Shiki Episode Fourteen

The… blood… hits the fan.

Well, or the doctor.

Ozaki finally lost his shit this week, experimenting upon his risen wife and finally pounding a stake through her heart in his attempts to learn more about the shiki. In a show that has been fairly consistently creepy since about episode four or so, this episode was downright horrific. Ozaki’s wife, Kyouko, is terrified as her husband cuts into her, injects her with various drugs and chemicals, and then finally stakes her. It was one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve watched in a while. It is also suggested to us that Ozaki did actually love his wife… right before he straps her down and whips out the surgical tools. The brutality was all the more jarring since Shiki, despite drowning in bodies, has been a show with almost no violence at all.

And guess who ends up walking in after Ozaki’s done this? Duh, Muroi. And Muroi is completely horrified. Ozaki merely turns to him, his face and clothes smeared with blood, and remarks that he’s shown up in a pretty timely fashion, as he can now help with the clean up.

Meanwhile, there’s some suggestion floating about that Natsuno might be dead. However, there’s been no confirmation, so I’m not going to count him out quite yet, especially since he is shown in the ED animation. It would’ve been very easy to have an ED in which his absence wouldn’t be noticed (the first ED just showed Sunako just walking around, after all). On the other hand, it could just be obfuscation. I have yet to be convinced, though, even though Megumi was told that since Natsuno came from the city he was probably cremated. I anticipate that we may see Megumi hunting around for Natsuno in the next episode, although the Hulu stream doesn’t show the next episode preview. I was actually a bit surprised she hadn’t started trending that way in the episode itself.

Speaking of Megumi, I loved watching her smack Masao around. Geez. Masao is so fucking annoying. I dislike him so strongly that I was even willing to overlook the fact that the slapstick-ish nature of her beating up of him was pretty out of step with what this show has been thus far.

And, speaking of Masao, we also learned that apparently there are shiki who are incapable of hunting independently and must be provided for by other of the vampires. There are hunts conducted in the city to snatch away people to feed folks like Masao with. This is an interesting tidbit, as I would’ve assumed that shiki who couldn’t hunt would just get purged by Tatsumi. After all, what use is a vampire who can’t/won’t hunt?

Kaori and Akira’s dad died, and a member of the presumed-vampire clinic showed up to take a look at him. Congrats! Your house is now officially unsafe, kiddies. P.S. Megumi hates your guts, Kaori. Have fun!

Before happening upon Ozaki’s room of horror, Muroi thinks about how when he was a kid he told Ozaki that they didn’t just exist to carry on their family lines and business, and reflects on how it was a lot more complicated than that after all. The upshot is that he doesn’t want to disappoint the villagers by leaving, thus ensuring that he is doomed! Of course, an acceptance of doom by a suicidal man isn’t exactly, um, earth-shattering.

Although Ozaki’s experiments upon his wife are pretty stomach-churning, we do learn that shiki can be warded off with religious artifacts. They will also die if you stab them in the heart. Ozaki guesses that cutting off their heads should work, too, although simply destroying their brain won’t (he sticks a huge needle in Kyouko’s ear and rattles it around her skull to check that one out). He doesn’t try fire at all, which, honestly is the first thing I’d probably have opted for.

So, important points to take away from the episode:

  • shiki are scared of religious objects, and can be killed by having their hearts destroyed
  • Natsuno’s fate is still unclear, as he may or may not have been cremated
  • Ozaki’s completely lost his shit
  • not all shiki are capable of hunting for themselves
  • Mrs. Kirishiki is Lady Gaga:

I look forward to next week and seeing more of Muroi’s reaction to Ozaki’s dissection of Kyouko. I’m hoping that we get some intense angst in the form of Muroi remaining totally repulsed but helping Ozaki deal with the mess anyway and then trying to keep it hushed up. The other option being that the pair are driven even further apart.

Speaking of Muroi, I also would still really like some more backstory on him. Like, oh, I dunno, why he tried to kill himself once. At the same time, I don’t think that that is a direction Shiki is interested in exploring, given the fact that the characters in general have gotten very little development in terms of history at all. Natsuno is the closest we’ve gotten, with his rant about his hippie-dippie parents and how they had him in college and were all counter-cultural in the way they went about everything.

I will close in mentioning that one of the nurse’s disappeared this week. We haven’t had very much of this type of death of villagers – Natsuno’s mum “ran” off, and Ikumi presumably was killed when she was lured away by a shiki claiming her family was being attacked. This, in fact, is the first time someone’s commented upon a person simply vanishing (other than the families moving out suddenly – but all together, which doesn’t look as suspicious and doesn’t leave anyone from the family to call up others looking for the missing family member). I’m thinking this is when the vampires start to pull this sort of thing to entertain themselves – not only are the villagers going to be their food, but they’re going to be their entertainment, too. Puts a whole new spin on the concept of dinner theater.

EDIT: Ok, I went onto the website for Shiki and found they’d already posted the next episode preview. Natsuno shows up undead in it, and it seems that Muroi walks out on Ozaki after finding him in the operating room. Ozaki looks like he is going to get a bit introspective about his wife. It also looks like Muroi is going to try to kill himself again. My prediction is that Ozaki intervenes. And we may actually get some back-story, after all! I am now officially in freak-out mode until episode fifteen airs next week.

