Shiki Episode Thirteen

Lucky thirteen.

Haha, yeah, but apparently not for Natsuno.

So we got some more of our doctor and priest once again, for which I was thankful. And some more people got bitten, and Natsuno died. Meanwhile, Natsuno’s mother has either run off or been hypnotized by the vamps to go off somewhere where they can gnaw on her neck in peace. Honestly, it’s probably the latter, but it’d be an interesting turn of events, given that this hasn’t happened before. Perhaps its since Natsuno’s dad couldn’t even be bothered to notice that his wife was acting kind of funny and looking pale lately? Talk about a character who needs to get bitten and fast.

I don’t have a lot of substance to say about this episode. I did notice something when watching the new OP this time that I hadn’t the first – Mr. Kirishiki is shown in it with the human characters, even though his wife and Sunako are both shown with the vampires. The theory about him actually being human himself seems more likely than ever based on that (along with previous items such as his possession of a pulse).

Speaking of Sunako, she was strangely absent this time around. Too bad, I love her interactions with Muroi.

Oh, and those of you pulling for MuroixOzaki will probably be happy with their palpably awkward interaction, along with the fact that neither of them seems particularly happy about their distance with one another, although Muroi seems incapable of changing that and Ozaki is more focused on other things… like Kyouko being bitten. Things do not look good for the poor woman, since Ozaki is carefully preserving her corpse.

Speaking of BL, Tohru cried some more when he finished off Natsuno. Natsuno also thought some more about hoping Tohru would change his mind and not bite him. Which will probably make someone happy. I just wish Tohru would stop crying, its getting really fucking annoying.

I can’t decide if I hate Megumi or not. She’s gotten so incredibly unpleasant… but I actually like that, in a way. If Tohru is making us feel sympathetic to the vampires, Megumi is doing an excellent job of reminding us of all the reasons why we shouldn’t be feeling that way.

Anyway, next week we’ll get to see if Natsuno died for real or not. He’s being taken care of by the new funeral home, which makes sense since his dad is all anti-religion. The funeral home itself is probably operated by the Kirishikis; they apparently not only want to chow down on everyone, but would like to make some money off of the enterprise as well. Remember, too, that they have opened a clinic in Sotoba.

Everyone is doomed, doomed! I’m actually curious about how this will be handled, though, as, well, having everyone just get killed seems a bit anti-climactic. On the other hand, I don’t think that getting rid of the vampires at this point would really constitute a happy ending given how many folks have croaked so far, and the ones who have become vampires. To get rid of the problem, they’d have to kill all of the vampires, and we’ve gotten to know enough of them that a few of them would be disappointing to lose (Tohru, Sunako). No happy endings! Woohoo!

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    its a sick anime.
    man wanna join anime720 as an author/writer?
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