How Fast to BL?: A New Experiment in Progress

Essentially, how fast does a BL-lover see BL in shows that aren’t?

It all started innocently. In fact, it remained that way for a full seven episodes. And then, it happened – fujoshi goggles suddenly picked up a tiny vibe in a scene, and BOOM! Instant BL… and a trip to 4ch /cm.

Of course, when I say ‘instant BL’ I mean ‘Day suddenly decided that two characters could be slashed and it’d be awesome.’ So not exactly anything concrete here, don’t get too excited. However, it made me wonder – how long does it take me to see BL in, well, anything?

So I wrote down a list of shows I’ve either been watching or re-watching, and then recorded at what point the notion of BL entered my brain. Think of this as a preview, though, as I fully intend to do this for the shows I watch in the fall. Should be at least somewhat amusing; at the very least, you may get a better idea of how depraved of a BL fan I am.

Do note that UraBoku isn’t included here since it is technically BL, although thus far it is of the ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ variety, and I sincerely doubt it’ll go beyond that before the series closes out.

Shukufuku no Campanella

Or ‘Proof that I’m a Loser’. I’ve been watching this every so often, and I began watching it solely because… some of the girls looked cute.

Wow. I suck.

Anyway, the quality’s pretty bad and the cuteness of the girls is looking less and less compelling with the passage of time, so its probably isn’t long for my world. However, one thing that can be said is that this show definitely isn’t supposed to be taken as a BL fan’s potential playground. In fact, there are only three guys in it versus seven-ish girls (so far), with one guy as the clear male lead. So – harem!

And yet… when the third guy showed up in episode two while everyone was at the beach, the moment he opened his mouth, looked at the male lead, and this deep voice came out – hello! Guess who thought, “Hey, I could totally ship those two, that one’s voice is hot.”? I think you know the answer to that.

How fast to BL? 2 episodes


This is actually the show I was talking about above. I’ve been enjoying it, and not shipping anyone since it doesn’t really lend itself well to shipping (at least, I don’t think it does). But there I was, merrily watching episode seven, and the priest and the doctor were having one of their little conversations about the mysterious ‘disease’ plaguing the village. Normal, right? They’d been doing this for the previous five episodes, after all. But, no, in the mind of the BL fan, the thought suddenly creeped in that, yeah, these guys? Hmm, they’d be kind of good together, wouldn’t they?

In my minor, minor defense, it isn’t as if there really is anyone else I would’ve shipped them with, anyway. I think some would suggest the green-haired nurse be paired with the doctor, but I was kind of partial to Yuuki’s friend Tohru getting paired with her since he had a crush on her. Even if he is dead now (I bet he’ll be a vampire, though).

How fast to BL? 7 episodes

Yumeiro Patissierre

One of these days I’ll probably get the spelling of that right.

Anyway, YP has three pretty boys as part of the core cast, and one girl. The girl will clearly be paired with one of them… which leaves two of them. Hmm, wonder what I’ll do with them?

Episode eleven brought the notion of BL for them into my brain, though, not the mere existence of two more guys than girls. It was a flashback episode, one wherein we learned about how the three guys all became friends. One of them runs away after an argument and, uh, falls off a cliff. So then they have to rescue him, and there’s a piggyback involved. Yes, it was at that moment that a ‘Hmm…’ popped into my brain.

Actually, though, yuri for the show surfaced earlier in my stupid mind than did BL. But, yeah, that’s not really relevant to this post.

How fast to BL? 11 episodes

Valkyria Chronicles

Actually! I thought of it before the totally fey guy showed up. No, I thought of it when Welkin’s fellow-lieutenant showed up, but not for the two of them. No, it was when his little assistant surfaced and was all indignant about his superior being around the stupid squad and got wicked tsundere about him. But then he got tsundere about Isara a few episodes later, too… I still retained the BL vibe, though.

