Gosick at a Glance

Lolis and lace.

Or maybe I should’ve started with what I said while watching episode two last night: FUCKKKKK RAGEQUIT FUCK YOU KUJO.

Oh, Gosick. To that point, I was actually feeling decently toward you. I was enjoying you, although I was cognizant that my enjoyment of you was disproportionate to your actual merits. Because, thus far, your mysteries aren’t that… mysterious. You basically give yourself away. But I liked Victorique enough, and it was all entertaining enough to maintain my attention. But you just had to fuck it up, didn’t you?

Here’s the engine of my rage: “Victorique may be strong… and she may be smart… but she’s a girl.”


It was said, I may add, by Kujo, as he carries her across water ’cause her skirts’ll drag in it and slow her down. This is also within the context of him remembering about when he was younger and was told by his father that he had to man up be brave and strong to protect the weak because he was the third son of an imperial soldier.

Just shoot me now.

Sigh. And I did so want to keep enjoying Gosick! I love a decent mystery, even if it is a bit obvious what the answer is. There’s also a whiff of a supernatural element hanging over the proceedings, which can always be fun. And I was enjoying having Victorique as a Poirot with Kujo as our Hastings. In saying that, though, I can also segue into stating that I am hoping fervently that the third episode (yeah, I know I said I’d ragequit… but I’ll give it another episode) proves these comparisons more fully. Hastings often was completely wrong-headed about things, convinced of the wrong culprit or of a certain way to go about solving the murder, only for Poirot to completely show him up. So maybe we’re headed that way!

…yeah, probably not.

What else is there to say, honestly? Well, the animation is decent, the art-work is quite nice at times. The OP looks really cool. Kujo whines a LOT.

I actually think Victorique is a cut above the usual female leads we see in these shows, but it may be since she’s smart and because of her deadpan fake laughter. I actually did laugh out loud over that – it was delivered in such a low-key manner, it was hard not to. However, if Victorique is a cut above, Kujo is worse than the standard lame male lead in these kinds of shows. Its the whining, really. These guys aren’t ever known for possessing much of a backbone themselves or for being exactly unique, but Kujo really takes the cake with that persistent whine coupled with the appearance of his Japanese-branded chauvinism at the close of episode two. Its just too bad he won’t actually have been shot by the start of episode three; Bones, it really isn’t a cliff-hanger to end episode two with the male lead possibly getting shot. Sorry, but Gosick isn’t Shiki and it isn’t Ga-Rei: Zero.

Anyway, I’ll give it another episode, but there’s definitely much better fare to be found this season.

Oh, and one last thing – doesn’t Victorique look like she’s from medieval Europe in that screen-shot from the OP above? Its the forested background, too. She could just as easily be some character out of Chaucer!

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7 Responses to Gosick at a Glance

  1. Better reveal that shit on ep 02. The show did you a favor, unlike Mobile Suit Victory Gundam who hits you with this on ep 47/51:

    However, by that point you may have already torn the show to pieces (or dropped it waaay before).

    • adaywithoutme says:

      I liked Victory Gundam. It hurt my soul XD
      I think Turn A redeemed Tomino on that point, by the way.

  2. Caddy C says:

    Damn, I was actually going to give this one a try! Maybe I still will, but this isn’t encouraging 😦 Unfortunately, I kindof thought that a certain amount of chauvinism was to be expected in a Victorian-era mystery – sad that you just have to assume there will be sexism in your anime, right?

    • adaywithoutme says:

      I honestly wouldn’t have an issue with it if it were portrayed differently – we’re certainly meant to see Kujo’s view as an acceptable one and his attitude about protecting her as a noble thing. After all, he blocks Victorique from a gunman despite being scared himself, and all after we’ve been treated to a flashback of him being admonished by his father to protect the weak because he is a Japanese man and because he is the third son of an imperial soldier! *eyeroll*
      This also, by the way, contrasted with the cowardice of a European man… actually, all the European men do is run around screaming and trying to escape while letting the wimmenz possibly come to harm. So maybe some racist attitudes in here as well!

  3. lum-chan says:

    I don’t understand: so you’ll forgo all the aesthetic and narratological pleasures because you don’t agree with the ideology espoused by the male lead? it is afterall, exactly what a boy in the taisho/ early modern era would think. bit narrow-minded, isn’t it? kinda like a fundamentalist rejecting art because it isnt christian or a marxist rejecting something because it lacks class critques

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Uh, except I said I was going to still watch episode three. Maybe you were so eager to criticize that you missed that line in my post?

      Sorry I missed the bit where Gosick was even remotely a “narratological pleasure”. Think I’ll stick to good ol’ Dame Agatha.

  4. Yi says:

    Yea that quotation by Kujo jumped out at me as well. There’s a fine line between general chivalry and sexist condescension. Fortunately, this aspect of the show gets a bit better… sort of.

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