Anime Boston: Everything Else Report

Or, a drama in three parts.

E.g. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

So, I went to Anime Boston this past weekend and had a great time, although it turned out that almost all my room-mates were crazy, and of the crazies, most were obnoxious. There were the two guys who sat in the corner, only spoke with each other, and never showered. There was the guy who came back both nights totally smashed and talked nonstop (he also kept hitting on me, and I had to get pretty creative to go back to the con itself and not have him come with me on Saturday… as in, walk down twenty-eight flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator creative). There was the girl who attempted to strangle this guy one of the mornings. There was the girl who was eating diet pills and smoking pot, all the while engaging in the overshare, usually which had to do with something such as her new tattoo being infected or her legs being too weak to stand. And there was the guy who kept talking about how much smarter than everyone else he was and how much of a burden his smartness was.

Of course, none of this even at all touches on the fact that there were eight people in the room when I’d been lead to believe there would only be four. Or having to stand there while several of the guys debated what size my boobs were (which, sadly, the only guy I could stand in the room joined in as well).

All of which is to say… well, the con was good, but I think I would’ve been happier if I’d opted to sleep in the storage closet at the end of the hall instead.

I got to meet lvlln briefly on Friday, and then grabbed drinks with him and a friend of his Friday night before hitting up the FAKKU panel together. It was fun, definitely enjoyed talking with other anime fans. We went to the Sheraton’s bar because the bar the con had set up was wicked crowded and had stupidly high prices – the cocktails in the Sheraton were $3 cheaper! That’s huge! And the Sheraton had the hockey game on, so big plus there. I also enjoyed watching congoers bond with “normal” people who were either staying in the hotel or had come in off the street for drinks. For the record, I was sitting in the bar area dressed as Megumi from Shiki, and was hardly the only cosplayer present. I kept popping out my fangs since it was easier to drink that way.

Speaking of cosplay, I was the only Shiki cosplayer I saw. Most people had no idea of who I was, but I wasn’t too shocked by that. I thought that the variety of cosplayers was actually wider than in previous years; there were lots of people from some shows in particular, but I didn’t see the dominance of one show over all the rest that I’ve seen before. I actually found it very interesting to see which shows had the most cosplayers, as while there were tons of Bleach and Pokemon characters running around, the most common ones I saw were from Hetalia or were Ciel from Kuroshitsuji when he was in trap form. Well, and I saw a lot of Mistys, too, much more than any of the other Pokemon characters. But with Hetalia and Kuroshitsuji, I just found it very interesting because, yes, they’re popular, but I’ve never really thought of them as being juggernauts like Bleach or Naruto.

And, wow, Naruto cosplayers were actually pretty uncommon.

So, yes, there were a number of shows/properties which were pretty popular amongst cosplayers (Kuroshitsuji, Hetalia, Bleach, Sailor Moon, Vocaloids, Pokemon), but there wasn’t one particular one which was way ahead of the rest, and those who did have the most were unexpected. There was also, as I said, a larger variety – I saw two Kanon cosplayers, three Revolutionary Girl Utena cosplayers, one girl from Clannad, a few Enma Ais, a Gumby, a Conjunction Junction, a bunch of Kyuubeys, about half a dozen Invader Zim cosplayers, NCIS cosplayers, a Bender, varying levels of effort Gundams… I was actually a bit impressed. I also really liked how people didn’t just stick to anime/manga/Japanese games, as demonstrated by the Invader Zim, NCIS, Conjunction Junction, Gumby, and Bender folks. It was just an all-out nerdfest.

Now, I’ve talked about the panels I went to already, so I don’t really need to discuss that. However, I neglected to contrast the Visual Novel and Eroge panel’s audience with that of the Sentai panel’s audience. As I said before, at the Sentai panel myself and maybe three other people raised their hands when the audience was asked who would be interested in a sub-only release. Hours later and a floor up, the audience was much, much more hardcore, which wasn’t at all surprising but was pretty awesome. When asked whether we’d played games mentioned in the panel, huge amounts of the room raised their hands for several of them, although only two of the games mentioned are available in English. Some people came cosplaying as hentai characters and eroge characters. And we actually knew who people like Oda Nobunaga were. It was a really fun experience.

And then there was the dealers’ room.

