Shiki Episode Eighteen

Why, hello there, beautiful!

I think it is worth noting that when I loaded this episode of Hulu, my heart-rate spiked, and my heart was racing for a good part of the episode. Haha, I’m such a cool person.

DAMN. There was so much good stuff in this episode. And I say that even as I am a bit unhappy with the turn of events – the tide seems to be turning in favor of the humans. But herein lies a problem – our core cast is almost entirely vampiric at this point. I don’t want everyone to die, but… dammit, everyone I like is a vampire!

Also, while the tide has turned, I am, at this point, very sympathetic to Chizuru. Her desires are pretty simple – she wants Sotoba to be a shiki town so that she can go out with friends and shop and have fun. Its such a simple wish; its really hard to begrudge her for it. She also wonders aloud if she misses being human. And she does seem to be having such a good time initially when she is out with the doctor and meeting people at the Kagura festival. When she gets trapped by the villagers and revealed for what she is, I felt terrible for her. We’ve seen her bite people, yes, but only Ozaki, and it was a very… well, she bit him because she’s a flirt, basically.

Anyway, as it turns out, perhaps Mr. Kirishiki really is her husband, but perhaps not in a legal sense. It seems Mrs. was alive during WWII, and her husband died in that war – a husband that was definitely not the current one. So Sunako picked her up quite a while ago.

Mr. Yuuki’s crazy scene was way more awesome than I ever could’ve anticipated. To say he is crazy would be to put it lightly, honestly – we’ve seen a few people lose their shit already, but he’s really taken the cake. I would’ve preferred to see some interaction between father and son, though, instead of Mr. Yuuki just trilling merrily (after fruitlessly stabbing Tatsumi), “Natsuno, I killed an okiagari~!!!” Either way, I personally like Mr. Yuuki a lot more now than I did when he was sane.

We also met back up with Ritsuko this episode. Her actions really confirmed that Ozaki should’ve confided in her about, oh, ten episodes ago. She’s so calm about it, checking her pulse and knowing that she needs to force herself to breathe to speak without even needing anyone to tell her. I can’t help but feel if Ritsuko had had the amount of evidence that Ozaki had she would’ve done something more useful than Ozaki has. I mean, great, Ozaki’s doing something now, but he could’ve saved a lot of lives had he acted sooner. But the truly intelligent and level-headed folks in Shiki just never had a chance I guess.

Ritsuko is probably going to die for real, though ;_; She told Tohru not to bring her anyone to feed from and said she has no intention to feed. With most characters, I would’ve given them five minutes, but I think Ritsuko could have the will to actually starve to death.

The moral of Shiki may actually be “Nurses are awesome”. They really do seem like the most competent folks in the entire show. Ozaki, you had several of these lovely ladies working for you… and you squandered it. Now the only one left alive is the lingerie nurse. Good going.

Also: for anyone keeping score at home, Ritsuko’s re-appearance seemed to be a moment for the writers to try to remind us that, once upon a time, Tohru said he had a crush on her, as Yoshie and Tohru are there when Ritsuko rises up. Yoshie tells Tohru to teach her the basics, gives him some clothes to give her, and teasingly tells him not to watch her. Given that Tohru’s been crying his stupid eyes out over biting/having to bite Natsuno and leaving flowers at his window for about eight hundred episodes, I’m calling a fail on this attempted reminder.

By the way, thinking on it, I’m not convinced that Ozaki’s plan to expose the shiki is actually going to work out all that well – its easy for the villagers to get angry and mob a shiki they didn’t know prior to death, but will they be willing to kill off their dead relatives and friends? Megumi’s parents are instrumental in helping to reveal that Mrs. Kirishiki has no pulse or heartbeat; they end up being that way because they become angry when they realize that Mrs. Kirishiki is the reason that their daughter is dead. So what happens when their undead daughter shows up? Ozaki may be willing to stake his wife, but how many people will feel the same?

