Thoughts on the Autumn Season

Or, I gas-bag about Togainu no Chi starting on the seventh paragraph.

Yeah, I couldn’t think of a way to start off at all.

So, I already did my preview for the coming season, but since then there have been some changes to the line-up of shows premiering, announcements as to licenses, and, on my own part, closer examinations of the shows that are set to air. And, for the most part, its been good news all around.

Firstly, though, the bad news – thus far, those titles set to stream legally with subtitles don’t look particularly good, with a few exceptions. Simulcasting will be: FORTUNE ARTERIAL Akai Yakusoku, Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai, Sora no Otoshimono Forte, Tegami Bachi REVERSE, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, and Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector, all of which will appear on Crunchyroll. And since Funimation has gotten into the simulcast business, and it also currently has the licensing rights to To Aru Majutsu no Index, perhaps the sequel to that will see a simulcast as well. But, since nothing’s been said yet, and the first season remains without a release date, I’m not going to hold my breath.

In my case, the fate of Index II vis-a-vis streaming is a bit of a moot point, though, as I never finished the first season – much to my chagrin, I will emphasize. I’ve heard complaints about there being a lot of talking in the show, lots of people explaining things and not ‘enough’ action. Since I thoroughly enjoyed the two episodes of Mouryou no Hako where they sat in a room and talked, this kind of thing doesn’t bother me on the face of it… it just has to be interesting, that’s all I ask. If it is the verbal equivalent of watching paint peel, well, then all bets are off.

Remember how I said ‘few exceptions’ merely a paragraph ago? Ha, yeah, make that one – the odd-looking Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. Fortune Arterial looks like yet another bland harem show, I didn’t have any interest in the first season of the sleazy-looking Sora no Otoshimono, Letter Bee’s first season struck me as very stuck on itself, and anything with a title like ‘Super Robot Wars’ has very little chance of catching my attention. As for The World God Only Knows… ugh. I checked out the manga. Wow, wonderful – a guy who uses the same approach on ‘real’ girls as he does on those in his eroge. And bitches about real girls having the gall to actually be human. Sounds like such a winner.

But, hey, that’s only what is getting subbed and streamed; there are many shows airing this season, and there are some pretty solid-looking ones to be found.

In addition to the shows I mentioned in my preview, Yumeiro Patissiere has gotten re-upped for a second season, Yumeiro Patissiere SP Professional. More details are set to come out on September 26th. If there are any more shows Crunchyroll is planning to pick up for this season, here it is – they had the first series, and from what I can tell, it proved to be fairly popular amongst users. It seems a fairly low-risk investment to me given that prior history. I do hope it gets picked up by them, as I am a bit skeptical as to how popular it would prove to be amongst fansubbers, particularly in such a crowded field.

Now, I didn’t mention Togainu no Chi at all. To be honest, I thought it looked kind of like a Gantz re-tread when I glanced over its details, admittedly maybe only superficially so – guys! Fighting each other! Being violent! Blood! VIOLENCE! MENNNNN!!!! However, it has since come to my attention that it actually hails from the BL game sector. Well! Now I’ve got a reason to check it out! Because I certainly fall into that segment of female fans who loves some blood and guts in their romance. There is absolutely no reason else that I would’ve checked out Hakuouki when it aired.

Speaking of Hakuouki – really? A sequel? Damn. Too bad the heroine was just so lame… man, guess that makes Hakuouki basically the perfect reverse harem show – I mean, milquetoast female lead, that syncs up pretty well with about 90% of harem shows.

By the way – fujoshi like me are the only reason that something like IzayaxShizuo has a fandom of such mass and power that it could fuel a white dwarf for about ten years. Although I would hazard that most of us would agree that there really is absolutely no logical way to actually make that one work. Anyone drawing doujinshi with those two holding hands and exchanging flowers is beyond delusional.

