Uta no Prince-sama Episode Six


I swear, the longer this season goes on, the more I’m finding attractive characters hiding amongst the weed. Prior to this, Psycho Glasses hardly interested me at all, but when he goes into broody, dark, open shirt mode HNNNNNGH

Anyway, last week I did my post entirely tongue-in-cheek, but it occurred to me afterward that, well, it kind of requires that people are actually watching the show you’re blogging for that sort of thing to work. So, I’m back to the same old, which is admittedly less time-consuming anyway. I really could’ve dug in and had fun with spinning the episode in the opposite direction of what it really was but, hey, I’m lazy, and such an approach sort of requires that one doesn’t break with it at any point, and I’ve got other things I’d like to say.

Haruka has gotten dumber as the show has gone on, which is really too bad. She was hardly perfect as a heroine to begin with, but she somehow was still ahead of a lot of the heroines we get in these sorts of shows. So it is too bad to see her be such a moron in this episode, and to have her idiocy reinforced in-text by the other characters expressing concern over her being unable to navigate – especially irritating when one of them was the red-haired genki idiot.

In this episode, we learned that Psycho Glasses is yet another member of the cast plagued with a mental disorder. In this case, it is a dissociative identity disorder, better known colloquially as multiple personality disorder. Take off his glasses, and he becomes Cranky No Glasses. However, Cranky No Glasses gives us a much better musical performance than anyone else has so far, and I doubt Psycho Glasses would’ve given us anything beyond something stupid about fluffy duckies.

We also discover that LE GASP not-Hayato-sama IS HAYATO-SAMA!!! Well, ok, or he’s subbing for Hayato-sama and there’s something tragic here like Hayato-sama is in a coma somewhere. Or he’s currently trapped inside the cat’s body. Or he also has a split identity.

I personally prefer the cat theory.

In all seriousness, it probably is one of the latter as Haruka herself states that there’s something “different” about his voice.

It was another episode where we did get a hint of something much darker, only for it to be shoved aside and more or less ignored by the show itself, this time in favor of whatever “darkness” there is to not-Hayato-sama’s secret. Psycho Glasses’s issue is not solved the close of the episode; they just smack a pair of glasses back on him and call it a day. We had some imagery of smashed mirrors and his younger self in a room, and Wannabe Punk suggests that something happened when Psycho Glasses was young (there also appeared to be a reference to suicide in his song, but I may’ve been reading into it too much), but there is no further exploration of these items, nor did I expect there would be. Kind of like how Argyle Sweater mentioned that he couldn’t eat in front of his father as a child, which elevates the dysfunctional father-son relationship from the usual anime fare into something truly disturbing… and, well, then he wrote a song, so we forgot that the underlying issues weren’t really solved.

But, y’know, Prince-sama, so, yeah, insert song woot!

I’m really looking forward for the soundtrack for the damn show to come out, and to get my hands on the ED single. Speaking of the ED, this is potential cosplay gold – you and your closest six friends dress up as the harem boys, learn their dance, and then carry a boom box around at Lameass-Con, pausing about once an hour to break out into dance. Perfect.

Anyway, last week’s episode was definitely better. There were some amusing moments here, and I liked the insert song, but the usual humor that surrounds Psycho Glasses was almost completely absent. Split personalities kind of rank alongside amnesia on the scale of anime tropes (with some rare solid exceptions like in Paranoia Agent) in my estimation. Snore.

Next week… well, now we’re probably just going to spend our time watching the not-Hayato-sama arc become the entire final arc. Sorry, boys, but it was crystal clear from the get-go who Haruka was gonna nab in the end. Have fun in doujinshi land!

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6 Responses to Uta no Prince-sama Episode Six

  1. Caraniel says:

    Wish I could have watched this episode with you last night! Curse my irritating arm.

    I liked Psycho-Glasses once Argyle-Sweater turned out to be somewhat boring – like him even more now he has awesome Shizuo-esque alternate personality! Great insert song too – definitely the best so far (also looking forward to the OST – addicted to the ED already).

    Fully agree that Haruka has gotten more and more ditzy (and superfluous to the story) as time goes on; which is a real shame since she appeared to have the suggestion of a personality in the 1st episode.

    Think that Hayato-sama is probably the same person as not-Hayato-sama and the ‘he sounds a bit different’ has something to do with him not liking the comedy persona he has to put on – “I want to be seen as a serious artist!” – music is a reflection of the hearts torment~

    Ah UtaPri your variety of cheese is the best variety! ❤

    • A Day Without Me says:

      I think you’re the only person still bothering to read my episode posts XD

      I like Argyle Sweater’s obvious BL rabu storyline with Bill Clinton. Its so glaringly obvious! I ship this hard. But I’ll agree that he isn’t terribly interesting. I would like to know more about the tragic past of Psycho Glasses, personally, but I know we won’t see anything else about it now SIGHHHH

      I still prefer my theory of Hayato-sama as being trapped in the cat’s body.

      • Caraniel says:

        Don’t think I’m the only one still reading – there must be many folks still denying their love for UtaPri lurking in the background!

        Oh the BL bewteen Argle Sweater & Bill Clinton is wonderful – tons more interesting than anything involving Haruka……doujins where!?

        Psycho Glasses would really need another episode – flashes of a traumatic past are way too tempting, you & I both love the angsty bishies~

        Cat theory is superior – I kind of want it to be true……..either that or the cat turns out to be SHINING SAOTOME~!!

      • A Day Without Me says:

        Well, I’m sure others are at least glancing, but you’re the only one actually reading enough to bother commenting XD

        There’s a fairly sizable amount of Argyle SweaterxBill Clinton stuff up on pixiv.

        By the way, ships for the series are as follows:
        Argyle SweaterxBill Clinton
        Wannabe PunkxSuit-sensei

        I’m tempted to slash not-Hayato-sama with Hayato-sama assuming both of them exist. Psycho Glasses and Cranky No Glasses? Selfcest, HNNNNNGH. Its the new moe! Alternately, I would be on-board with Wannabe Punk uguu uguu’ing over Suit-sensei only to have his heart broken, as Trap-sensei is clearly the man of Suit-sensei’s dreams, and then Psycho Glasses comforts him. Then Wannabe Punk helps Psycho Glasses deal with his split personality. KYAAAA~

        Oh, and the annoying red-haired one can just fidget in a corner with the cat or something. Or, I dunno, he gets it on with SHINING SAOTOME. I’m sure someone’s into that somewhere.

      • Caraniel says:

        Holy god Day thats a fanfic right there! LOL

      • A Day Without Me says:

        I know XD Maybe I’ll write it on the plane hahahahahahaha

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