Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru Series Review


Why did I even bother with this show? The source material itself wasn’t that hot, and while the adaptation did have some good points (good voice acting, good soundtrack, several of the fights looked really awesome animated), it was never going to be exactly captivating. The story was unoriginal, the two leads bland – how can one really make a property work when the pieces are so uninspiring?

Oh, yeah, that’s right – the Ga-Rei-Zero approach. But we all know that that’ll happen maybe one times out of five hundred, if that.

The pacing was also pretty bad. I thought the ending itself wasn’t too bad, particularly considering that the manga is still in serialization, but the build-up to it felt rushed and abrupt. The first half of the show took forever to cover a few chapters worth of manga, yet then the show sped up and passed the source material. It then seemed to find itself baffled by what to do next, giving us carbon copy battle after carbon copy battle, broken up by a wee bit of backstory for some characters.

So, yeah – ending? Not too bad. The road there? Fairly excruciating. It took all my will to force myself to watch through the final three episodes, and even so I skipped a lot of inane dialogue in episode twenty-two and twenty-three.

Honestly, the biggest problem with the show can be found in our leads, Yuki and Luka. Yuki is obnoxious. Luka is boring. I don’t care about them, I don’t care about their pasts, I don’t care what motivates them or makes them cry or keeps them up long nights. They are completely overshadowed by several of their far more intriguing castmates. What is also overshadowed is their ‘relationship’. I use the quote marks since there really is nothing to it, besides snatches we see in their pasts and things we are told directly by other characters. Oh, and the fact that Luka gets tunnel vision and has to go fight for Yuki, but even that’s pretty bland as well.

This actually runs up against another issue I have with the show. The BL wasn’t really hyper apparent in the manga, but they did still tone it down a bit for the anime. Why? The only people who are going to watch this, really, are BL fangirls. Most others are turned off by the fact that the original work itself is labeled ‘BL’, so they’re not going to bother at all with this. Of those not aware of the origins, many turned away merely because of how willowy the guys looked. So, really, why tone it down at all? Why not, if anything, make it even more readily apparent? The only people watching this are BL fans! And guess what? Most of them were annoyed at how mellow that aspect of it was.

But there is some legitimate argument to be had for increasing the BL factor beyond simply audience share. Yuki and Luka could’ve benefited greatly, as Yuki’s memories of his past are dim, particularly as pertains to the nature of his relationship with Luka. Why not make this a plot point, have Yuki remember just enough to feel somewhat confused about it, or have an enemy reveal it and attempt to use his comrades silence on the matter as a wedge? Or even just display a greater interest in and mystery around the matter of why Yuki came back as a guy, whereas everyone else reincarnated as the same gender? This truly could’ve been interesting. But, no, let’s just have Luka tell Touko that he intends to do nothing about his relationship with Yuki! And have no one really care that Yuki’s the only one who swapped genders! That’ll make for some interesting television!

Ugh. What a waste of time. Buy the OST instead. Maybe someday some good BL might actually get adapted.

Hahahahahaha. Yeah right.

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5 Responses to Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru Series Review

  1. Chris says:

    When I fast forward through half of episode 13 of Yuki’s brother fighting Yuki’s orphanage friend thing (can not remember these unmemorable names) and Yuki crying over who knows what since he cries about whatever every episode, I gave up.

    My problem is the show tries to be a little of everything without doing any of it right. And I completely agree with your BL comment! It shocked me how much I unknowingly thought the exact same thing. It kills me how Luka was probably the most badass (considering the comparatively low competition of badass candidates anyway) yet at the same time the gayest. The outfits he had were just… ridiculous. And his “I’ll be with your forever. Yuki.” lines just made me facepalm at the lameness. Sigh. Disappointment.

    But if the ending is decent enough as you say, I might as well finish it if I’m already halfway through. And I liked the eye coloring and designs. They were pretty cool.

    • adaywithoutme says:

      I’m not really sure that I can recommend finishing it up, honestly. There are quite a few painful episodes between the half-way mark and the end, and while the final episode was actually pretty decent, I don’t think it at all redeems the show.

      Yeah, the eye coloring technique was cool. They used it in Nabari no Ou, too, although not to the same extent (they basically used it with characters who weren’t exactly human).

      But, seriously, the whole Yuki-Luka thing could’ve been made waaaay better if they’d tossed in some actual complications, e.g. Yuki realizing what the nature of their relationship had been and feeling confused over the fact that he reincarnated as a guy, and Luka also displaying some more consternation/confusion over Yuki’s swapped gender. This could’ve been great! But, no thanks, let’s pass on that BL…

  2. Caddy C says:

    I had very similar thoughts on this show.

    It was just so … boring! The fights were cool, but incomprehensible and totally random. The pacing was terrible! It was a serious chore for me to watch anything that didn’t involve Hotsuma & Shusei (the REAL couple of the show). And I supposedly watched it for Kanata! (aka, I watched it for Akira Ishida)

    I also agree with you about the BL factor. They could’ve taken the time to explore the reasons behind Yuki’s gender swap and what it meant for the dynamic of the group and his relationship with Luka … but they just didn’t. Actually exploring an interesting aspect of the show would be waaaay too much, apparently. And why? The whole thing was totally tame, anyway! It would’ve given Yuki’s character some actual development, and we can’t have that! Or any reason for Luka’s undying devotion, no, no …

    Bleh. Hopefully Togainu no Chi delivers on some actual BL for once!

