Togainu no Chi at a Glance

Because nothing beats watching hot guys beat the shit out each other in a homoerotic fashion.

I will preface everything with this: I really wanted to like Togainu no Chi. Although I really knew almost nothing about it prior to its appearance on the schedule for the autumn, I was wicked excited about it, as anime has been fairly bereft of BL as of late (Uraboku’s original manga may’ve been BL – and even calling the manga that is a stretch – but the adaptation certainly was not), and also because I enjoy violent BL. So something wherein the guys are all casting smoldering looks at each other in between knife fights? Sign me up!

As it turns out, the first episode of Togainu no Chi was uneven, but erring on the side of ‘could get better’. Honestly, the worst part of the first episode was the shade of red they decided to use for the blood – the blood here is so intensely colored that it practically looks radioactive, which really stripped any sense of seriousness from the proceedings toward the end of the episode. I will note that it worked fairly well right at the beginning as they had the panning shots of the ruined city, but when the guy was slashing people with the katana it merely inspired giggles and nothing more.

I also thought that the whole set-up was executed in a really silly manner. The whole thing just seemed so absurd – oh, the police think you killed this guy, but you didn’t, but we can get you off, if only you will agree to this one thing… That in and of itself was pretty cliched, but the kicker was why they want Akira involved in the fighting at all – to take down a pharmaceutical company. Uh, what? Illegal street-fighting in a lawless territory will somehow bring that about? Uhhh…. okay, sure it will. I think it would’ve been better, quite frankly, if they’d just started off with Akira fighting and not bothered explaining why he was involved from the start, but slowly revealed it as the show progressed. I suppose we’ll see why him winning will take down the bad guys, but I think they could’ve done it more effectively by not doing the silly intrigue at the start.

Anyway, once Akira actually got into Toshima to participate in the killing game, Igura, things did improve. Actually, whenever Akira was beating up people, things were much better than when the show was trying to be smart. The whole purpose of watching this show, really, is to just watch pretty boys kicking the crap out of each other and being homo-homo, so all the intrigue is just stupid window dressing. I’m not watching because I’m expecting an engaging plot or anything, and I will drop this damn thing if it tries to do that half-assed stuff again.

Hmm. I think the best way to put it is – if you like this sort of thing, you will probably like Togainu no Chi. But if you don’t, you probably won’t. I know that’s a pretty cliche thing to say, but its really true of this thing. The animation isn’t great, a lot of it so far is kind of silly, and the music leaves a bit to be desired, but if you’re desperately wishing for the day Wild Adapter gets resumed, this’ll probably help tide you over until then.

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4 Responses to Togainu no Chi at a Glance

  1. kluxorious says:

    You have to read the manga to get the feel of the first episode. It wasn’t abrupt at all. You have to know that the world they live in are pretty much fucked up. All the authority can do whatever the fuck they want. Everyone is corrupt to a certain point. No one can be trusted. Hence the police. And Vischio as a pharmaceutical company is nothing but lies.

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Yeah, but the ability to enjoy an anime shouldn’t be contingent on having read the manga.

  2. Dagger says:

    Something got a little lost in translation there, haha. It’s a narcotics syndicate, not a pharmaceutical company. XD

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Thanks for clarifying; the fansub I watched of it translated it as such. Makes more sense now =)

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