The Continuing Adventures of Day in Loserdom

Or, ‘I Give Up, Part Two’.

So. Last week I fessed up to the fact that I am a total lame-ass and have a mad crush on an anime character. Given that this clearly is setting me up for a life of dating sims and affairs/marriages with dakikamura, I figured it was best if I maybe did a trial run of going on a date with a pillow, so that when my future does come true I will be comfortable with it. Practice makes perfect! Even with pillows!

Of course, my first stumbling block is the fact that I had a fear of pillows for most of my childhood. Long story short, I almost suffocated as a child due to pillows.

Yes, really.

So, there was this lingering unease regarding pillows. I use them now, yes, but, well, they just kind of sit above my head as my face is flat on the mattress and I’m drooling all over the place (except for on the pillow). So I realized that this could also impede my ability to date a dakikamura in addition to the fact that I would probably feel a bit out-of-place during the initial dating period before I could progress to such fun things as going dancing or renting a room in a hotel with my dakikamura. And, well, that’s normal, isn’t it? First dates are always awkward! Practice helps! As does alcohol!

Anyway, so I set out with one of my regular pillows. Seemed like a good first step. I got out one of my nicest pillow cases, ironed it, and dressed up my pillow in it, all fancy so we could go in good places if I wanted to. I even got a little bit dressed up, too – nothing too nice, just wore my nicest thigh-highs with my nicest shorts and a cute blazer. Wanted to look good for my trial run!

So we went to the park and looked at the swans. We also went on the carousel, which was quite nice, and we were able to get a two-for-one deal since the woman didn’t seem to understand that Pillow-kyun was on a date with me. We got some ice cream after that and walked around a bit, because I’m a bad kid and eat my dessert before my dinner quite often.

After that, we went to a restaurant. Pillow-kyun sat across from me. I ordered for Pillow-kyun, since no one else can hear Pillow-kyun when Pillow-kyun talks for some reason =( But the waitress put all the food in front of me… and I just couldn’t manage to tell her that some of it was for Pillow-kyun and that we were on a date. I was so ashamed with my inability to tell her that. I was also a bit ashamed since part of the problem was that I thought that the waitress was cute. I was already betraying Pillow-kyun! Clearly I need to practice some more.

This week is Thanksgiving, so I probably won’t have much time, but I’m going to ask Pillow-kyun if we can go out to watch a hockey game or basketball game in a sports’ bar over the weekend. I may even go visit my cousin at their school and go see a hockey game there, practice introducing Pillow-kyun to a family member. I want my family to love and accept me no matter what, although I understand it may be hard for them to accept that their Day is a loser who is in love with 2D characters and dates dakikamura.

In 2D news… I feel a bit badly for betraying my 2D love by going out with Pillow-kyun… but I have to start with a practice waifu/husbando/love of my life/girlfriend/boyfriend/itfriend/fling before I can move on to my true love. I hope that my 2D crush will be able to understand.

Assorted others:

  • FUCKING LEGENDARY BIRDS Zapdos is such a bitch!
  • more Shiki BL is in the works… I refuse to commit to whether its porn this time or not…
  • of relation to that, last night I was with friends and most of us were trying to fall asleep… except for one, who kept loudly babbling on and on about sex and some guy she has the hots for… I was annoyed because I was trying to fall asleep… and also because as I was trying to fall asleep I was brainstorming for my next Shiki fanfic…
  • Wallpaper Cosmic Power, Make Up!
  • the second episode of Maiden Rose was just as atrocious as the first… who the fuck watches this shit?
  • …I do
  • Twitter is still evil
  • eye-bleach time
  • Baka-RaptorxEli Manning BL is a no go
  • MOMONEKOSAMAAAAAAAAA~ go watch Tamayura, fuckers
  • song pick of the week here; makes me think of Shiki, kind of
  • layout to change after Thanksgiving… I love wintertime… but I actually kind of hate Christmas
  • ok, time to paint my toenails
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19 Responses to The Continuing Adventures of Day in Loserdom

  1. nazarielle says:

    I’ve tried to watch Tamayura a couple times but each time I pull it up I just kinda go ‘meh’ and turn it off and go do something else 😡 Which is weird cuz I tend to like relaxing slice-of-life genre shows.

    I love wintertime… but I actually kind of hate Christmas


    So who is this 2D crush? I don’t think you said in your last post. Or is that the point? :p

    (P.S. It’s dakimakura)

    • adaywithoutme says:

      The first episode of Tamayura is pretty dull, but the second one is quite good, so I recommend trying to get through it. Episode one is only about fifteen minutes long, so it isn’t too tough.

      Thank you for pointing that out; for some odd reason, the computer I used to post automatically corrects it to the mis-spelling =( I’ve got to fix it when I get back to my own computer.

  2. VucubCaquix says:

    If at first you feel uncomfortable being alone with your pillow, might I suggest a group date at first?

  3. Scamp says:

    but I actually kind of hate Christmas


    Christmas is the only holiday I give a shit about. Maybe because every single other day of celebration in Ireland revolves around consuming as much alcohol as possible.

    Birthday = Alcohol
    Wedding = Alcohol
    Funeral = Alcohol
    Halloween = Alcohol
    Easter = Chocolate (kinda like Easter actually)
    Our countries national holiday aka St.Paddys Day = Alcohol
    Weekend = Alcohol
    Weekday = Alcohol
    Days ending in Y = Alcohol

    You get kind of sick of it pretty quickly

    • adaywithoutme says:

      I was under the impression that boozing on St. Paddy’s Day was an American thing – am I correct in thinking this and then so the practice of doing so was imported to Ireland rather than from?

      I think we do booze for almost all of those days… Easter is similarly an exception. We also have these, amongst others:

      Football Game Day = alcohol
      NASCAR race = alcohol
      Super Bowl = alcohol

  4. Mystlord says:

    Clearly you need training in the ways of the 2D to 3D world. Might I suggest you first hold a ceremony for the first X weeks after your relationship started or something~

  5. Baka-Raptor says:

    Pics or it didn’t happen.

    Also, this is I Give Up Part III.

    Also, Eli had a hilarious game-losing fumble last night.

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Shush, you’re not supposed to point out that this is technically the third installment!

      Eli’s game-losing fumble wasn’t nearly as awesome as Peyton’s game-losing pick. That basically made my day.

      Although, really, everyone knows the best thing that day was Richard Seymour bitch-slapping Ben Rothelsberger.

  6. glothelegend says:

    “they just kind of sit above my head as my face is flat on the mattress”

    This is EXACTLY how I use pillows. This means that you are just as awesome as I am.

    You should have taken pictures to categorize this event…you know, to refer back to.

    Eli Manning sucks and I hope he gets hit with a bus. He is such a pussy it’s unbelievable. He blew the last two games. I could be a better QB than him. Fuckin A.

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Haha, Eli Manning sucks. I hate him so much. What a whiner. If I ever meet him, I’m gonna kick him in the teeth.

      I’ll have to take pics next time, I suppose.

  7. Shinmaru says:

    I spoke too soon about legendaries being easy to capture in HeartGold — the Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres were tough as hell to capture, yikes. So many restarts …

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Moltres wasn’t too bad in LeafGreen, but Articuno was a total bitch. Zapdos is shaping up to also be a total bitch. Fucking legendary birds!

  8. Yi says:

    Haha, good job. ^ ^
    I wonder if your parents would like pillow-kun.

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