The Sins of the Daughter

Some more Shiki speculation.

Look at that beautiful alliteration right there.

Because I’m obsessive about Shiki at this point, bordering on unhealthily so, I’ve been mulling over a few things since I watched episode fourteen last Thursday. Although most of my thinking was centered around our favorite suicidal Buddhist priest, since that’s just the way I roll, a thought began to pick at me slightly – if the Kirishiki are the overlords of the servants they brought with them and the vampires they have created since arriving in Sotoba, how did they become shiki in the first place? Which one of them was the first?

I’m operating, at this point, under the notion that Mr. Kirishiki is a human, not a vampire. I base this solely on his appearance amongst the humans in the current OP animation, as both his daughter and wife appear with the other vampires. I am no, however, basing this on Ozaki’s observation of a pulse in him, because I’m not convinced that Ozaki would’ve said he lacked a pulse even if he did lack a pulse. So, Mr. Kirishiki = human, Sunako and Mrs. = shiki.

So, moving from that point, we’ve got Sunako, Mrs. Kirishiki, and the servants. I think the servants (Tatsumi and Yubie) very likely are early victims of the family who happened to possess the traits of the shiki who can go out in the daytime unharmed, and so were brought along because of their usefulness. I think it is possible that Tatsumi and Yubie were servants of the Kirishiki prior to their vampirization, and that they are the only servants who came back amongst several. After all, the Kirishiki clearly possess a good deal of wealth, and Mr. Kirishiki isn’t that old, so this isn’t a case where it was accumulated over a good deal of time like you see in other vampire tales.

But, I’m not really overly interested in the servants or the genesis of the wealth of the Kirishiki. I want to know where it all started. And we have two candidates for that – Mrs. Kirishiki, and Sunako.

Quite simply, I think Sunako is where it started. I base this on the fact that Sunako figures very centrally in the new OP, and did so in the previous one as well. I also base it on the fact that Sunako is the vampire we know the most about (excepting those who started out as humans and then became shiki), having spent so much time with her while she talked with Muroi (I miss these conversations, by the way). Of the Kirishiki and their servants, she has been the most humanized.

Speaking of her conversations with Muroi, this brings up another relevant point – Sunako considers herself both damned and also deserving of such damnation. Why? We haven’t seen her bite anyone; she backed down from biting Muroi, and she’s only been depicted drinking blood from wine glasses. Yet Sunako verbalizes the idea of herself as not qualifying as an innocent.

My theory is that Sunako was the first one of the Kirishiki to be bitten. In fact, I think she is the only one who was ever bitten by an outsider. Consider the way the shiki are after they first rise up – they’re confused, and they don’t know what is going on, although they do know they are hungry. So Sunako dies, and rises up, alone. She’s frightened. Where do you think a frightened little girl goes? To find her mother. But if she does go to find her mother, then who becomes the most likely to get bitten next? Her mother.

So Sunako rises up, is scared, looks for her mother, and then bites her. She doesn’t exactly understand why she does that, she just does. And it doesn’t matter how much she loves her – witness Tohru’s behavior, after all, or Mao’s with her family members. So, Sunako ends up making her own mother a shiki.

Mr. Kirishiki isn’t a stupid man. He probably catches on pretty quickly to what is happening – after all, both his wife and daughter have now both died and returned from the dead. So he manages to avoid becoming a victim himself, and while his family gnaws on all the servants and neighbors, he comes up with a plan for how to deal with it all – and, ta da! Sotoba. (Thanks, Muroi!)

Of course, this is all conjecture. The central thing I’m convinced of, though, is that Sunako is where it all started for the Kirishiki, and for Sotoba as well. Mrs. Kirishiki just hasn’t played much of a role, so I find it hard to believe that she’s the progenitor.

We can actually return to Abel and Cain once again in this. With Cain as the original father of all vampires, we can see how Sunako would identify with Cain as opposed to Abel (as Muroi posits his Abel figure as the father of all vampires instead of Cain) – she would be the mother of all the vampires in her situation, passing the curse along to others and thus deepening her own damnation.

Anyway, to get back to what has become one of my favorite topics ever, Muroi. After watching the next-episode preview for next week somewhere north of 800,000 times, I’m thinking he doesn’t actually attempt suicide again. He just seems too angry when he’s walking away from the clinic in the clip. I think it is much more likely that the shot of him and blood on a writing page is a flashback to when he did try to kill himself. Next episode just looks like its going to be a whole lot of introspection on both Ozaki and Muroi’s parts. Which is great, since I really am interested in having a bit more backstory for both of them, and I’ve been very curious to know some more details about Muroi’s attempted suicide.

Muroi also looks as if he may get jolted into action for once. I could easily see him doing something well-meaning like trying to negotiate with the Kirishiki and ending up getting bitten because of it.

Oh, and I’m guessing Ozaki calls up the Kirishiki funeral home to take care of Kyouko, by the way, since, uh, he drove a stake through her heart. That would probably look fairly suspicious to the temple. Alternatively, Muroi may look pissed in the preview in part because he agrees to handle Kyouko’s burial because he cares about Ozaki even though he thinks he’s completely lost his mind.

I could probably speculate about all of this endlessly, for hours upon hours. But, I think I’ll end with this: HAHA EVERYONE IS DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMEEEEEDDDDDDDDDD

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5 Responses to The Sins of the Daughter

  1. Jo says:

    For me, I don’t think that Sunako is related to either the ‘mother’ or the ‘father’. It’s just seems like a set-up out of convenience, to travel as a family to prevent people from asking to many questions.
    When Sunako died, she would have been buried out somewhere far. So I doubt the first person she would run into would be her mother.
    You’re probably right about Sunako being first in the Kirishiki family, since she seems to be the head of the family (her being shown sitting at the head of the table).


  2. Envy says:

    you will find out about Chizuru and Sunako soon enough oh and Mr Kirishiki is human as can be

    just wait a bit and Chizuru will show a lot more personality

    yeah Yoshie (it that or Yubie i don’t know which) and Tatsumi are super shiki and according to Tatsumi there are only 4 or 5 of them in all Japan (he knows that there are some across the sea though just not how much of them there are)

  3. nazarielle says:

    I miss these conversations, by the way

    I do too. They’re very fun and interesting, but also decidedly creepy. After each of their conversations you’re left feeling like Sunako is the cat playing with her food, watching and waiting for a good time to finally pounce after all the enjoyment has been extracted from their encounter.

    I just realized this after you mentioned the servants: Sunako sits at the head of the table when we see them in their house (episode 12). Both of the servants you mentioned stand at the ready behind her, with her ‘parents’ as left and right hand. And I’m totally writing this before reading your entire post and maybe you get into that too. Ok good, you didn’t. Oh, Jo mentioned it in a comment above. Doh.

    I’m not entirely convinced that Mr. and Mrs. Kirishiki are Sunako’s true parents, but I dunno why. Probably totally wrong there, but for some reason I feel like she’s much older than them. I know it’s a rather tired cliche of vampire stories, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she is that 500 year old loli that a lot of vampire stories seem to have. Woops, and I feel like I’m stealing from Jo again :p I agree I feel like it’s just a fabricated family to keep up public appearances.

    Strangely enough, Mr. Kirishiki also has a glass of what appears to be the same substance in that scene in episode 12. That just raises even more questions about him. He’s a strange one indeed.

    • Envy says:

      Or maybe he was you know drinking wine and Sunako and Chizuru were drinking wine too (shiki can drink normal liquids just not normal food there is a pair of Shiki that love their boze)

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