EDIT #2: Can you hear that sound? That’s the sound of my inner BL fan finally grinding its gears into action for a fanfic! Maybe! More likely now than ever! Oh, and I watched Kuragehime after I watched this to get the creeps out of my system. I will now follow that up with watching… The Mist. Since apparently Kuragehime washed all the creepiness out of my system so thoroughly that I need to re-inject them RIGHT BEFORE I turn the lights off to go to sleep.

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11 Responses to Shiki Episode Fourteen

  1. nazarielle says:

    Speaking of Megumi, I loved watching her smack Masao around.

    It’s an animated gif waiting to happen. And it was a long time coming to Masao. Ironically, I was just talking to my friend not two days ago about how we haven’t seen Masao at all for like two months. And then he shows up to get a beatdown. Sweet justice.

    He doesn’t try fire at all, which, honestly is the first thing I’d probably have opted for.

    Same. And you seem to see this with zombie related stuff too. Fire is the first thing I’d use, but characters just love winding up the baseball bat or the machine gun and mowing them down. Needs more Flamethrowers of Doom.

    It also looks like Muroi is going to try to kill himself again.

    Ugh, I hope he isn’t going to try to go with the wrists again. Not only is it incredibly ineffective, but it just creeps me the fuck out. I could barely watch the dissection part of this episode, I hope next episode doesn’t make me even more queasy. Yeah, I’m a wuss so what wanna fight about it?

    Oh and Natsuno’s dad seemed like he’d be bitten by the shiki as well, so I’m guessing they used their power of suggestion on him to force him not to cremate Natsuno’s body. Although I was pretty sure that the whole cremation thing was just a red herring. Natsuno’s the closest we’ve gotten to a main character besides maybe Ozaki. He’s gotten the most ‘development’ if you can call it that, as well as backstory, so I think he’s got plot armor at this point. Well, at least, undead vampire plot armor, for now.

    I really hope they don’t pull more cliffhanger bait and switch though. We’ve had multiple cliffhanger endings where the very next episode focuses on an entirely different subject and never resolves the cliffhanger. For example, as you mentioned, Ikumi was lured off by a shiki, which was a somewhat decent cliffhanger, but we haven’t heard a word about her, dead or alive. There’s also quite a few cliffhangers just in this one episode. First there’s the obvious Muroi and Ozaki confrontation, then Kaori’s family with the shiki doctor invading, and also Lady Gaga coming to visit that crazy dude’s family.

    Wow apparently I’m all tl;dr tonight.

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Well, I’m not really drawing the idea of fire from zombie stuff, but from other vampire stuff (in particular, Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles). There’s also the fact that Ozaki knows that sunlight hurts the vampires, so it would seem logical to then try direct flame.

      Unfortunately for you, if Muroi does attempt suicide again next week, he’s after the wrists once again. There was a shot in the preview of him looking at the scar, and then of blood splashing across one of the pages he was writing on this week. It is possible he’s just flashing back to when he tried the first time, although I doubt it.

      I’m not sure if Natsuno’s dad was bitten or if he’s just lost it, too. I’m personally leaning more toward him having gone nuts.

      Actually, in the novel Natsuno’s plot armor was totally ineffective, as he doesn’t become a shiki. Granted, the novel had a lot more development for a few other characters as well, so killing him wasn’t troublesome.

      I don’t think next week will pull the bait-and-switch, since the preview is very heavily based around Muroi and Ozaki.

  2. VucubCaquix says:

    Oh you! Reading your Shiki posts are one of the highlights of the season for me. Your enthusiasm for it is infectious.

    And I also decided to watch Kuragehime after Shiki, because goddamn!

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Well, I’m glad to hear you enjoy my posts on it so much =) I originally ceased episodic blogging because it just wasn’t very fun, but I really enjoy babbling about Shiki on a weekly basis.

      Kuragehime made me laugh so much this week… exactly what I needed after this episode of Shiki! Well, y’know, except for Lady Gaga’s brief cameo – I did laugh at that.

  3. Caraniel says:

    I think it was required to watch Kuragehime immediately after this episode of Shiki! Dear god, if last week was bleak, this week took a decidedly distrubing turn. Not only was the dissection chilling, but we were also forced to watch that head nurse walk about in sheer lingerie! EYE BLEACH NOW!

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Aww, I didn’t mind the head nurse in lingerie, I actually kind of smiled about that since heavier characters in anime usually don’t get treated in such a humane manner.

      I think Kuragehime may be required watching for everyone after watching Shiki these days. Perhaps this was a conscious decision on noitaminA’s part for scheduling purposes.

    • VucubCaquix says:

      Way to talk smack about my waifu, Cara!

  4. Envy says:

    I presume we met Yubie this episode the shiki co commander along with Tatsumi

  5. Envy says:

    ok we do meet meet Yubie she is the Shiki’s boss along with Tatsumi and acording to Toharu can be even scarier then Tatsumi

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Well, we do meet her, but there is very little indication in the episode of her status within the group… there is the impression given that she does have some power over the other shiki, but nothing is ever said directly.

  6. Shinmaru says:

    This is the closest anime has been to being legitimately terrifying, in my experience. Shiki hit a god damn grand slam with the experiments sequence. Jesus.

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