Togainu no Chi: Crack for the People

But is it automatic?

Don’t mind me, I’m just on an REM kick again. I have several bands I really enjoy, but I’ll go through spots where I just want to listen to one of them… or, even worse, I just want to listen to ONE song over and over and over and over… Somehow I don’t go mad, I don’t know why not. You’d think repetition past a certain age does so.

Anyway, Togainu no Chi. What a piece of crap! It is a completely terrible show. I quite honestly cannot think of a single redeeming factor about it – the animation sucks, most of the characters designs are awful, the plot is incomprehensible, the blood looks like paint, the music is wholly forgettable… its just atrocious. There really is no other way to describe it.

And yet, I keep watching. And I’m loving it. Not just feeling mildly amused, not just enjoying it in a passing manner; no, I LOVE the damn thing. In fact, I have only one complaint: where’s the BL? The real BL? We’ve gotten some teasing behavior, but no more than that. This is based on an ergoe, folks! The only people who are going to watch it – especially if its this crappy! – are yaoi fans! Turn the sleaze up to twelve, please!

I also suspect that my above wishes will absolutely not in any way, shape, or form be honored.

This doesn’t bother me like it should or normally would. Because I’m actually enjoying this show even without any obvious BL, which is fairly surprising – I’d been anticipating the whole thing sucking monumentally, but had been also expecting to persist in viewing it only for the BL. Instead, I’ve been viewing it regardless of the BL factor, or lack thereof. I watch it every week with this stupid grin on my face. And I’m still grinning like an idiot after it ends, even though the preceding episode had no character or plot developments.

This show sucks! But it is also a fantastic demonstration of the kind of crap I love. Because it isn’t just mediocre, no, this show is like the 2008 Detroit Lions of anime. It doesn’t just suck, it does so in the mesmerizing way that a SyFy channel movie does. It is so devoid of anything good that this itself creates a good aspect in it – because, really, how is it even possible to completely flub everything? UraBoku had a good soundtrack and some solid minor characters, 11eyes had an interesting concept, Myself;Yourself had some good minor characters and nice artistry. They were all terrible, but they had some minor positive points.

Watching TnC is like watching a train crash. I just can’t look away. I hope it remains this shitty. I’ll be pretty disappointed if it doesn’t. Although it would be nice if they’d add some really sleazy BL stuff in, too, and not just with the feather boa guy and his room of sex slaves. The roof scene with Akira and the blonde kid in episode five was great, but some more cheesey dialogue and some groping would’ve been nice. If you’re gonna be crappy, may as well throw all caution to the wind.

If I had to describe TnC in a sentence or phrase, I’d say that it is the anime equivalent of a twelve year old’s fanfic, but you can’t see all the grammar problems and spelling errors. I hope it gets a second season.

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13 Responses to Togainu no Chi: Crack for the People

  1. Scamp says:

    I wish I had this. This capability to extract enjoyment from crap. The ability to laugh at how utterly terrible something is and derive satisfaction from it’s failings. But I just can’t. The concept is one that remains out of my grasp. I can’t even summon the enthusiasm to have a good rant about how bad they are. Terribleness sucks my enthusiasm

  2. Caraniel says:

    THIS! This is it exactly! I was having trouble figuring out just why I was getting any kind of enjoyment out of Togainu no Chi, you’ve definitely hit the nail on the head here. The show is all kinds of terrible – its amazing how utterly awful it is……but I’m still loving it for some weird reason šŸ˜†

    Also completely agree that they should just go nuts and fire in all sorts of smut šŸ˜†

    • adaywithoutme says:

      When I look at how smutty Junjou Romantica was, which had some pretension towards seriousness/legitimacy, and I contrast it with THIS which was based on an EROGE I am BAFFLED.

      I would now like to note that I didn’t really like Junjou Romantica that much… if it had had more of a focus on the Egoist and Terrorist storylines, I would’ve liked it a lot more.

      Maybe we should start a bad BL appreciation group. Or a loser BL fan support group. One of the two.

      • Caraniel says:

        Bad BL needs love too!

        I what the Togainu no Chi anime folks did was remove all the smut to try and attract people outside of the BL fanbase…….which was incredibily stupid since its blatantly obvious the series is meant to be stuffed full of BL smut!

        I liked Junjou Romantica a lot, but definitely agree it would have been better if the other two couples had a bit more focus. The Romantica couple were the dullest of the three.

  3. kluxorious says:

    Only BL fans will appreciate this show. I feel the same way about it.

    • Caraniel says:

      BL fans will take whatever is thrown at us…….there are so few BL series out there we can’t really be picky XD

      • adaywithoutme says:

        Although I will admit that I’m disappointed with the lack of BL so far. While I had no intention to tune in in the first place until someone mentioned BL, I do think I would still be watching now even if there was absolutely NO hint of BL to the proceedings. Which doesn’t mean I wouldn’t mind any, mind you…

  4. Mystlord says:

    Lol unfortunately TnC had just too many levels of train crashy-ness to keep me watching (especially because time is precious now. FFffffuuuuu.) Anyway, what I really want to see is for the creators to go for the BL ending after all this. That’ll be hilarious to watch.

  5. Caddy C says:

    Agreed. They really need to up the BL factor, or I’m not going to continue. The only reason I stayed with UraBoku was Akira Ishida, and the Hotsuma/Shusei luvy-duvy stuff. I either need some plot development, some actual BL, or Ishida Akira. Otherwise, I’m gone. And that sucks, because I really want to have a new BL show to watch that’s actually good! Or at least mediocre!

    I’d also accept Kamiya Hiroshi at this point, or Tomokazu Sugita.

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Ugh, UraBoku, what a terrible waste of time. They really had a lot of potential there what with Yuki reincarnating as male – could’ve had some angsting over why he did, could’ve had some confusion on his part over his relationship with Zess or whatever the fuck his name “really” was upon discovering the nature of it and in light of his own sex-swap… but, nope, why do that? Argh.

      Meanwhile, Togainu no Chi had a pretty trashy premise from the outset, so… well, hey, its sucking, and that’s fine. But, yeah, its not for everyone, I’ll admit that. They could’ve at least had some light molestation in the last episode, tossed us sad BL fans a small bone….

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