Christmas Wishes: Manga and Light Novel Licenses

I’ll kiss anyone with or without mistletoe if any of these get licensed.

Sorry, work is killing me, so I’m having a bit of a slowdown here at GGS. Its the Christmas season, so retail’s a bit of a mega-bitch. Expect a massive post about the recent manga bill in Tokyo within the next week or so. I’d be in angst-mode already if I weren’t so run off my damn feet.

Last week was anime licenses; this time, we’ll have manga. Expect some repeat customers here!


Manga and light novels for this one. Especially the light novels – the manga is at least being scanlated, but I don’t think anyone is working on translating the novels. However, light novels just don’t seem to get licensed these days (with some exceptions, of course – June is still making some stabs at it, and Tokyopop is still publishing the Twelve Kingdoms novels – also by Fuyumi Ono, I might add), so… yeah. One day, when I’m rich (HA), I’ll just have to license the damn things myself!

Anyway, in all seriousness, I am a total Shiki addict and would shell out for official releases of the manga and light novels. I just like being able to read things anywhere, so I’d truly prefer a physical release over scanlations.

Aoi Hana

Hmm, this list does look a lot like that last one, huh? I absolutely adore Aoi Hana, and I would read it on the train ALL THE TIME if it got licensed for an American release. I would also tell all my fellow passengers that they, too, should read it ALL THE TIME ON THE TRAIN. We could have train parties. It’d be the best commute ever. And then I would take a picture, mail it to the licensing company, and hopefully they’d send me some free manga or something.

Normally I’d say this is a totally unlikely license, but Hourou Musuko’s manga got licensed, so… hell, if that got licensed, I’d say 90% of all manga has at least a small chance of landing a license. Even if they do keep pushing the release date back…

Maria-sama ga Miteru

Light novels. The manga is ok, but I don’t think it really adds anything to the overall mythos, and I find both the TV series and novels to be vastly superior. Or so I say, my only experience with the novels being the summaries/translations (transummaries?) that used to be on Okazu. But the anime is incredibly engrossing, and it leaves a lot out given runtime restrictions, so I’d really love to be able to read all the other stuff that didn’t manage to make the cut.

Oshaka-sama ga Miteru

Well, hey, speaking of MariMite…!

If I’m going to hope for a MariMite light novel release, then as a right proper BL fan, I must also hope for OshaMite to get licensed as well. In all seriousness, though, since I enjoyed MariMite so much I could hardly pass up a chance to experience more of Oyuki Konno’s efforts. There are very few authors/creators who can manage to make such enthralling relationship dynamics… and who also manage to simultaneously have their characters actually act their age.

Other reasons: OshaMite has more kissing than MariMite. LEGIT.

Spiral Alive

This is more of a when rather than if, honestly, given that Yen is currently putting out Spiral and it is apparently selling fairly decently. This is also more of a desire on my part to be a completist than anything – I’ve been following the published volumes as they’ve come out, and I’ve bene enjoying them. So I’d like to be able to read the prequel, too, even if the plot doesn’t sound terribly interesting.

Kaguya Hime

Kaguya Hime is very 90’s. And I mean that in a very good way – we’re talking that 90’s shoujo-art and heaps of angst. The plot, in a nutshell: ten kids escape from an island and think they’ve escaped their fate, which was to be used as sacrificed. However, ten years later the kids start dying in order of when they were supposed to be sacrificed, and they realize that they can only save themselves if they get together and find – you guessed it! Kaguya-hime.

Seriously, there isn’t anything to not like on the face of it. Having loved angstfests like X and Angel Sanctuary, I think this is a series I would truly enjoy. Its also fairly long itself (27 volumes), so certainly enough to keep me entertained for a long while.

Might I add that it has tons of violence, sex, incest, yuri, BL, and general weirdness? Oh, and clones. Surely that’s a selling point.

The Constellation Shines in the Sky

I’d be pretty excited at any of Sakae Kusama’s work being licensed, as she does the salarymen-in-love thing I love so much, but my favorite of her work remains the title story from this anthology. I can’t say exactly why – its a bit confusing in spots, and it isn’t really amazing in any way. But it just somehow… I really like it. Its short, its about adults, and its totally cute right at the end. Its salarymen-in-love for people who don’t just want it to be a total porn-fest.

I also think that once one property gets licensed, it makes it more likely that other properties from that same author have a better chance of getting licensed as well. Look at Lily Hoshino or Hyouta Fujiyama or even DUO BRAND, for instance (for BL) – all were originally single-license authors, but now they’ve got a lot of their works out in America.

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8 Responses to Christmas Wishes: Manga and Light Novel Licenses

  1. Kaguya Hime sounds absolutely awesome.

    Now would that be Spiral as in the series with the Blade Children, the anime for which made absolutely no sense (or at least was thoroughly inconclusive)? The one I’ve been wanting to read the manga of for ages (if I had the money to buy it) because supposedly that actually makes sense in the long run? That Spiral?

    What’s Oshaka-sama about? I haven’t heard of it :3

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Yeah, the Spiral anime was pretty terrible. And, yes, I do mean that Spiral.
      OshaMite is basically the male version of MariMite – Yumi’s twin Yuuki is the main character, and its about himself and the student council at Hanadera as opposed to being about the student council at Lillian. Oyuki Konno spun it off from MariMite and has been working on it full time since she wrapped up MariMite (err, well, she sort of wrapped that up, she’s still doing some one-shots for Margaret [I think] once in a while). If MariMite has a lot of yuri teasing, OshaMite’s got even more BL teasing. Or so I’ve been told. I do know that there are more kisses in it than there were in MariMite in the same amount of volumes.

  2. TWWK says:

    I haven’t read or watched any of the works you mentioned, but…I just had to say, I LOVE THE MAMESHIBA Christmas picture! Love those commercials…

    By the way, this line might get you in trouble: “I’ll kiss anyone with or without mistletoe if any of these get licensed.” That “anyone” might be kind of gross.

  3. hikaru says:

    Wow, someone else who likes Spiral! I always thought that it wasn’t very popular, but I routinely get surprised by it’s inclusion in lots of ANN’s shelf obsessed pictures, so yeah, it’s probably selling pretty decently.

    I’m with you in wanting Spiral Alive. Hopefully it’ll come soon because Spiral finishes like next April or something. I’d also like the Spiral artbook, the illustrations are sooo pretty.

    • adaywithoutme says:

      I think its also doing fairly well with people who are more casual fans; there is little out there that is more accessible than a mystery, after all.
      Hmm… the artbook? I don’t think Yen’s ever published an artbook before, so I wouldn’t really expect them to start now, honestly. But I do think Spiral Alive has a decent chance.

  4. Yi says:

    I would love to see Aoi Hana get licensed. This manga is way too underrated; it’d be nice to see it get some attention. Plus, who doesn’t love an awesome train party?

    • adaywithoutme says:

      If Aoi Hana got licensed, I would buy at least two copies of every volume – one for myself, and one for one of my close friends. Actually, make that three copies; the third would go to my local library!
      I would agree that Aoi Hana is criminally under-appreciated. I’ve been trying to persuade non-anime fan friends to check it out. So far I’ve got one to agree to it. *crosses fingers* Here’s hoping for more.

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