Uta no Prince-sama Episode Two



So, I continued with Prince-sama this week, and this time watched it on time as opposed to a few days later as I’d built up a fair bit of anticipation given the sheer amusement of the first episode. I also figure I have to blog it, what with me not being a serious anime fan and such.

I am happy to report that this week’s episode did not disappoint, although it oddly switched the OP and ED with each other. Perhaps last week they had the boys all dancing to show off the animation level they were capable of? Who knows; it doesn’t really make much of a difference, although it was a bit disappointing to not see the full-screen iteration of our dancing boys. Ah well.

In addition to those works of aural genius, there was another insert song this week. It wasn’t as awesome as Hayato-sama beaming down from the side of a building, but, hey, not everyone can be Hayato-sama, y’know?

From the land of not at all shocking, it turns out that the Hayato-sama clone from last week is his younger twin brother. I’ve always found the distinction anime frequently makes between younger versus older twin strange, to be honest; it doesn’t seem to matter much, especially when twins aren’t usually born much more than a handful of minutes apart. But this may be a cultural difference I’m just not getting.

With the flashbacks to grandma and the reminder that she’s the one who taught Haruka how to play piano (but apparently only by ear!), I keep getting Yumeiro Patisierre vibes. It doesn’t help that Haruka sounds a lot like Ichigo at points. There are some other similarities, although they are slight – Haruka is surrounded by “beautiful” boys, she lacks skills that many of her classmates already possess, and she’s having to work very hard to catch up. They’re still pretty…. well, I don’t quite want to hold them up as “good” female characters, but they’re improvements on the usual types we get.

Of relation to that, the fact that Haruka is at the school to become a songwriter and not to become an idol is pretty refreshing. Sure, her end goal is kind of silly, but, well, if it wasn’t I’d be disappointed.

Now, random asides:

  • there’s no way Haruka’s room-mate is a high schooler; I swear she’s actually twenty-eight or something and stole a kid’s identity to get into the school and cougar out
  • surely I’m not the only one who thinks of Sheryl Nome whenever the homeroom teacher shows up?
  • in the OP, Haruka is totally the nyancat
  • this is one of those rare times when you have to watch the episode a second time to actually read the comments people have made on Nico Nico; one of the commenters may’ve solved the mystery of Haruka’s eyes – cataracts!
  • that magical cat IS Hayato-sama, I swear… that, or its SHINING SAOTOME

So, there it is. Absurdity fully intact. This and Mawaru Penguindrum are my favorites of the season by far.

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8 Responses to Uta no Prince-sama Episode Two

  1. Aorii says:

    needs more SHINING, he only appears in the first 5min xD then I was bored till the insert.
    cataracts would only explain Haruka’s eyes if she somehow managed to get cataracts that doesn’t damage/impair her vision… but then we’d just have contacts solve that appearance Px
    mmmh wakamoto cat.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      Well… yeah, you’ve got me. Maybe she just wears yellow contacts.

  2. Caraniel says:

    This show is just a criminal amount of fun. So glad they’re going with the ridiculous OTTness that made the 1st episode so fun……..also those niconico comments 😆

    Also, sex-zebo

  3. Marina says:

    Well, if you love the feel and focus of this anime, then I suggest you try out Kiniro no Corda: Primo Passo, which resembles UtaPri way more than Yumeiro Patissiere does. Like this one, Primo Passo also centers on a girl attending a music school who finds herself surrounded by a bunch of beautiful male musicians. However, instead of pop music, the show features classical music. The art style is very, very similar.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      I caught a few eps of that show a while back; it just isn’t absurd in the manner of Prince-sama, so… *shrugs*

  4. E Minor says:

    As much fun as the first episode off, I pawned this series off to one of my colleagues. But I’ll still be watching it week in and week out if only to see whether Hayato-sama is really a twin or a cat. I say neither!

    • A Day Without Me says:

      I say Haruka’s actually in a coma after having tearfully run in front of a train by accident because she was madly in love with her brother, Hayato, and was in despair over it. The tears blinded her during her sorrow, hence the fact that the train bit was an accident.


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