Level-C OVA Review

A noble quest continues.

Recently, I took upon myself a noble quest. You may or may not have noticed, depending on whether I interact with you much. That noble quest was to seek out and watch all anime involving Akira Ishida making sex noises.

My first effort, the Princess Lover OVA, was rather disappointing. Sure, there was lots of sex, but for some reason Akira Ishida’s character made almost no noise at all during it. I felt terribly let down.

However, luckily for me, Akira Ishida had a relatively old credit under his listing for Level-C, a BL OVA from the halcyon days of the mid-90’s. And, what was this… he played the uke? Promising already!

First off, though, let’s hit upon the actual OVA itself. As older BL OVA’s go, its pretty standard. There is very little plot and some of what occurs makes zero sense, given the compressed runtime (the OVA was about a half hour, the manga was six volumes long). The characters are very broadly sketched. There are a couple of BL OVA’s from this era which are better, but, for the most part, this hits pretty squarely within the pack.

Really, the only thing I was paying any remote attention to was the Sex Noises of Akira Ishida. And I think this is the jackpot for that, as this and the aforementioned Princess Lover OVA are the only hentai in which Ishida plays a character who has sex. Yes, he has a credit with My Sexual Harassment, but it is listed as ‘Boy’, so I a. don’t think he has a sex scene in that, and b. really hope he doesn’t. That shit just ain’t kosher.

Ishida’s character, Mizuki, makes a lot of noise. He gasps, he sighs, he pants, he cries. Honestly, he cries way too much during sex… well, from a detached perspective he does, but I personally loved hearing Ishida cry. And beg. And just be a total uke. Hnnnngh.

Maybe I would’ve found the sex scenes more enjoyable as a whole had I not been so focused in on Ishida’s vocal work. Or maybe its just that the inviso-cock thing of the mid-90’s makes it a lot harder to find things arousing. It is a bit jarring if you’re not used to it, and I got through all the old BL OVA’s I wanted to watch quite a while ago (so, yes, I skipped Enzai, dear lord), so I’d sort of forgotten this convention.

Was it worth watching? Yes, but only on one aspect. If someone released a Sex Noises of Akira Ishida CD, I would never bother with this crap again. Can someone get on that? It can be like those Sound Effects of the BBC albums. Come on, folks, you know there’s gotta be some money in this!

I’d like to close by thanking Media Blasters for continuing to be a big pack of aninerd losers just like us, as it is due to them that such brilliantly pointless crap continues to make its way into the American market. If that sounds like sarcasm, it wasn’t. I really do appreciate the fact that they’re still the same anime fans they were ten years ago. Oh, yeah, and none of the other “major” companies ever would’ve bothered to take a chance on Simoun.

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6 Responses to Level-C OVA Review

  1. oryo says:

    If you want to listen to lots of Akira Ishida sex noises, you should look around for the Double Call Drama CDs. It’s a silly manga about Baseball, in which his character is one of the rare uke characters who really love sex. 😉 If you look around in the usual BL places, you should find them (and the links to the manga scans which can be helpful to find the respective tracks).

  2. Caraniel says:

    This is a very noble quest. A while back I undertook a similar one, except it was to find Jun Fukuyama sex noises……….and it was an extremely easy quest considering just how many BL uke characters he played before discovering his ‘Lelouch-voice’ XD

    • A Day Without Me says:

      The question, of course, is – do any of his BL uke characters sound like Lelouch?

  3. Caddy C says:

    Akira Ishida sex noises! Those are my favorite noises in the entire world! And this is a quest I have also embarked on 🙂

    I think Level C is probably the best you’ll get as far as audio/visual goes. But he did quite a number of drama cds back in the day! Unfortunately my hard drive with loads of BL dramas on it is dead, otherwise I’d send them to you. 😦 I was determined to find one that featured Hirata Hiroaki as the other partner, but he sadly doesn’t seem to do BL – it would’ve been my ultimate Saiyuki voice pairing, but alas!

    Double Call is fun, and I recall one (ONE!) cd in which he was the seme! But I think it’s because it was an incest story involving young boys (ick). And I think the uke was Romi Paku … Yeah.

    Anyways – have you ventured into LiveJournal at all? The seiyuu communities are quite active and they share all kinds of media. The Akira Ishida one isn’t too terribly active, but you might be able to find some old stuff on there. http://ishida-akira.livejournal.com/

    • A Day Without Me says:

      Based on Ishida’s creep performance in the non-BL Princess Lover OVA, I’m not sure I’m down with him as a seme. Also, shoutacon? Ewwwww. And I remember Romi Paku best even after all these years as Ken Ichijouji from Digimon 02! So that’d be fucking weirddddd.

      Thanks for pointing me toward the seiyuu community on livejournal. I only poke around there once in a blue moon, so it probably wouldn’t’ve occurred to me to try there.

      Akira Ishida sex noises FTW.

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