Oh, dealers’ room, sweet lover, sweet, sweet lover of my… wallet. I bought twenty-nine volumes of manga, an eroge, and two DVD sets down there, along with a set of keychains. I made the mistake of putting another keychain back down and resolving to come back later for it, only for it to be gone (it was of Chibi Chibi from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars). I failed to find a large Piplup  and was unwilling to plop down $22 for a smaller version when I couldn’t find a big one. I talked myself out of a lot of merchandise, questioning the necessity of it and reminding myself that I’d be happier buying more content than plushies or figures or mugs. I wish I’d bought a Chi (from Chi’s Sweet Home).

I found the ADV Sentai table to be staffed by people who really didn’t seem to know much about their own company or about the DVD’s on their table. I found the Funi table to be, as usual, slick and very corporate. I was also, quite frankly, disappointed in the variety of titles they had, as the smaller Sentai and Media Blasters had many, many more titles up for offer on their tables. I had been hoping to pick up the SAVE release of Kanon, but wasn’t able to do so.

As I said before, I talked with one of the folks at the Media Blasters table. He was very friendly, and was happy to answer my question about their lack of a panel. The Media Blasters folks were also willing to bargain about the DVD’s and manga they had for sale on their table, something I could never imagine Sentai or Funi being willing to. I chatted a bit with them about the company in general and the overall feel of it, which is to say, Media Blasters likes being small, likes their niche, and wants to remain closer to their nerdy selves than larger outfits are able to. I also picked up the information that Media Blasters going forward intends to do more sales deals through Right Stuf than they have in the past, as I mentioned that I had actually picked up a few of their titles I was interested in through Right Stuf just a couple of weeks ago, or I would’ve bought more from the table. In response to this, I was informed that this was apparently the first time they’d done this, and they were planning to do more like it. Awesome!

My loot stash does have a few other items in it as well, courtesy of the Swap Meet. The Swap Meet can be extremely rewarding for the patient and the quick… which is to say, if you go to the front of the room by the staffers, you can pick up stuff completely for free, and you’re also in prime position to snag non-free items as well. Once again, my keen ability with whipping out my ID landed me some 18+ stuff, which netted me a sealed copy of Okane ga Nai/No Money, and a copy of the eroge X-Change. I will note that Okane ga Nai isn’t something I would ever pay for, as it isn’t really up my alley (eww, that uke looks like he’s twelve!), but for free? Sure! Why not?

Anyway, swap meet brought my totals for con loot up to: thirty volumes of manga, two eroge, three DVD sets, and one DVD. I am so wicked excited about the eroge, by the way. And one of the DVD sets was the first Gurren Lagann set, so I might now actually finally watch it! The sheer amount of manga I acquired forced me to completely overhaul one of my bookcases, and even with that I still had to start packing some of them into a drawer in my desk (I put almost all my BL in there, along with the eroge I got).

So! Good times at the con.

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8 Responses to Anime Boston: Everything Else Report

  1. Shinmaru says:

    “Or having to stand there while several of the guys debated what size my boobs were (which, sadly, the only guy I could stand in the room joined in as well).”

    How socially retarded do you have to be to DO THIS?????

    • adaywithoutme says:

      It was pretty freaking obnoxious. It started with one of them asking me, and me refusing to answer, because, really? How fucking rude can you get?

  2. Aorii says:

    Gosh, how did you book to get that mix of roommates? It certainly sounded crazy enough.
    Other than that, sounds like standardly awesome con experience xD

    • adaywithoutme says:

      Well… it was a total crapshoot. I was planning to sleep in my office, and then at the last moment decided trying to get from there to the con on Saturday in cosplay sounded difficult/uncomfortable since my skirt was so short ^^; So I basically went with people I found on the Anime Boston forums. Bad idea.

  3. chii says:

    sounds fun except for the poor sleeping arrangements… i would not survive that and am SO glad i have friends that live in boston where i can crash.

    money and time wouldn’t let me go this year but i hope to go next year.

    i wanna see your cosplay 😛

    • adaywithoutme says:

      I live near Boston, but I didn’t want to commute back and forth each day, especially since public transit would prevent me from attending any late-night panels. I also didn’t wanna commute back and forth from my office when in cosplay ’cause my skirt was pretty short ^^;

  4. foshizzel says:

    Sounded like you had a crazy time! And crowded room that’s not fun at all! Sounds like you got tons of manga now hahah nice xD

  5. VucubCaquix says:

    Once I have a career & disposable income I plan on going to more of these cons.

    But I swear to you I won’t share my room with any more than one person, & preferably with someone I know from the blogosphere.

    I have…trust issues sleeping near people I don’t know.

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