Next episode preview hasn’t posted yet to the Shiki homepage, so all I can say is that I hope we see some of Muroi, who was entirely absent from this episode, and Sunako, who only appeared in a still shot. EDIT: Preview just went up. NOOOOO MUROI’S GOT CIRCLES UNDER HIS EYES, SUNAKO MUST BE FEEDING ON HIM! *cries* I guess he has to die if Ozaki doesn’t. There’s also a bunch of Megumi in the preview, she even looks kind of pensive in one shot, so we may get some more beyond her just being joyful about feeding on people and being mean to Masao. I think she may meet up with her parents.

New prediction for the series’ end if Muroi dies: a bunch of the shiki die, but not all of them – Sunako, Muroi, Megumi, Tohru, Natsuno, and maybe a few of the others survive, and go off elsewhere to live. So, Sotoba is saved, but some other place is, necessarily, about to be in deep shit. Kind of like how Jigoku Shoujo ended with the Hajime and Tsugumi basically not worrying about Jigoku Shoujo any more, even though she was obviously still out there (everything circles back to this…). Also reminiscent of how Vampire Knight Guilty ended with Yuuki leaving Zero behind, except in this case it’ll be a guy leaving a guy and all the romantic implications will come from viewers’ imaginations.

So… we’ve still got a catch-22 situation in terms of audience happiness with the outcome. Its bad if the shiki win and then eat Japan, but its bad if the humans win and all the characters I like die… at this point, I think I’m in favor of the shiki winning. The whole show has done such a good job of setting itself up for the despair ending, so I think I’d be unhappy with Sotoba not being annihilated. So it isn’t just a matter of characters in my case, either. But, hey, regardless of where it all ends up, I can still get that MuroixOzaki smut OVA, right? Right?

Ok, now its time for something that may squick some of you out. Those of you who are grossed out by anything/any humor involving menstrual periods… yeah, you can stop reading now. So, vampires need blood, right? Once a month, women and girls between the ages of about ten and forty-five bleed for a week! Why not use that to help feed the shiki?! As long as it doesn’t involve, y’know… biting. *shudders* Also: does a menstruating woman make a more tempting target for a vampire? After all, she would smell like blood – not enough for a person to notice necessarily, but certainly a vampire would (they’re like sharks, y’know?) (Public Service Announcement: Ladies, if you have your period, you should avoid going to the beach in areas where sharks have been known to swim – you will smell delicious to them.).

Yeah, that bit about the vampires and giving them menstrual blood? If I hadn’t thought of it myself, it would kind of gross me out, too.


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14 Responses to Shiki Episode Eighteen

  1. Gunslinger says:

    Reminds me of a vampire joke with a tampon tea bag

  2. Clinton says:

    Mr Yuuki is alive just crazy

    Tatsumi and Yoshie are huge douches even more so then they were they can live off normal food like Natsuno but instead they suck peoples blood and help the shiki’s kill people and they do it just because they like being faster and stronger then normal people

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Oh, I meant to type ‘when he was sane’. I don’t know why I put ‘when he was alive’ =( He goes outside during the day, after all, and he’s just very obviously not dead. Thanks for pointing it out, I went back and fixed it.

  3. Chronolynx says:

    Not sure if the menstrual blood thing would work. Some mythologies have it specifically as being “dead,” or something, and the blood needs to be fresh, I think. (But then other places it’s like super special awesome and stuff, so who knows?) But that’s enough about the nasty stuff.

  4. nazarielle says:

    I personally like Mr. Yuuki a lot more now than I did when he was sane.

    Me too! This totally insane “HAY LOOK I KILLED AN OKIAGARI AREN’T I GOOD SON?!” Mr. Yuuki is just hilarious.

    but I think Ritsuko could have the will to actually starve to death.

    Which brings up an interesting point, do they actually die when they don’t suck blood? We know they have an intense desire for blood that’s related to us as being a hunger of sorts, but do they literally die of starvation from not sucking blood as a human would die from not having food and drink? It’s kinda implied in Tatsumi’s discussion with Natsuno, but I dunno.

    its easy for the villagers to get angry and mob a shiki they didn’t know prior to death, but will they be willing to kill off their dead relatives and friends?

