Useless BL Speculation vis-a-vis Ano Hana

‘Useless’ because IT JUST AIN’T WHAT IT IS.

I almost included this in my Ano Hana post, but ended up getting all SRS BSNS during it and, uh, didn’t. Which, ultimately, is probably a good thing, honestly!

Please keep in mind that this is all ass-hattery.

So, we could interpret Yukiatsu’s dressing up as Menma thing an attempt on his part to have her all for himself, particularly when taken in tandem with his encouragement of the others to forget about the poor girl. We could interpret it just straight-up as Yukiatsu being a total jerk who is trying to inflict greater pain on a former friend who is already clearly very damaged by the deaths of a friend and his mother in his childhood. We could interpret it as a sign that Yukiatsu is himself very disturbed. Or, the most likely of our options, as some combination of all three.

Or, y’know, we could go the fujoshi/fudanshi (it seems like I actually know more fudanshi than fujoshi these days!) and look at it through the lens of BL.

So. It is implied that Menma and Jintan both liked each other back in the day… “the day” in this case being “when Menma was still alive and Jintan wasn’t a shut-in”. In the present time, Yukiatsu acts arrogantly toward Jintan and dresses up as Menma. He also tries to avoid looking directly at Jintan, and just generally displays a distaste toward having to be around him at all.


Yukiatsu dresses up as Menma, the girl Jintan liked. Jintan used to be the outgoing group leader, but is now a “pathetic” social pariah who avoids as much contact with others as possible and never goes to school. Yukiatsu’s attitude toward Jintan could be borne out of a disappointment in him, a feeling that he has been weak by falling into his agoraphobic ways (actually, this part possibly holds true regardless of whether anything else I’m saying is of any substance whatsoever). Yukiatsu looked up to Jintan when they were a kid, so there’s a sense of betrayal in Jintan’s failure to overcome the deaths of both Menma and his mother. He’s supposed to be stronger than that.

Eh, yeah, so, Yukiatsu was hot for Jintan (well, y’know, the ten year old’s equivalent of “hot for”), Jintan liked Menma, and now Yukiatsu goes out in drag as Menma because he’s a jerk and is trying to hurt Jintan and also is trying to become Menma.

OR! Yukiatsu is trying to get Jintan to break from thinking he can see Menma – Yukiatsu thinks he’s just flat-out crazy and seeing things – in order to then be able to usurp what he believes to be Menma’s position in Jintan’s heart!

OR! Yukiatsu resents Jintan’s “betrayal” in large part because he had a crush on him and so feels that his own attraction to Jintan calls his strength of character into question because Jintan is weak!


Oh, the fujoshi. She is so good at seeing BL in everything.

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12 Responses to Useless BL Speculation vis-a-vis Ano Hana

  1. Blackholeheart says:

    I think it’s more that Yukiatsu admired Jintan, wanted to be his rival for leadership of the group and Menma’s affections but her death took one goal from him and made the other twist in upon himself due to the ease with which he surpassed the now shattered Jinta. He loathes himself for his pettiness but projects that loathing on to Jinta for being flawed which just feeds his self loathing more. Jinta fell from the pedestal he had been placed on while the dead Menma became idealized. The key issue is that Yukiatsu lost both people he loved and has yet to face it.

    tl;dr Yes there is a subtle touch of BL from Yukiatsu to Jinta but hes going to need a good cry first. ;D

    • adaywithoutme says:

      I was actually a bit frustrated with myself because I did end up having some decent stuff about Yukiatsu’s mind-set and his attitude toward Jintan in here that was of substance when I really just meant to go the total ass-hat route. I think I’m just going to have to quote myself in my next Ano Hana episode post on that.

      So you’re saying there needs to be some MANLY TEARS before I can bring out the BL artillery?

      • Blackholeheart says:

        Yukiatsu could go the “assert his dominance” via the “rape is love” route but expect the show will go with MANLY TEARS, gotta save something for the doujins, eh?

      • adaywithoutme says:

        The doujins have already happened! And they’re more along the lines of Jintan asserting his manly dominance, but its ok, obviously, because Yukiatsu is the one running around in drag because he wants Jintan!

  2. baka_girl says:

    lol, interesting theory ;p
    So, who will become seme? I bet Yukiatsu must be seme and Jintan is uke XDDD

  3. Hogart says:

    /asshat ON

    But.. they’re all in love with Jintan, aren’t they? 🙂

    In Yukiatsu’s case he’s probably just miffed that Jintan became a shut-in and abandoned him, and now they’re both crazy. We’re seeing his kuudere side right now, just wait for him to go yandere.

    /asshat OFF

  4. abscissa says:

    Interesting theories, I think I’ll go with “Yukiatsu thinks Jinta’s just flat-out crazy and seeing things – in order to then be able to usurp what he believes to be Menma’s position in Jintan’s heart!”

    • adaywithoutme says:

      It is such fun generating theories! Follow-up theory: when Yukiatsu’s drag jaunt fails, he goes yandere on Jintan!

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