Ano Hana Episode Five

When we were young.

Sorry for the delay on these; I’m using my day off to catch up after having an extremely busy few weeks. Of course, it doesn’t help that with something like Ano Hana I have to make sure I can find a quiet, private little spot to watch it in since I am liable to get choked up while watching. It just brings up a lot of memories of my own for me.

So, in episode five everyone reacts to Yukiatsu’s antics in a way that is, well… kind of unrealistic, let’s be honest. I find it hard to believe that no one gets angry at him for what he is doing. It is extremely offensive on a very basic level, even if it it is also indicative that Yukiatsu is one truly fucked-up guy. It isn’t surprising to see Jintan let him be physically rough with him, but you’re telling me no one would’ve gotten angry over it? Not even just a little?

But, hey, then again, maybe it makes sense with the personalities involved. Tsuruko is the one doing the unveiling; she already knows about it. Anaru has almost no self-esteem or confidence. Poppo is good-natured. Menma is a childish loli-ghost. Jintan is a depressed shut-in. But it still seems really weird to me that none of them got even a little bit visibly angered.

I continue to find the dynamic between Tsuruko and Yukiatsu to be fairly interesting. I wasn’t too crazy about her putting on the hair-clip, though, as it seems to indicate a possibility that she has the hots for Yukiatsu. There’s also that picture from before, with a blue-haired Menma. I hadn’t thought much of it, just figured it was to make the hair obvious from the page, but, well, Tsuruko does have blue hair. Hmm. I must admit, though, that I prefer them much more as old friends with a very complicated relationship with one another to there being romantic feelings involved. I just think it makes it more intriguing than flat-out romance would, honestly.

Speaking of romantic feelings… everyone loves Menma? At least it feels like the Menma likes Jintan, Jintan likes Menma angle will not be used in the present time. She’s dead, and this isn’t H2O, so let’s just not go there. Not to mention that Menma acts like a ten year old still.

I do wish Anaru had rescued herself instead of needing Yukiatsu’s help outside the love hotel. Her dere dere act on the train was also kind of irritating – how is it at all appropriate that Yukiatsu asked her if she’s a virgin? But, hey, this is anime, so instead of telling him it is none of his business, Anaru stammers and blushes and asks why that’s a problem if she is. Sigh. Actually the whole first half of that scene was pretty annoying, although it improved a lot once Anaru took a deep breath and settled down a bit.

Tsuruko has become my favorite character. She was a real nasty piece of work at first, but she and Poppo seem like the only ones capable of acting like adults in the mix, and, well,  Poppo’s slightly-zany act is a little meh to me. I don’t dislike him, but I find Tsuruko’s place within the story to be of much more interest.

So, Jintan, Anaru, and Yukiatsu all blame themselves for Menma’s death. It doesn’t seem like either Tsuruko or Poppo feel similarly, but we keep working a little closer to the actual moment when Menma fell in the river and drowned, so perhaps they do but are better at living like non-neurotic people despite it. Time shall tell.

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  1. E Minor says:

    In their shoes, I wouldn’t have been mad. You’ve gone over each person one by one, but I would also look at it from this angle. You said it was extremely offensive on a basic level. Why? I would have to assume Yukiatsu is mocking Menma or the memory of her death and, I dunno, I don’t feel that way. What I feel when I look at the guy is, as you said, an extremely fucked up person and that just makes me pity him. Deep down, I think they all remember Yukiatsu as a friend. As such, I think they were stunned then moved to pity rather than anger.

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