How fast to BL? 4 episodes

Nabari no Ou

Uh, yeah. The gay ninja show. Um, well… Nabari no Ou isn’t actually BL, although it really does feel that way a lot of the time, and I would make strong arguments for shipping two gay couples that are backed up with fairly solid evidence. However, the notion of BL really didn’t surface until episode 9, when Gau was gushing about Raikou. Sure, there’d been some jokes about Miharu’s moe charm in earlier episodes, but I wasn’t taking those seriously, that’s for sure.

I was able to get such an accurate bead on where I noticed the BL in NnO due to my blogging of the show back in the day. Good thing since it’s hard to dismiss it once you are aware of it, so my re-watch/finishing of it that I’m doing at the moment couldn’t really give an accurate idea of when it occurred to me the first go-round.

How fast to BL? 9 episodes

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15 Responses to How Fast to BL?: A New Experiment in Progress

  1. odorunara says:

    Haha, this is great. I’m going to start doing this with the shows I watch. Fullmetal Alchemist (the original anime, not the new one, since I haven’t seen it) had me and my friends considering the slash about two episodes in? (Hughes and Mustang, obvious. There are very few male characters that don’t make the brain go straight to BL…)

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Its just really amusing to me at this point to see how quickly my brain will totally misinterpret things intentionally.

      I must confess to being one of those FMA fans… y’know, the kind who went the brocest route on it. I think its much easier to do that in the original anime versus the newer one; I haven’t seen the entire new version, but I read most of the manga, so I know what happens. I must also confess that I prefer the first anime to the manga… surely someone shall now cry “Blasphemy!”

      I’m also kind of curious if I slash more often than not when I watch non-BL stuff. I’d never really considered it before.

  2. kluxorious says:

    lol I thought I’m the only one doing these kinds of things. Glad that I’m not the only desperate BL fan around XD

    Whenever I see two bishies around, the yaoi/BL lightbulb in my head will light up my entire brain. It was awesome.

  3. Aorii says:

    I’d say Valkyria Chronicles’ little BL between Faldio and Ramal was meant to be the absurdly obvious relationship also xD Not quite Uraboku-obvious but more so than SengokuBasara-obvious xD

    Campanella… wow, you have skillz. But with Yumeiro, yeah yuri totally comes in first xD

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Yeah, I’m not sure if my ability to see any possibility of BL in Campanella is skillz or just a sign of my fast-approaching total depravity.

  4. Kathryn says:

    In terms of time logged with Final Fantasy, I usually start shipping the gentlemen at around 25 hours, usually right around the time the serious backstory is revealed. Oh, Auron is an outcast in Yevon because he refused the hand of the priest’s daughter in order to travel with Braska? I see…

    Sometimes, though, I will see a coupling in a dōjinshi, and a lightbulb will go off over my head. It makes my experience of watching the rest of whatever series I’m watching ten times more fun and magical.

    Slash goggles are wonderful. I approve!

    • adaywithoutme says:

      4ch /cm is a great place to have that BL lightbulb suddenly set off. I was paging through it and saw a Durarara thread with copious amounts of pictures of Izaya and Shizuo… and it made perfect sense! Too bad I found the show borderline repulsive.

      But, yeah, all of which is to say – I know that feeling so well.

  5. Baka-Raptor says:

    Was Nabari so gay that you couldn’t take its gayness seriously early on? It was a lot gayer than Valkyria Chronicles, that’s for sure, except for that one gay guy, but he seemed like more of a gay gay, not a fangirl gay.

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Well, if you count Miharu’s male-moe powers, I can see the gay very early on, but I didn’t have any thoughts as to legit BL until Gau showed up dreaming of Raikou with sparkles and roses.

  6. nazarielle says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t find reason to slash Tohru and Natsuno together after the 4th (?) ep. I’m not even looking for it and I got those vibes.

  7. goldensneer says:

    Oh, I completely agree about Shiki. I’m not even fond of Ozaki/Seishin as a pairing, but whenever they have their private and insular conversations, a part of me goes, ‘…heh’. Add in the fact that Seishin is a monk, and Ozaki is in a loveless marriage along with the fact that they were childhood friends, and I suppose it kind of writes itself!

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