Bird Chronicle!

    • adaywithoutme says:

      I just wish I hadn’t read Kafka on the Shore so long ago… well, only a year ago, but his stuff just seems like the kind of writing that you have to write about immediately, since the finer details get lost pretty quickly if you aren’t thinking about it.

  7. Caddy C says:

    I totally wouldn’t have noticed the hands unless you pointed them out … *shudder* 🙂

  8. glothelegend says:

    Thank God no one said something like

    “Congrats, you’re my sempai!”

    I would have shot myself in the face. But yea, you’re layout is better, even though I’m a fan of black backgrounds. I actually kind of want to change mine, but am a lazy retard so I’m going to just leave it as is.

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