All Aboard the S.S. Shuukimi!

All hands, prepare for ship-to-ship combat!

Friends, Romans, countrymen – lend me your ears! For today I must announce that the S.S. Shuukimi is in need of the willing and able to help defend itself against the dreaded S.S. Kurakimi!

It is now that we must stand up and defend our ship, defend it and its shining, double-virgin status against those who would have it sunk!

WE WANT YOU! to help aid us in this noble effort. The S.S. Shuukimi is also willing to accept the aid of the S.S. Hananosuke, although direct support to the S.S. Shuukimi is preferable.


ヤマモトヤスダ三世之介 Pixiv

Do it for the cherry boy! Do it for the virgins!!!:


this picture was shamelessly ripped off of THAT Anime Blog... and I don't even feel bad about it

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13 Responses to All Aboard the S.S. Shuukimi!

  1. Jo says:



    • adaywithoutme says:

      I would like to inform you that you have just hit one of our depth charges and there is now a hole in your hull.

  2. Midshipman ghostlightning reporting on deck!

    I present my veteran credentials in the horrifying Macross shipping wars since 1984. I request we form the Sound Force VF unit where we make everyone LISTEN TO OUR SONG.


  3. All hail ShuKimi! Death to the Kimi-Kura Bakufu!

    No need to even consider feeling bad about the image, as under the Shippers’ Lend-Lease Act we are glad to supply arms and provisions to all who answer the call of ShuKimi.

  4. Shance says:

    Flight officer Shance here! Requesting permission to let the cherry bombs rip!

  5. Shinmaru says:

    toot toot muthafuckas

  6. Piratejenny says:

    Already joined the ranks. 😉 :

    Seriously, I don;t crae HOW cool Kuranosuke is, Shuu won me over the second his cheeks went nuclear in episode 3. 😀

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