    Yeah, that’s gonna be the tough part. Also, inciting an angry mob is really not the best way to wage war on anyone. It’s just going to cause tons of craziness and confusion and rage. I think this confrontation between Megumi and her parents is going to particularly interesting (and fun!). I wonder if she’ll be able to say all those horrible things she’s said so far to their faces.

    I actually don’t think Sunako bit Muroi. He’s looking tired and ill, but the ones who’ve been bitten usually have that glazed over look in their eyes and he did not.

    I just don’t even know where the story is going now. Sunako seems to be the lynchpin of their operations so I wonder if we’ll see her coming out and dishing out her vengeance to save Chizuru. Though I wonder if she’ll do it personally or just have Yoshie and Tatsumi do it for her. Which makes me wonder if Sunako has more power than the other shiki. It seems implied that she does, as she’s the leader and mastermind of this whole thing, but we’ve not really seen any show of it, not from her or any of the other shiki really. They’re resilient for sure, but nothing has been shown about their power and strength.

    These previews for next episode are so trollish though. I thought for sure Natsuno was gonna be dead this episode. And then that guy’s crazy dad who lifts up the car, it looked like he was toast from the preview too, but nope.

    Oh and it feels REALLY weird reading Shiki posts now that you’ve switched over to the bright and fluffy white/blue theme with snow falling. :p

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Mr. Yuuki has officially become one of my favorite characters in the show. Which is saying a lot since I despised him prior to this episode.

      As for starving to death or not, its an interesting question, and the implication seems to be that they will, but there hasn’t been a concrete answer to that. In Anne Rice’s books vampires who don’t feed don’t die, they just dry out and get very weak.

      Muroi not having glazed eyes doesn’t really mean anything, though – he went to Sunako willingly, after all, so there’s no need to hypnotize him, is there? And Ozaki didn’t have glazed eyes after Natsuno counter-bit him.

      Sunako. Hmm. Well, at the very least we know that she can read the Bible and go into religious buildings even though she is a shiki, so there’s that. She’s probably stronger than the others just by nature of her being the mother of them all (grandmother to some, maybe). Who knows?

      Poor Chizuru =(

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  6. Caraniel says:

    I also called fail at the reminder that there was a hint of a Tohru X Ritsuko ship at one point. Clearly the only person Tohru really cares about is Natsuno!

    I felt sorry for Chizuru as well – she’s quite simple minded and hasn’t really done anything particularly awful (aside from biting Ozaki of course). Still it kind of had to happen and I applauded at Ozaki’s ‘keikaku doori’ face XD

    Menstural blood thing is just……icky, Day – really icky! 😆

    • adaywithoutme says:


      Note: Keikaku means plan.

      And this is why I think Shiki has reached the point of catch-22. They’ve managed to make characters on both sides of the divide sympathetic, and they’ve also killed off so many of the characters who were human originally, that I can’t say I’ll be entirely happy either way it goes… well, I’ll be happy with the shiki winning ’cause it means that everything went to shit and the show actually carried out its threat, but I’ll be sad in that case for the remaining humans and that this means the shiki are gonna keep killing folks. But I’ll also be mad if the humans win ’cause I want the doom ending now!

      Oh, and while the RitsukoxTohru thing was annoying, I do love Ritsuko. She’s so cool~

      • Caraniel says:

        Ritsuko is very cool – I admire how she dealt with learning she had Risen; not many people could stay calm and stay true to their selves.

        The catch-22 situation is worrying. There aren’t many episodes left now afterall…..The Doomed End would be interesting – wonder if they’ll have the guts for that though.

      • adaywithoutme says:

        If I were in a yuri anime, and Ritsuko was in it, too, I’d be calling her ‘nee-san and getting all starry-eyed… she’s so cool, dammit!

        I would be beyond thrilled if they had the guts to commit to the Everyone is Doomed ending. I don’t think that they will, but studios have surprised me before, so it’s always a possibility.

  7. Hana says:

    Yes yes, never mind the crazy stabby dad, nor the flirty vamp about to be lynched, nor the awesome-haired sacrificial lamb-like nurse – WTF was Tatsumi wearing?! o_O

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