In Honor of My Recipient of the First Revolutionary Girl Utena Remaster Box…

I bring to thee the original versions of Spira Mirabilis Theater (Miki’s first duel’s chorus) and Paleozoic Within the Body (Saionji’s second duel’s chorus).

Now, when I say “original”, I really do mean it – these were the versions that J. A. Seazer did back in the 1970’s, when Kunihiko Ikuhara first became entranced by his music. J. A. Seazer had only composed for anime once before his work for RGU, and he has not since composed for any anime since. Few would argue, though, that his score was ill-suited to the wonderful and esoteric RGU.

Picture is from the Revolutionary Girl Utena CD box that was released at the time of the remaster release in Japan. As is always the case for RGU artwork, I have no one but the folks at Empty Movement to thank.


Spira Mirabilis Theatre

Paleozoic Within the Body

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