Uta no Prince-sama Episode Three



Ah, what is there to say about this week’s episode? I didn’t think it was quite as amusing as previous ones, which surprised me as I find the red-haired guy to be one of the least interesting of our haremettes. But maybe its just since this week’s haremette, Mr. Argyle Sweater, has the sort of personality that really doesn’t play well in a tale of absurdity and campness. They should’ve swapped him for the trap sensei, honestly.

Speaking of which, sadly it looks like we won’t be seeing the trap sensei route in the show. There are only twelve episodes scheduled, although I am hoping with all my might for a second season! And, hey, similar fare like Angelique and La Corda d’Oro have gotten multiple seasons. There is hope!

Sadly, no SHINING SAOTOME in this episode, but I guess you’ve gotta temper your awesomeness.

The cat appears again, and Haruka names it, rather inventively, Kuppuru, which is a portmanteau of words meaning black and furry. Good job there, Haruka. I’m still pretty sure the cat is one of your haremettes, although I’m up in the air over whether it is Hayato-sama or just someone else.

So, Haruka has more problems with playing the piano this time, but now it is brought on by stress as opposed to not knowing how to read music. Haruka is, after all, being bullied by her classmates, who whisper about her and write mean things on the blackboard! Mean things which, honestly, didn’t seem to have a lot of bite. But, hey, we’ve gotta get our drama somewhere.

There was no sexzebo in this episode, which was hyper-disappointing. Also disappointing was the insert song, which did not have the same degree of J-pop horror that the two previous inserts had.

I enjoyed the sequence with one of the guys “teaching” two of the others how to bake. It is a nice change of pace to have a male character being the one totally incapable of actually cooking or baking for once. Wonder where those cupcakes fall on the Sanae’s Bread-Akiko’s Jam scale of horrible food. And, honestly, the scene itself was pretty hilarious, and yet another instance wherein it was made fairly clear that the show is a very much tongue-in-cheek effort.

Anyway, I think its clear at this point that Haruka should end up with her room-mate. Duh. And most of the guys obviously should be doing their room-mates, too. Hell, the playboy one was even making evil eyes at Haruka and Mr. Argyle Sweater during the episode – obviously he isn’t happy that this girl is worming her way into Mr. Argyle Sweater’s heart!

On a more serious note, apparently Mr. Argyle Sweater’s tragic backstory is that he appears to have had a bit of an eating disorder as a child. It really isn’t something the show gives much attention to, but he talks about being unable to eat around his father since his father was so strict. There are certainly a lot of sad, sad backstories for characters in anime involving strict parents, but this was fairly particular and it isn’t one I’ve run across before. In a better franchise, this could be rather interesting. But, hey, its Prince-sama, so… yeah. All that matters here is that he totally understood Haruka’s performance problems! Oh, and his younger self looks like that girl in Croisee Ikoku something-something!


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7 Responses to Uta no Prince-sama Episode Three

  1. Joojoobees says:

    I think the cat is one of them too. From the way they met, I was thinking he was the twin. But who knows maybe the cat is really the Shining headmaster?

    • A Day Without Me says:

      Well, the cat sure is someone. At the very least, I am sure of that.

  2. Caraniel says:

    Cat is SHINING SAOTOME~! as Hayato-sama clearly has a split-personality so can’t also be a cat (one quirk per haremette!)

    Disappointed Mr Silent Sweater wasn’t more interesting, although clearly he’s the boy-toy of Mr Sleazy Sax, so his interactions with Haruka were always going to be dull. New favourite is now the one who’s a few sandwiches short of a picnic…….it takes a special amount of skill to cook that badly…with a flame-thrower.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      Hmm, can’t decide who is my favorite… must I choose from the boys who will be options in the show? Because Trap-sensei would be my winner, but I don’t think he’ll be a route. Maybe the guy with the hat? I am a bit fond of Argyle Sweater, though…

  3. E Minor says:

    I really want to make a music video of one of the guys singing “Baby” by Bieber. NEVER SAY NEVER!

  4. A Day Without Me says:

    …holy fuck, I hate you so fucking much, I had never heard that damn song before and now I feel scarred for life.

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