Shiki Withdrawal Report, Week Two

I need Shiki like the damn vampires need blood.

I wonder if this means I can finally get away with biting the neighbors…?

By the way, the above picture is so odd to me, as Sunako looks to have been aged by about five years while Muroi simultaneously has gotten smacked with the moe stick.

  1. continued to spend way too much time on 4ch /cm’s Shiki thread; continued to be visually assaulted by OzakixTatsumi pictures; gave up so as to avoid punching babies out of frustration
  2. tried to find my Vampire Princess Miyu TV DVD’s again… failed miserably
  3. looked at Vampire Knight manga at bookstore – there’s a vampire named Shiki in it! remembered that said vampire seemed vaguely homoerotic for a volume… and then was paired off with a girl; bought xxxHolic instead
  4. watched episode of ‘Vampire Diaries’; it was just as awful as expected
  5. re-watched first two volumes of ‘Bloodhound: The Vampire Gigolo’ – laughed so hard that I cried; didn’t feel creeped out or anxious at all
  6. checked Shiki section of again; flung self under table and cried for an hour
  7. quest for copy of Interview with the Vampire still a failure; picked up Rice’s Ramses, The Damned even though I knew it was about a mummy… vampires > mummies
  8. dug out old set of glow-in-the-dark fangs; scared small-ish children, but still felt the ache for Shiki
  9. braved library to get anthology of vampire stories; turned out to be children’s day… small children running all around my ankles as I tried desperately to not trip over them; book missing from shelf, child dropped lollipop on my shoe and it got stuck

I can only take so much!

Also: mummies. I have never understood them. What is so scary about a corpse wrapped in bandages? Zombies can bite you and turn you into a zombie, but mummies cannot. If you whack them with anything, they fall to dust!

Hmm, Togainu no Chi starts this Sunday. And apparently Aniplex USA is going to stream it subbed. Maybe it can help me feel less lonely without my Shiki. Uguu, it doesn’t actually start until October 7th… =(

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6 Responses to Shiki Withdrawal Report, Week Two

  1. Landon says:

    Hey now, the original Mummy movie from 30s was pretty cool. He was, like, an actual guy who used magic to control people’s mind and stuff like that. Little foggy on the details, but the whole “shamblinb toilet paper” cliche came about later.

    Still not cooler than vampires, but mummies deserve their props.

    And there’s always Let Me In which comes out this weekend if you need a vampire fix. It may be a remake of an awesome Swedish vampire movie, but word is it does the original justice for the most part. I know I’ll be getting my vamp fix with it this weekend.

    • adaywithoutme says:

      I really enjoyed the original version of Let Me In, the title of which was Let the Right One In. As such, I’ll admit to being a bit on the suspicious side in regards to the remake. I suppose I mainly don’t see the reason for re-making it, as it could’ve simply been dubbed into English… but it seems that fresh ideas are just something American movies don’t really do any more. I may still check it out, but I highly recommend that you watch the original.

      There was also a cartoon in the 90’s called ‘Mummies Alive!’ which had mummies that went beyond the whole ‘shuffling in rotted bandages’ thing. I don’t really recall anything of it beyond the theme music, though.

  2. If you haven’t read Carmilla (and I imagine you probably have), I recommend it!

    On the mummy question, one thing I like about mummies is their vengefulness: often in mummy stories the mummy has been disturbed and angered by thieves/archaeologists, and I think that sense of grievance can be fun. There’s probably some mileage to be had from simultaneously wanting and not wanting to know what’s under the bandages, too.

    • adaywithoutme says:

      I think that the idea of the mummy’s curse has more power these days than the actual mummy itself. People still talk about Tut’s Curse, but no one seems leery of Tut himself rising up and going on the prowl.

      I would also guess that the fading of Egyptology’s popularity from the general discourse (versus, say, in the Victorian era through the 1930’s or so) has also contributed to the decay of the fear mummies could inspire.

      I’ll admit that I always feel a bit disappointed in museums when I see that they have mummified human remains on display. Really? You couldn’t have just re-buried them or left them alone? How would you feel if someone dug up your body and put it under lights in a glass case?

  3. VucubCaquix says:

    Any plans to check out Let Me In? It’s been getting good reviews.

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Maybe. I don’t know, though. I really enjoyed the original, and generally I find re-makes to be fairly irritating. I just don’t see the point to having re-make it, honestly.

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