Uta no Prince-sama Episode Five



In this week’s episode, our male of the (half) hour was Wannabe Punk, complete with his black nailpolish and studded bracelet. As it turns out, Wannabe Punk is trying to overcome his fear of heights, as he wishes to co-star in a movie that Suit-sensei is making, the surely-brilliant Prince of Precipices. Wannabe Punk has had a crush on Suit-sensei for a while, so such an opportunity seems too good to pass up. When he confides in Haruka, she tells him that she, too, is inspired by and has a crush on an idol, her dear Hayato-sama. Feeling they have something in common, Wannabe Punk tells her that she may call him by his given name, Syo, and Haruka declares that she’ll help him out.

Everyone bands together to help Wannabe Punk get over his fear of heights, going so far as to rent military aircraft from which he can try skydiving, although Haruka is the only one who knows the real truth of his secret. Ultimately, SHINING SAOTOME comes to their aid, revealing that, in addition to being a fantastic pop star and the best headmaster ever, he is a trained hypnotist. It turns out that Psycho Glasses is the root of his fear, having chased his longtime friend around with a bug-catching net when they were five years old. Poor Wannabe Punk fell out of a tower as a result, and was rescued by the princely Suit-sensei, who gave him a ring with a rose crest on it and told him to always retain his nobility. It inspired Wannabe Punk to search out his prince, and that is how he ended up at Whateverthefuckthisschoolisnamed Academy.

However, although his acrophobia is solved, Wannabe Punk is in despair – the audition turns out to be for the role of the leads little sister, a role Wannabe Punk does not desire. He wants Suit-sensei to see him as a man, after all, not as a sibling figure or as a girl. He mopes on the bench, the others not entirely understanding of his situation. Psycho Glasses attempts to solve the problem by offering up a frilly dress, and successfully jams the other young man into it. Suit-sensei happens by, and informs Wannabe Punk that he is exactly who he wants to play his younger sister, not realizing that he is speaking to one of his students.

Haruka cheers on Wannabe Punk, trying to make him see the bright side of a bad situation, and he agrees, albeit doubtfully. As the episode closes out, one only hopes that Wannabe Punk is able to overcome his worries and tell Suit-sensei who he really is.

Also, uniforms switched to summertime uniforms in this episode. For the ladies, it is a welcome improvement, as gone is the clashing orange-yellow plaid of their wintertime uniforms.

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  1. E Minor says:

    Man, I did not even realize that they had switched uniforms. Shows how closely I’m watching this.

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