  3. olivia says:

    everyone here is forgetting something..
    it wasnt really intending to be BL… really just light shounen-ai.
    Even on wiki, its classified as shoujo and NOT yaoi, not even shounen-ai
    I really liked the art and soundtrack though, but the anime WAS bland.
    Most of the time, they all just talked about the same things over and over.
    They also could have done so much more with the storyline, and I actually hated
    the end – it made the entire anime pointless.. waste of time personally and to top
    it off, i wasnt looking for the BL.
    Just my 2 cents 🙂

  4. Lucy Harada says:

    Hello guys!

    How are you doing? I’m fine exept that I am angry about the fact that we will never see the past of Toko and Tsukumo in the manga ! I am really really disappointed!!! Odagiri says that the past of the two will only be revealed in the theatre performance! That’s so unfair because almost everyone of the guardians had their spotlight,  Hotsuma and Shusei & Senshiro and Kuroto! We already know lots of them and now in volume 11, which I did read a few minutes ago, the focus stays at Hotsuma and Shusei AGAIN! Toko and Tsukumo are like side characters for me -.- Out of all the other guardians except Sairi and Ria they are only neglected since the very begining although these two are the FIRST who interacts with Yuki >.<!!! I can’t understand it!

    Please DON’T misunderstand me! I love all the characters in Uragiri but I hardly understand why Odagiri gives so much focus on all Boy x Boy teams instead of the Boy x Girl teams like Toko x Tsukumo or Ria x Sairi! It is always Shusei there, Kuroto here or the other way around with Hotsuma ( but he is so a damn hot!!!) or Senshiro! Odagiri stated in volume 11 that due to the lack of room in the manga the past of Toko x Tsukumo will be revealed in the third theatre performance BUT WHY ON EARTH is there NO room for their past but more than enough for Shusei x Hotsuma and Senshiro x Kuroto???????!!!! As the story continued there is barely a progression related to that fact!
    I was happy to know a little bit more about Toko’s feelings towards Tsukumo in volume 10 ^^ They are really cute together! I just want to know more about them not only in specials or theatre performances which I hardly will ever see -.-, but also in the manga! I want an arc that focuses more on the pair like Hotsuma x Shusei ( Volume 2-4, 9-11) and Senshiro x Kuroto ( Volume 5-7)! Both pairs have more than 2 moments where they declare their “love” for each other, I think you know what I mean 😉 Oh, I’m sorry! I forgot to mention Yuki and Luca! The two are really cute 😀 And I do understand why they get this much attention after all these two are the main characters and that’s good the way it is V.V

    But perhaps there is NO room for our beloved Toko x Tsukumo due to LOTS OF MOMENTS which belong to the other 2 guardian pairs?!
    I come to the point now: They are NOT lovers but partners who deeply care for each other and that’s the topic of Uragiri 🙂 That’s okay but the balance between the characters isn’t very well in my opinion… Indeed I know there are lots of fans of Hotsuma, Shusei, Senshiro, Kuroto, Luca, Yuki, Takashiro etc. But the focus is toooooo MUCH on them -.-

    The worse for me to come would be the neglect of the new pair: Sairi and Ria! I have the bad feeling it will come the way like Toko and Tsukumo… Moreover I have the feeling that Ria is suffering a little bit… She really “loves” Sairi but there is always some kind of despair or sadness around Ria T.T I don’t know why! Do you have the same feeling or am I the only one? Sairi x Ria is also very interesting for me ^^
    Until now, volume 11, we barely know anything of Ria except that she lost her partner but what is her power, what weapon does she cares around and what’s about her past? The only thing we know about the new pair is the past of Sairi, his power and his weapon… That’s all. And when I come to think about the first appearances of Hotsuma, Shusei, Toko, Tsukumo,  Senshiro and Kuroto we all did know quickly what’s their power and weapon 😉 I hardly can imagine an important role of Ria T.T I think she will be nothing but an important supporting character like Tsukumo and Toko -.- Sairi is more important and has something to do with Luca and Yuki as he behaves and acts around Yuki!
    One more I have noticed is the relationship between Ria and Sairi… He really likes Ria but I have the feeling it is not the “love” compared to Hotsuma x Shusei, Toko x Tsukumo, Luca x Yuki or Senshiro x Kuroto… There is a kind of distance or is it so due to the fact that they are partners since this life? He is more concerned about Yuki than Ria -.- That makes me sad for Ria because immediately I took her to my heart! She isn’t a diva but knows how to take advantage of her look and cute way! And she is not scared to take a look at the bath side of men XD Incredible tough- this girl ^_^

    I took more interest into these pairings instead of the others because I am mad, disappointed and kind of bored of too much focus on them except Yuki and Luca ^.^ I am really curious whether we are getting to see a kiss or at least a sweat and romantic moment between them when Yuki regains his lost memories!
    Hmm…. I think I am done now- for the moment XD I don’t know how it will be when volume 12 is coming out which will take lots of time again -.-

    Ah, I am feeling released and I have calm down ^^ It is good to write down all your sorrows or the things making you mad and disappointed at the same time like this with Toko and Tsukumo 😀
    Again: I LOVE ALL THE CHARACTERS OF URAGIRI!!! THEY ARE ALL DAMN HOT AND WERE WORKED OUT VERY WELL! ALL OF THEM, ALSO MASAMUNE AND TACHIBANA ♡.♡ But it getting on my nerves that the two Boy x Girl teams are neglected since the very begining or for Sairi x Ria since their first appearance in the manga -.- Will it change in the future?  What do think? I am not really optimistic about this… to be honest ^^”
    Please tell me your opinions! I am looking forward to it ;D
    Thank you for reading my very looong post ^.^

    See you!
    Lucy Harada

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