But, yeah, Togainu no Chi. Can I start whining about Wild Adapter getting re-serialized now? On a more serious note, though, although my BL soul thrills to the notion, they’re probably going to do to this what they do to all BL adaptations – tone it the fuck down. Since this is clearly the way to get eyeballs on the prize, since obviously a half-million guys haven’t already jumped up and down and shrilly declared that they will not touch this with a ten foot pole because, dear lord, it comes from THE GAY.

Speaking of fujoshi, though, how could a person not be excited about Kuragehime? I am personally looking forward to seeing degenerate female otaku being portrayed on the screen. Women are fully capable of being total losers, too! They are also still fully human while being total losers (I’m looking at you, male mockers of the hardcore female anime fan)! Rise up, rise up! FEAR OUR DEGENERACY!

…oh, wait. They already do. That’s why you see guys saying ‘3DPD’ in reference to real life women and girls. The whole ‘free will’ thing is kind of frightening, huh? The same also applies to nasty depictions of female fans who don’t adhere to the expectations and idealizations of male fans. The ladies aren’t allowed into the club unless they’re cute and weigh less than one hundred fifteen pounds with tits making up about 30% of that total. Nice one.

But enough about that. Most of the folks drifting around the aniblogosphere are actually decent individuals.

I also enjoy the fact that Kuragehime is essentially turning the whole ‘garden of maidens’ stereotype of all-female environments on their head. I really do hope it runs with it full speed. It may come as a bit of a shock, but when left to our own devices we do not strip to our underwear and practice kissing while having boob-size contests. Alternately, we don’t walk slowly, talk softly, and avoid ever speaking of carnal things. I will admit, though, that it’d be kind of hysterical if real-life were like Strawberry Panic.

Of course, that Kuragehime is about adults alone puts it leagues ahead of much of the stuff this go-round. Which isn’t to say that shows featuring younger characters are necessarily worse than those featuring adults, just that at this point I’ve got a preference for those with adults.

But, honestly, I must confess that at this point I think Togainu no Chi has managed to become my most-anticipated show. It better be pretty fucking violent and have some diehard homoeroticism. I want to see some guys beat the shit out of each other and then make-out. Now that’s hot. And that it is airing at o’dark-hundred makes me think I might even get the chance to see just that.

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6 Responses to Thoughts on the Autumn Season

  1. vucubcaquix says:

    I was going to comment on how weird that is, but then I took a moment and thought about it.

    Two girls, beating the stuffing out of each other, then making out. Yep, hot.

    I understand you and support you fully.

  2. Aorii says:

    “Blood! VIOLENCE! MENNNNN!!!! …I want to see some guys beat the shit out of each other and then make-out. Now that’s hot”
    oh gawds I loled xD sounds exactly like one of my friends

    “The ladies aren’t allowed into the club unless they’re cute and weigh less than one hundred fifteen pounds with tits making up about 30% of that total. Nice one.”
    I actually haven’t heard of any anime clubs like that yet (and my high school anime buddies share our stories pretty often), but ewwwww otaku hypocrisy >.> I guess it certainly happens enough to make this believable.

    but yeah, finally a show about fujoshi (although stuff like Genshiken did their fair share of it)— now if only I knew exactly what’s in it xD

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Oh, I didn’t mean any anime clubs in particular, just the anime scene carte blanche. I’ve heard too many male fans bitching about unattractive female ones… and usually the ones doing the bitching are no prizes themselves. *eyeroll*

      Genshiken did a great job of humanizing the fujoshi. Kuragehime will have fujoshi, but I think it’ll have a bunch of other social rejects. I’m just excited about the whole prospect of seeing loser female fans on parade since we see loser male fans on parade so much more (Welcome to the NHK, CHAOS;HEAD, etc.).

      But, yeah, even so, all that violence and BL has proved to be a more convincing siren song to me at the moment.

  3. Shinmaru says:

    I’ve actually been looking forward to Togainu no Chi, BL or not. I have a friend who loves the game, and she very rarely steers me wrong, so I’m hopeful about the show!

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