Abel and Cain, Vampire and Priest: The Non-TL;DR Version

I get it – folks have short attention spans.

I would love it if everyone read my full post on this, but I also know that a lot of people won’t. However, I’d still like folks to know the main points I made, as they are relevant and some of them are fairly important. So, here we go, the boiled down version:

  • Muroi thinks of Sunako as Abel and himself as Cain; Sunako thinks the reverse
  • Sunako doesn’t bite Muroi because by ‘romantic’ she means she thinks he’s ‘innocent/naive’ – he is casting vampires as innocent victims by asking her if she is a ‘shiki’, which in his book is the faultless Abel
  • Muroi thinks he is Cain because the Kirishikis moved to town after Mr. Kirishiki read Muroi’s essay about the town – he liked the sound of it
  • thus, Muroi’s angst-fests since the Kirishikis started gnawing on people is due not only to the fact that he feels responsible for it, but also because he feels sorry for those who are vampires, and thus he can’t think of any solution to what is going on
  • some traditions say Cain still wanders the earth; some authors have drawn from those traditions to give vampires their origination in Cain and his curse – the Mark of Cain, then, isn’t a physical mark, but rather the vampirism of the person afflicted by it

Yeah, but I would like it if you read my full post. I’ve got a lot more analysis of the Abel and Cain thing there.

Additional thing I thought of: Muroi’s scar on his wrist as the Mark of Cain. I don’t know how I didn’t think of this before! Maybe I’ll meditate more upon this and write about it later… I’ll have a lot of time to as I am currently sick and no one around here speaks English…

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6 Responses to Abel and Cain, Vampire and Priest: The Non-TL;DR Version

  1. vucubcaquix says:

    Passed out last night before I read your post, but if the Reader’s Digest version is any indication, I should really hop to it because it sounds great!

    • adaywithoutme says:

      I poured my soul into it!

      Uh, or maybe just an hour’s worth of my soul. Hope it meets your expectations.

  2. nazarielle says:

    Goddamnit stop writing more Shiki posts. I’ve been trying to figure out how (and which) to respond. Maybe I’ll just throw a huge tl;dr comment up on this when it’s not 4 am

    • adaywithoutme says:

      I can’t help it! Its a good show! And now its on break for a few weeks, so I’ve got a while to sit around and ruminate about it!

      Also: biblical references are like a red flag to folks like me.

  3. Elineas says:

    What happened to blogs being vanity projects that didn’t care if they’re read? :X That and the possibility of having this non-TL;DR version reduce the number of people who read the actual post.

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Honestly, if it means less read the original, I don’t mind – it isn’t really vanity, I’m mostly concerned with people getting the full meaning of the Abel and Cain exchange. I also think its very important for people to remember that Sunako told Muroi that her family moved there after her father read about the town in one of his essays, so that’s part of why Muroi is an angst machine.

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