BL Watch Autumn 2010: The Second

That’s right, folks, its that time again!

Time to be reminded of how depraved Day is!

If you are unfamiliar with this, see here.

Again, here are the shows I’m watching this season:

  • Hetalia: World Series
  • Kuragehime
  • Otome Youkai Zakuro
  • Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
  • Shiki
  • Star Driver
  • Tamayura
  • Togainu no Chi
  • Yumeiro Patissiere SP Professional
  • Tantei Opera Milky Holmes

I dropped Yosuga no Sora since my last installment and picked up Milky Holmes. Milky Holmes hasn’t given me any BL thoughts yet, although its definitely pinged as having some yuri-ish elements. But, hey, this post isn’t about that, so who cares?

Again, not talking about Togainu no Chi since it is classified as BL and also avoiding Hetalia since it is basically one big BL tease.  YumePati SP Professional already set off my BL-dar, and so will also go unmentioned.

And we’re off!

Star Driver

Well, seems I finally caught up with a lot of other people in smelling some BL potential here! How slow was I versus others? Ok, you still watching it? Y’know that moment where Takuto smacks Sugata? Yep, right there. Right there! Obviously nothing says ‘hot BL potential!’ like someone slapping someone straight across the face. This is why shows like Togainu no Chi get made and people ship Izaya and Shizuo!


How Fast to BL?: 7 episodes


I’m actually a bit behind on this one in terms of reporting its sighting. BL first struck me when we (sort of) met the Koibuchi’s chauffeur. As Kuranosuke walked by him and Hanamori said something to him very nonchalantly (something like ‘have a nice day, young master’), this tiny little thing took root in my head – hey, that chauffeur has a nice voice, and, well, hmm…

It doesn’t really help now that I’m a Shuukimi shipper, as that increases my inclination to ship the two for convenience’s sake 😉 At the same time, it occurred to me WAY before I thought to ship Shuu and Tsukimi. I’m also willing to ship Shuu and Hanamori as well…

Yes, my ships are in direct collision with each other. Bite me. …but not if you’re a shiki.

How Fast to BL?: 2 episodes


Ok, this one I’ve already talked about (twice, in fact), but I just felt like mentioning it again. Although I’m much more a MuroixOzaki fan, its hard to ignore Tohru’s rabu-rabu routine vis-a-vis Natsuno. I mean, geez, how can anyone not slash the two? Tohru mentioning having a crush on Ritsuko about three hundred years ago seems like such a ‘cover our ass’ (LULZ, LULZ NOT INTENDED) moment now.

In all seriousness, Natsuno’s offer to Tohru, his plan for the two of them to run off together and just let Tohru feed on Natsuno and not kill anyone was… man. That was deep shit, man. Deep. I’d love to see someone do a fanfic or doujin of that. Although I’m also simultaneously concerned about the willingness to take that as BL as opposed to an intense friendship. But that kind of mulling over is another post entirely, so I’ll leave off here.

Speaking of which: does a ship get sunk when one of the members of it tells a third party to destroy all the members of the ship’s in-group, including the entire ship? HMM.

Psst… Shiki… gimme some more MuroixOzaki scraps, will you? Please? I’m even willing to accept just some Muroi angsting about Ozaki, honestly. Anything.

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11 Responses to BL Watch Autumn 2010: The Second

  1. nazarielle says:

    Yup, the BL is strong with Tohru~

    Yeah, we really haven’t had much more between Ozaki and Muroi, but I’m sure when they reconcile their differences your BL engine will kick into overdrive :p

  2. Caddy C says:

    YES! I’m SO glad someone else took immediate note of the chauffeur! Total ship for me, instantly. 🙂

    (Although Shuu and Tsukimi are totally cute and more of an actual ship, of course.)

    • adaywithoutme says:

      I’m so excited to hear that I was not the only one who thought to ship the chauffeur! His voice was hot (duh, Takehito Koyasu)! And… he’s a chauffeur! It seems like the sort of character that one should just automatically ship with one of the male characters…

      Shuukimi is freaking adorable.

  3. Caraniel says:

    Seven eps before BL in Star Driver? Wow, my inner fangirl had already paired Sugata & Takuto off during the promo’s! 😆

    Shiki has BL written all over it – we don’t even have to try to create ships in that show, it does so for us! Natsuno/Tohru is practically canon, but there is also a very strong Ozaki/Muroi vibe going on (which is much appreciated).

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Yeah, I was behind the curve on Star Driver apparently… oops.

      Shiki reminds me strongly of Nabari no Ou given how it basically slashes itself. I will now avoid making an extremely poor-in-taste joke about Muroi D=

      I personally prefer MuroixOzaki over TohruxNatsuno… I’m just more into adult pairings now than teenagers.

  4. Raph says:

    I somehow managed to see BL in Star Driver in its first episode. Not entirely sure whether to be proud or ashamed.

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Apparently this was actually pretty common and I was just totally out to lunch on this count. Oh well.

  5. Aorii says:

    I still can’t believe it took you that long for StarDriver xD
    Takuto and Sugata had been all over since the start and even the series itself decided to poke fun at it in ep1…
    I’m still not sure whichxwhich I find best yet though ^^;

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