Uta no Prince-sama Episode One: BEST SHOW THIS SEASON


Well, and for a bit of mood whiplash versus my earlier post…!

I’ve decided to blog Prince-sama. I promise to not abandon it mid-season like everything else I’ve ever episodically blogged other than Shiki. Actually, no, I don’t, but I was excited enough about the first episode and grinning like an idiot while watching, so, hell, here we go.

First off, Prince-sama is utter crap. However, it is fun utter crap, and it is utter crap as done by a staff that clearly realizes that the material they are working with ain’t exactly Pulitzer caliber. Any notion that we are meant to take the proceedings seriously is completely chucked out the window with the appearance of SHINING SAOTOME. Trap idol homeroom teachers and goofy idols as inspiration for life dreams just work as extra reminders. Folks, this is camp. Sit back and enjoy.

Prince-sama is also helped by the fact that it hits on everything I was expecting from it, which is to say silly set-up and bad pop music complete with doofy dance numbers. I had been slightly concerned that there wouldn’t be enough crappy J-pop to aid the effort, but was treated to an awful OP and terrible ED in addition to a DRAMATIC insert song with DRAMATIC revelation. Awesome.

On the more legitimate good side of the ledger, the animation and art are both solid and pleasing to the eye. Additionally, and amazingly, our heroine has yet to come across as a complete nitwit. There was only one blushing moment in the whole episode, and it was excusable, as Haruka blushed after being swooped out of the way of a guy who had mistaken her for his dog.

…yes, one of the haremettes mistakes Haruka for his dog. Way to get off on the right foot!

Haruka doesn’t even blush when she trips in the dining hall and one of the bishounen catches her meal card. She also recovers and doesn’t end up on her face or in someone’s arms! Halle-frickin-lujah!

So, good on Haruka even though she so far lacks a personality for the most part and has a bogwater standard backstory. The fact that the idol who inspired her to attend the school turning out to be a really goofy and silly idol was a moment of brilliance, however.

Essentially, at its heart, Uta no Prince-sama is a reverse harem, just with the dumber aspects turned up to about eleven for comedic affect. You cannot watch this show and take it seriously, and, if you did, as the kids say, you’re doing it wrong. And, hell, at the very least, it is LEAGUES ahead of Starry Sky. I’M SO EXCITED FOR THE NEXT EPISODE.

Also, is it just me, or does the title sound a lot like “Utena Prince-sama”?

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15 Responses to Uta no Prince-sama Episode One: BEST SHOW THIS SEASON

  1. inushinde says:

    There was also a statue of Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat giving a handjob while stealing a harp from a cherub. At least that was my admittedly strange interpretation. Still, that alone made it the most fantastic show of the season. Actually, in all the seasons. Ever. Even if I was bored as hell with the rest that didn’t have flamboyant teachers and slightly disturbing eye colors.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      Oh man, in all the insane crap that followed, I completely forgot how weird the very first shot was. Those sunglasses!

      I do hope that it doesn’t start getting boring. The SRSBSNS moment with SHINING SAOTOME toward the end of the episode did make me feel hopeful.

      • inushinde says:

        If it keeps up at this pace, it should be entertaining. Not in a quality fashion, but in a way that takes advantage of the camp it offers.

  2. Nadja says:

    haha this sounds perfect for me.

    I’ll have to give it a go.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      You should. It helps, too, that it is streaming for free and translated on Nico Nico.

  3. gecd says:


  4. Ik says:

    This show is soooooooooo bad, but I love it. I love how Haruka looks like she’s about to shoot lasers out of her eyes. AT ALL TIMES.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      I love her eyes, period. They’re soooo weird, especially in a show like this.

  5. Chaps says:

    This is definitely a wonderful guilty pleasure this season. One of those shows so wrapped up in it’s own goofiness that it’s hard not to find it endearing from Haruka’s soul-stealing eyes & Steins;Gate -like panic attack before hearing Mamoru Miyano’s voice serenade her into another dimension to hearing Wakamoto as SHINING & Yuuichi Nakamura play a trap character, it’s all so brilliant

  6. Caraniel says:

    This show. It is amazing. This is what Starry Sky should have gone for, because there is no other way to deal with the campness that is the crappy reverse harem show! Hoorah for Uta-Pri, it will be the best show of the YEAR!

  7. Justin says:

    B-believe it or not…it could get…better! *gasps*
    Or just descend into the abyss, and return every week, unable to jump out!

  8. Aorii says:

    I kinda wish they didn’t bother with the DRAMATIC parts at all, everything is so utterly ridiculous that it’s impossible to look at character backstories with a straight face XD. and SHINING Wakomoto breaks limits, completely xD

  9. Ha ha ha! At first I thought this was a troll post and I was… half right I guess. =P While Uta no Prince-sama wasn’t utter shoujo failings through and through, its creators seem to have taken cliché to a whole new level, which is kinda interesting in its own way. But I won’t be watching it because even intentional cliche is still cliché.

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