Utena Update: Nozomi Nabs Revolutionary Girl Utena Movie


Y’know, I was going to mention in my post yesterday that I’d love to see a re-mastered Adolescence Apocalypse release in addition to the RGU TV series re-master getting a release. But I thought – well, nah, I don’t even know if there’s a re-master of it, so why mention it?

Well, Production I.G. confirmed at Anime Expo that Nozomi has the rights to RGU: AA as well as to the TV series. I must confess that I don’t know exactly why Production I.G. is doing the confirmation on these licenses, however, as J.C. Staff was the producer of both the show and the movie. While it wasn’t specified during the I.G. panel, my assumption is that the movie will also be the re-master.

Now, here’s my question: is there any chance in there that Nozomi’s snapped up the music rights as well? The Japanese 10th anniversary re-master releases included a boxset of the eight albums, along with a new CD with new recordings of some of the more famous tracks from the show and movie (Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku, Aphrodite of Death, Rinbu Revolution, etc.). While I am doubtful as to whether Nozomi would see these as worth shelling out for, given Geneon’s apparent failure to make any profit off of releasing anime soundtracks in America, the fact that the Japanese re-master releases numbered three with the inclusion of the CD box has my curiosity piqued – after all, Nozomi has stated that they will be releasing three sets in total.

Really, though, I’m more inclined to think they will simply be using the latter Central Park Media release scheme, with one arc per box and the movie bundled with the first arc (which, really, is kind of bizarre, all things considered). I can dream, though, right? (It’d also be kind of awesome if the musical was included too, but I think there’s about a 0.00000000001% chance of that, so…)

It is my sincere hope that Nozomi will utilize the Japanese box art, though – its really absolutely gorgeous. Empty Movement has details and pictures of the Japanese boxes over on their website. If you go poking around the gallery portion of their website, too, you can find high-quality scans of the DVD covers (one of which I used for this post). I’d also like to point out that the box art is all new.

It’d also be wicked awesome if Nozomi included the booklets from the sets as well… but I’m not really holding my breath – American distributors have largely given up on including fun extras given that American fans have largely demonstrated a preference for cheaper releases sans extras… hell, even boxes are largely a thing of the past.


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