Loose Ends

Picture unrelated. And NSFW!

I’ve just been looking for an excuse to use it. Wonder what I’ll do if I actually do a Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora post? Guess I’ll just have to find another NSFW picture for that one!

Anyway, I just wanted to hit on a few unrelated thing. First off, my Shiki manga reviews are going on indefinite hiatus, as Caraniel has been unable to work on her blog as of late. We’d originally conceived of the thing together, and our posts were supposed to be released in tandem, so it doesn’t make sense for me to keep on with it if she can’t. Don’t worry, it’ll come back! I just don’t know when it will yet.

This takes me down to a mere one guaranteed post per week. You may have noticed that my output lately has tapered off considerably. My real life schedule has really picked up since the changing of the year, and it has taken away from the time I have to devote to my blog. I’ve also been spending much of my free time writing… but not for my blog. I’m in the process of writing a novel. Yes, really. So, instead of watching anime or perving it up on Pixiv or posting here, I’ve been sitting around scribbling down notes, brainstorming, and actually writing the piece I’m working on.

At the moment, I’m a little over halfway to my minimum word count. This really doesn’t mean much, though, as my minimum goal has zero relation to how much I’ll actually end up writing. I just have to let the story tell itself, however long that takes. On the upper end of the spectrum (because, unfortunately, there is an upper limit), I’m only a little over a quarter of the way done. So, for the foreseeable future, my post output is going to be similarly low. Like I said, Hourou Musuko episodic posts are my only guarantees at the moment, although I do have one or two more Shiki retrospectives (haha, as if anyone cares!) planned still.

Don’t worry, though! There’s been a bit of flapping about over anime blogging being on a downward trend, but I can assure you that for my blog this current state of affairs is but a temporary one. I’m behind on basically everything I’m following, but I’m also as excited about the spring season as I get about every season at those certain times of year. And I still spend a good chunk of my time at work staring blankly into space and imagining sex scenes between Muroi and Ozaki. Such a healthy fan!

And, now for something completely different: someone flamed one of my posts! It was one I wrote a good deal of time back, talking about how I just couldn’t get into the Fruits Basket anime since Tohru was so boring. Here is the delightful prose in it’s full form:

Haters, i luved Fruits Basket maybe ur not meant 4 anime

Hysterical. I didn’t realize one could be meant for anime or not! The charming young lady also left her real email; however, I am nothing if not a gentlewoman, so I shall refrain from sharing it. I display the comment here only for the benefit of your own senses of humor.

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7 Responses to Loose Ends

  1. Envy says:

    Poor Caraniel she has RSI in her back and arm

  2. Envy says:

    I mean Shoulders arm and neck

  3. Baka-Raptor says:

    Wow, congratulations. I’ve received many hate comments but not a single hate e-mail since the Eli Manning Sucks blog.

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Oh, it wasn’t an email, it was a comment left on my post about being unable to get into Fruits Basket. Their email address was entered as part of their comment and does appear to be legit.

  4. Ryan A says:

    That is one quality comment. BTW, I almost forgot about Kuu~ how could I do such a thing?

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