Finding Maria-sama/So Moé I Died

Fact: everyone wants an imouto… err… petite soeur.

Ok, maybe not. But several months back I boasted to Shin that I’d outdone him. He’d done a post about how he’d managed to get the neighbor’s kid to fall madly in love with him, thus making his lolicon self happy. However, I smugly commented that I had beaten him solely because I had managed to cultivate a MariMite-style relationship with my little sister in my sorority. Then I declared war. But, uh, yeah, the war declaration isn’t exactly of any concern here (although, Shin – truly, no return fire? this was a while ago!).

I joined a sorority back when I was a sophomore. It was neither the tits-fest that you see in the movies (Sorority Row, the House Bunny, etc.), nor was it in the MariMite vein, exactly. While sororities in real life generally don’t resemble those in fiction, I’ll also freely admit that mine was fairly quirky; I think the favored activity of the group was to watch the Transformers movie while drinking, and then following it up the next morning by going out to do community service.

But, nevertheless, the drama! Oh, the drama! One could’ve written volumes on it… our sorority sweethearts, a.k.a. what we called the various guys we picked up and gave honorary status to (fraternities do this with the little sister designation, although usually that means ‘frat mattress’, which isn’t as common with sweethearts) were very much integrated into our overall structure, really in a way that went beyond the norm, and that only added fuel to the intense fires of Russian soap opera-worthy angst and melodrama. In this aspect, maybe we were a bit like MariMite, although our concerns and feuds were usually a bit more, ah, adult, shall we say. It was all quite a bit of fun, but one had to be pretty good at keeping their head done when all the bullets started flying.

But through it all, the old system endured – you joined, and you became someone’s little sister. Then, as time went on, someone else joined and became your little sister. You were part of a lineage until you amassed enough of your own little sisters to have your own distinct lineage. Aaand you got to make your own family names! Awesome!

…yeah, none of them were quite as dignified as what you see in MariMite. No roses here, although we did have delights such as the Drinking Alone Family, the Sketchtacular Family, and the Drunk Flamingos Family. Like I said, we were kind of different from a lot of sororities.

However, regardless of seriousness or lack thereof, we did have families within the sorority, and I personally have five little sister by the time I graduated and left the garden of maidens. And one of them was an adoring little sister, one with whom I developed a MariMite-esque relationship, although with probably only about a fifth of the drama those ladies had (its *so* nice to not be a high school student!).

I doted on her. It was very fun to, and I’d been in the habit of spoiling my other little sisters anyway. But she was the most enthusiastic about being my little sister, so that certainly helped. We went (grocery) shopping together, hung out, I helped her move out at the end of the semester, we went to movies together… And, yet, it was only fleeting! I graduated and had to leave… just like Sei has to leave Shimako so soon after having her become her petite soeur.

But! Life sometimes has happy sequels. I’m still in pretty close touch with her. And the other day I looked in my email inbox and saw I had an email from her. When I opened it and read it, it was signed ‘Little Sister’. And addressed ‘Big Sister’.

So moé I died.

Oh, yeah, and so that’s how I have it all over you, Shin. Just saying.

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6 Responses to Finding Maria-sama/So Moé I Died

  1. Quazacolt says:

    Fun fact: this comment was deleted because that’s my special power as Mahou Shoujo GAR GAR the owner of this blog. Funny how that works!

  2. Aorii says:

    lol you sure showed that pedo xD

    and now I sorta wish I had taken a little sister or brother during college years (was in one of those rare Co-op Frats: Theta Tau in my case). I guess our major-professional nature kept us out of the angst and melodrama, but it also kept the bonds limited in comparison—

    now if only you could get her to address with ‘onee-sama’~

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Hmm, oddly enough one of the most emotionally overwrought fraternities I ran up against during my time in college was the business fraternity on my campus. Although, actually, now that I think on it, the community service fraternity was pretty ridiculous as well. But it seems they didn’t have the professional nature that your cohort had.

      Man, if I thought I could get her to, I totally would. I am proud of the fact that she addressed me as ‘Big Sister’ in large part, though, since it was unsolicited on my part. Mad skills!

  3. Shin says:

    I apologise for whatever Quaz said, since I shared this on Google Reader.

    Anyway, while you have earned my respect, I still do not think it can be compared to mine, as you have merely made an imouto while I got myself an underaged waifu ァ ‘`,、’`,、(‘∀`) ‘`,、’`,、

    But still, you are certainly living the dream.

    • Quazacolt says:

      >shin apologizing
      >wait, derp.


    • adaywithoutme says:

      Its ok, you don’t have to apologize for Quaz – he/she/it knows not what they do.

      I did briefly have a waifu during my junior year of college, as I lived with a young woman who insisted on making meals for me for lord knows what reason. Given how that turned out, I don’t have much of a desire for waifus, so perhaps we simply differ here on what we find to be the best outcome.

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